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Advanced Tips for Using Google+ Collections

Following up on my Tips for Using Google+ Collections (, in the following article I offer tips for being a Collections "Power User" to get the most out of this new feature.

Collections is the single more important Google+ Feature to master in order to achieve the greatest possible reach, engagement, and targeted audience, as well as for driving referral traffic to your own content on the web. Ignoring it is no longer an option for any Google+ strategy.

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Updated: Facebook Tells Brands 'Friends Come First'
Facebook's recent changes to their News Feed algorithm, along with changes introduced last year, point to one inevitable conclusion: beit ever so humble, there's no News Feed like one filled with Status Updates from your Friends and Family.
And in this new reality where Facebook is giving up the pretense that they're a news service or a full blown World Wide Web replacement, brands and Page owners must face the equally inevitable conclusion: by-in-large, you are not welcomed, either organically or even for anything less than a boatload of cash.
In the following article, I discuss the implications of these changes for users and Page owners, and why it may be time to rethink if not entirely give up on the idea that your Page is the invaluable asset you may have thought it was.
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AMP & Instant Articles: Signalling Theory and Audience Segmentation

The Mobile web is being changed forever by a new push to promote 'Instant' loading of web content for Mobile users. For Google, Twitter, and an ensemble of other partners, this takes the form of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), while for Facebook and their partners this is all about Instant Articles. (Apple News offers its own version of this, as well.)

These new standards are more than a little controversial, as they tend to place slightly more power in the hands of big online service providers while giving publishers only a fraction of the capabilities of a full web page.

These concerns are, however, based largely on a fundamental error of understanding the purpose of these initiatives: that they represent some attempt to replace current web standards.

On the contrary, instant Mobile web standards aren't and probably never will be replacements for the traditional website. Rather, they function as both a 'signal' of fast-loading web content for 'On The Go' mobile users, as well as a means of segmenting your web audience between those who need all the dynamic bills and whistles of your website, and those who just want to consume static web content within Mobile apps as quickly and efficiently as possible.

While web developers (and their clients) are gun shy about giving up any of their bells and whistles for the sake of improving the Mobile web experience for all users, I believe that by understanding the real purpose and context of these new standards it becomes clear that everyone benefits from it, especially the web users themselves.

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Using Friends+Me To Rule Social Media With Ease
In the following article, I explain why +Friends+Me is my favorite tool for social media scheduling, allowing me to 'Post Once, Post Everywhere' using Google+ as my 'home network' in order to share with all other major networks.
"Friends+Me has changed how I use social media, by not changing how I use social media. And that, surprisingly, was what made it revolutionary, and I believe may make it the most powerful social media management tool available without breaking the bank or learning a whole new toolset."
With Friends+Me, I spend more time engaging with my networks, and less time sharing to them, and when it comes to social media management, it can be hard to overstate how truly valuable my time, and yours, is worth.
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The Myth of 'Content Shock'

The idea of 'Content Shock' is gaining a lot of purchase and mindshare, but on some level the idea becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy to explain why mediocre content fails to stand out in a sea of sames.

In the following article, I explain why content shock is more myth than reality, and why some content is losing traction while other types of content aren't struggling in the same way to break through and be seen, including a few tips for what distinguishes truly high quality content from everything else.

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Personal Brand Benefits of Being an Early Adopter on Social Media

If you want to get the most from your personal branding efforts on social media, try this: be an early adopter of new networks. It's worked pretty well for me, and there are a lot of benefits to becoming a big fish in a small pond.

In the following article, I explain some of the benefits of this strategy, and why you too should become an early adopter if your goal is to build authority and reach the largest and most engaged following and audience.

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Tips For Using Google+ Collections
Collections, along with Communities, are the new 'Center of Gravity' of Google+ Sharing, and if you're not using them, you're missing opportunities to increase your reach and attract new, targeted Followers around the topics and themes you share to your social media accounts.

Take it from someone with 3 Collections each with over 100,000 Followers, one of which is nearing 300,000 Followers by itself, and numerous Collections that have attracted 10,000 or more unique Followers (on top of those who Follow my Profile and are opted-in to Following most of my Collections).
In the following article, I offer some basic tips for improving those Collections to attract more Followers and possibly get featured by Google+.
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My Tips for Using Google+ Collections

Google+ Collections are, arguably, the single most important feature of the new Google+. Since the feature launched last May, I've had several Collections featured by Google+, including my Technology Collection (, which has gained over 180K Followers and is adding more than 10K new Followers per week.

Not everyone, however, has been as ready to embrace the feature, or understands what it takes to make a Collection successful in order to attract new followers and increase their engagement levels.

In the following article, I offer tips and insights from my own experience on how to conceive, create, and optimize a Collection to attract followers and even become featured by Google+ itself.

How are you using Google+ Collections?

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For Advanced Google+ Collections Tips, Click Here:

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How I Use Friends+Me and Google+ To Rule Social Media

I'm a Google+ User. I share to multiple social networks daily, but I do almost all of it just by sharing to Google+. For the most part, though, you wouldn't know it.

Go to Facebook, and I look active daily on that network. Go to Twitter, again, daily. LinkedIn, Pinterest, the same. I even look like I run a Tumblr blog of memes purely for fun. And I am active on at least some of those daily, reading posts and interacting with other users and responding to their interactions, but I almost never post to any of them.

Almost all that a multi network presence requires me to do is little more than share to Google+, thanks to a powerful, clever, and highly customizable cross-posting tool called +Friends+Me. Because of this, I can actually enjoy using multiple networks, instead of it becoming a chore.

Here is how I use Friends+Me to be almost everywhere online that I want to be, and how even the laziest person who wants to be active on multiple networks can benefit.

(And yes, before you ask it... this very Post will be shared out to my other networks, as well.)

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Why 'Content Shock' is a Myth

'Content Shock' has become the new 'Algorithm Update': the perfect excuse for any decline in web traffic to your content. "There's just too much content out there!" you say, "It's information overload!"

What if I told you, though, that Content Shock doesn't really exist, after all? That in fact, the real reason you're losing traffic is because your content is 'shockingly' uninteresting, and that this has only been made more obvious due to the growing deluge of low quality content on the web?

Would you even know how to tell the difference between excellent content, the kind that gets noticed even in a crowded market, and poor or mediocre content that vanishes into the 'Sea of Sames'? If not, are there any useful tips and insights for spotting the differences?

Are we, in fact, 'All Publishers Now', as some content marketers go so far as to claim, or is content marketing becoming just the latest meaningless buzzword?

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