To be a "leader" in Science you need to make discoveries before others and uncover objective "connections" that others are unable to perceive because they are bounded by preconceptions and narrow views, it is very well known that preconceptions are blinders for perception.

The reality of Anomalies is really an "open" field waiting for really curious and open minds to make great discoveries, Official Science had defaulted in this area that potentially have far reaching implications.

So this is a great opportunity for anybody that may want to challenge Official Science" leadership in "Science". The Discovery Institute is one organization that comes to mind.

Scientific Xenophobia.

If people like Lavoisier, Lord Kelvin and Albert Einstein were dead wrong sometimes in their assessment of new phenomena or facts then it is not surprising that today "experts" are still at a loss when facing the reality of anomalies.

The history of Science clearly shows many times that the same young scientists that made extraordinary discoveries later became the rigid-minded experts that rejected or saw with disdain many new ideas that were foreign to them: scientific xenophobia is a pervasive syndrome in modern scientific thinking.

"New and stirring things are belittled because if they are not belittled, the humiliating question arises, 'Why then are you not taking part in them?' " - H. G. Wells 

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METI a perfect example of complacency.

One of the METI goals:

"Foster multidisciplinary research on the design and transmission of interstellar messages, building a global community of scholars from the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and arts."

There is a generalised and obviously unsupported idea of "benign" extraterrestrial life, there is a basic lack of any facts supporting that almost religious belief and if life on earth is any indication of how life behave in general then that is a very idealistic belief.

METI is a perfect example of the complacency pervading the modern academic world: if they are unable to even acknowledge the reality of anomalies on earth how they pretend to deal with anomalous manifestations elsewhere?

Not a good idea to send strong signals into space broadcasting your location.

If plasma based lifeforms are a reality and many observational data and published scientific studies fully support that idea then "empty" space will be a natural habitat for plasma based lifeforms, possibly close to star systems, then that space will be teaming with multiple and different plasma based lifeforms, an astronomical ecosystem. Then any advanced civilization will very likely never will send electromagnetic signals from any location as this "beacon" will attract all kind of plasma based lifeforms that could be hostile and affect their home planet ecology.
That could be a reason for the failure of SETI in detecting any signals so far and a very good reason for not sending out strong electromagnetic signals from any location in our solar system.

The neverending and ever-increasing difficult search for knowledge.

The "tendency" in many "experts" and scientists to consider the "knowledge" in certain areas of interest as "complete" or almost complete is a clear expression of complacency.

The results from Mathematical Logic(incompleteness theorems) that we had mentioned several times and the History of Science strongly points to the fact that our knowledge of any area of reality will always be incomplete, we will always miss details and new phenomena, fortunately by the way because then always are going to be new "surprises" to discover by a curious mind and new surprises to prove "experts" wrong over and over again as any clear Anomaly manifestation had been doing recently.

We can laugh out loud to these "experts" ignorance and lack of perspective, they had been wrong in many levels and this reality clearly shows that modern scientists and academicians lack a real objective philosophical backbone. 

These new details and phenomena will tend to be harder to perceive for obvious reasons: the "easy" ones will tend to be uncovered/discovered first, and that neverending search for fine/subtle details and new phenomena will "push" up our "perception level" as Anomalies manifestations clearly are doing today.

History of Science lesson.

The history of Science clearly shows that whenever an area of interest was plagued with mysticism, subjectivity and/or religiosity there was likely some groundbreaking scientific/objective facts mixed in the given field subjectivity and obfuscation, for example Alchemy was replaced by Chemistry and Astrology was replaced by Astronomy.

The reality of Anomalies is another perfect example: with a complex mix of cult-like beliefs by the fanatic UFO believers, the so called "paranormal" phenomena, etc. But the objective observations showed in this channel and others show that these manifestations are amenable of scientific study.

The fact that this reality had been denied/ignored by "top" scientists and academicians is really irrelevant, many of these "professionals" are just "milking the cow": they will resist anything that may place in danger the status quo simply because that status quo puts food on their tables.

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The Fallacy of SETI.

SETI stand for: search for extraterrestrial intelligence. There is a private organization with this name SETI, website: whose main goal is the search for non human intelligence beyond earth.

All this search for extraterrestrial intelligence, and I want to stress the EXTRA here has an underlying and "evident" assumption: that the only intelligent beings on earth are humans, that also assumes that our knowledge of earth environment is comprehensive enough to discard the possibility of any intelligent beings right here on earth.

You may say that this claim of humans being the only intelligent beings on this planet should be "self evident", but relatively recent observational data points strongly to question the validity of that claim.

The reality of Anomalies, something that is relatively easy to validate for almost anyone, is still unknown to top scientists and academicians and these anomalies are right here in our backyard, but for more than 60 years this reality had been invisible to Official Science and Academy.

So the very simple conclusion that we can reach from that ignorance in Official Science and Academy is that if something as "evident" as anomalies are unknown to them then: how many other things right here close to us are also still invisible to them?

Some Anomalies had shown indication of "intelligence"; the ones that had morphed into prime numbers correlated to the signals sent to them. This very fact strongly place in doubts the underlying assumption for SETI and obviously place a question mark in many other things.

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Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems are a mortal blow to reductionism, simplistic debunking, dogmatism and complacency; but still modern academic world is plagued exactly by: reductionism, simplistic debunking, dogmatism and complacency and their incapacity to acknowledge the reality of Anomalies is a clear and ongoing confirmation of that.

Rejecting the "modern" scientific approach to reality.

A very basic and fundamental fact is that nothing can replace reality, the colossal failure of Official Science facing the reality of Anomalies is a clear indication of its philosophical approach to Reality failure.

The documented cyclical tendency of the theoretical authorities of the moment to belittle and reject any new ideas and facts that contradict the cherished ideas of the moment, that is a clear indication of theorists departure from objectivity.

The history of Science clearly point to the non-existence of a "final" theory and the Godel incompleteness theorems on formal systems reaffirm the idea that "emergent" or "anomalous" phenomena that are not predictable from a given theory will always appear: Anomalies are the norm not the exception.

Any theoretical model of Reality will be intrinsically incomplete, Reality is fundamentally richer than any theoretical model that we can imagine.

This is a philosophical approach to reality that is fully consistent with an objective approach to reality and give Reality back its central role and precedence.

The dogmatism pervading modern scientific thinking is at the root of its failure facing the reality of Anomalies and a more strictly objective approach to Reality must be taken.

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