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Who are we?

Travel Writers at Contented Traveller

This is us having a 'business meeting' in Seminyak, Bali

You may wonder why why we are so lucky to work with so many Luxury Hotels Around the World.

What we do We are Gordon and Paula, and we are travel writers. Our site Contented Traveller, is a site for fit, free and financial travellers, who love experiences, and are a little left of centre. You can find us at the link below.

We are based in #Australia, where we live on the beach an hour south of Sydney. We spend most of the year travelling for work, but do love to get home when we can. We do a little more than just stay at stunning properties. Join us in our travels, and see what we get up to :)

Gordon also has a G+ site, where he has had his Street Art in Montreal collection featured, and is working on a great collection on Raja Ampat, in the West Papua region of Indonesia ..just to show we do more than just luxury :


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and we had a terrace in our New York hotel, right in the heart of Manhattan

The Paul Hotel NYC

Happy Days when I have outside space; feels like another room. Located not far from Times Square, this was the perfect hotel to play tourist in New York City

#travel #luxury #hotel #NYC


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Is Luxury Barging in the Burgundy Region of France for Everyone?

If you like excellent wines, delicious cheeses, gourmet food and beautiful countryside, while meandering lazily along a canal on a stunningly restored barge – then the answer is probably yes.

#France #GoBarging #Europe #Luxury #Travel #EuropeanWaterways


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The Green Mountain Inn in the Charming Village of Stowe, Vermont

Stowe has been named as one of the World’s 25 Best Ski Towns by National Geographic, and The Green Mountain Inn has received the National Geographic accolade Top 10 Ski Runs & Lodges – trust me this is huge.

#Stowe #Vermont #Luxury #Travel

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Rhetorical Question - Ever wanted to go on A Luxury Hotel Barge Cruise in the Burgundy region of France?

We did, and it was an experience of a lifetime where you can have your own French Odyssey. It is intimate because there are so few passengers, and there are a lot of staff anticipating your wants and needs. It is all-inclusive so that once you have paid that is it.

#EuropeanWaterways #travel #France #Barge


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Love this photo

Zandvoort, Netherlands

Gordon and our friend go for a spin around the streets of Zandvoort, where you can also find Circuit Park Zandvoort, a car racing track located in the dunes. Zandvoort is a very popular beach resort not far from #Amsterdam.

#travel #luxury #Zandvoort,

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I really Liked Montreal, a lot

Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal, Montreal

It is not often that a hotel produces its own movie. It is not often that a hotel gathers renowned authors and publishes a book. It is not often that a hotel creates its own immersive art gallery. That, however, is exactly what this very innovative boutique hotel has done. The signature of – Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal is for all guests to indulge your imagination and the movie, the book and the art all actively assist you in doing this.

#luxury #travel


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Do I look scared?

Jamala Wildlife Lodge, Canberra, Australia

I was. I don't like snakes, but as a travel writer, you just sometimes have to do these things. This was taken at Jamala Wildlife Lodge in #Canberra #Australia, where you literally sleep with the animals. Luckily we slept with a giraffe

#travel #luxury #animals

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Top 12 New England Inns that Shout Gilmore Girls

Distinctive Inns of New England, USA

We had the pleasure of visiting 12 New England Inns that just shouted Gilmore Girls when we were in America. I don’t know about you, but I binge watched Lorelei, Luke, Rory and Sookie, and every one of the towns we visited in New England, shouted that they were might as well be Stars Hollow, the fictional town from the hugely popular TV show.

I should add now that Gordon did not participate in my Gilmore Girls epiphany having not seen any shows other than when he wandered through the living room. He wouldn’t even have an opinion on Jackson, or Miss Patty, Paris, Jess or Emily. Hmmm. We have written about these inns before, but it is now time to collectively gather them and share the Top 12 New England Inns that Shout Gilmore Girls.

#Luxury #Travel

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if you love me, buy me this amazing sculpture at Raffles Makati Manila*

Raffles Hotel, Makati, Manila, Philippines

I love this beautiful piece.

#travel #luxury #Philippines #Raffles
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