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It seems this promotion will only be available for Japan, as far as we know.

Sorry, America (and parts of Australia).
7/11 x Splatoon 2? apparently we might get some exclusive stuff from 7/11 for splatoon 2 in a sponsorship Nintendo has. hopefully unlike the train wreck of the animal crossing x 7/11 sponsorship the stuff isn't Japanese exclusive. (which im 90% sure it is)

heres an article about it.
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JUST IN - The #Android #Nougat 7.0 update is now available for the #Samsung #GalaxyS6.

Update your phone to the latest software and OS version to make sure you have the latest support for your games and applications.

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JUST IN - #Splatoon2 has been given a PG rating from the Australian Classification Boards. (Rated 12 May 2017 - PG; Mild Violence, Online Interactivity)

You can see the rating on the Australian Government's Classification website. Click the link below.

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#BREAKING on #Paul2526GN - Some videos have a video title of "OurMine is back!... (Read description)" claiming in the description the +OurMine hacking team is responsible for the title.
Shown below is an instance of this on +Blue Monkey's +YouTube channel.

Wikipedia says OurMine Security Group is a hacker group. The group uses hacks of celebrity internet accounts to advertise their commercial services. On April 1st, 2017 they hacked some members of Omnia, such as Pyrocynical, h3h3, ImAllexx etc, changing some video titles and altering the description, saying they're checking the security information.

Although #Paul2526GN think there is nothing to worry about, we issue caution as we don't know what the +OurMine hacking group is capable of.

This is breaking news; more is to come.

*First call for +Wolfatar180 Plays - please provide more evidence to support this story. (25/03/17 10:43 ACDT)

*UPDATE 25/03/17 10:44 ACDT = Users are trying to impersonate Agent 4; one of them is the hacked one. A photo of what is believed "impersonated" is shown below (in comments). Again, please don't play Splatoon while the issue is being dealt with.

UPDATE 22/03/17 13:28 ACDT = #Paul2526GN are asking users to NOT use Splatoon while the issue is being dealt with. Thank you.

#BREAKING on #Splatoon & #Paul2526GN: A user "Agent 4" is roaming the servers of Splatoon. THIS USER IS USING AN UNSTABLE VERSION OF SPLATAIO TO CUSTOMISE COLOUR.


This is breaking news; more on this story is to come.
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