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General dentistry includes preventative services, like exams and cleanings, to restorative services like tooth fillings, crowns in an hour, and root canals.

Mercury-Free Fillings

At this office, we only place composite fillings (rather than metal amalgam fillings). Composite resin is very strong and it looks like natural dentition. The most commonly asked question in our office is, “Do dentists still use mercury – silver fillings?” Dr. O’Donoghue chose to stop placing amalgam fillings in 1999 for the following reasons:

Amalgams were introduced to dentistry in the 1850’s. In the last 150 years, dental materials and techniques have advanced beyond the need to place this material.
Amalgam fillings weaken teeth over time. Expansion and contraction tend to cause fracturing of teeth from the inside and crack formations on the outside.
The material typically contains over 50% mercury. Although the American Dental Association has not linked it with any health problems, mercury is considered a toxic material outside the mouth. Mercury vapors continually leak from amalgam fillings and can be readily absorbed through the lungs. While the answers are not clear, we prefer not to place restorations that contain mercury.
Over time, amalgam fillings corrode and typically turn the teeth dark gray to black.
For more information regarding amalgam fillings, visit The International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology website at

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