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Check out some of the future visions we've collected on our Pinterest Vision Board for the UbiquiCity project...

What do we know about life in UbiquiCity? Quite a lot! Let's take a look at the Table of Contents...

Sections Overview
Typesetting Conventions
Adapting UbiquiCity

Technology Timeline to 2100
Possible Pasts
The Elimination of Scarcity
Climate Resilience & Global Adaptation
Runaway Economy & Near Collapse
Stumble & Save
Protectionism & Resource Wars

Artificial Intelligence
-- Types of AI
-- Artificial Personalities
Augmented Reality
-- Smart & Green Buildings
-- State-of-the-Art Options
-- The Corporate Structure of CyberSpace
-- Cyber Slang
-- The Internet of Things
-- Early Education
-- Higher Education
-- The Big Brands
-- Corporate Projects & Talent Clusters
-- Jobs, Searching
-- The Gig Economy
-- Employment in Space
-- Off-Grid Jobs
-- Home Media Technology
-- Pro Entertainment Technology
-- 3D Printers
-- Raw Materials
-- Wearable Tech
-- Holoprojections
-- Skin-Based Interfaces
-- Textile Displays
-- Food Printers
-- Fast Food
-- Nutri
Health & HealthCare
-- Common Medical Practice
-- State-of-the-Art Medical Practice
-- DIY Doctors & Choppers
Home Technology
Personal Tech
-- PIDkit (Personal Identity Kit)
-- BotCloud
-- Common Robots
-- Specialized Robots
-- Robot Design & Construction
-- Data Security & Blockchains
-- Security Levels
-- Security Access
-- PID Shields
-- Ghost PIDs
-- Fake IDs
-- Hacking the CyberSphere
Social Class
-- Cyberware
-- Transportation Control Systems
-- Driverless Cars
-- Driverless Aircraft
-- Legacy Vehicles
-- People-Powered Vehicles
-- Maglev Trains & Tubeways
Vehicles & Drones
-- SmartCrates & SmartPallets
-- Vehicle Design & Construction
-- Drone Design & Construction
Virtual Reality
Weaponry & Armor
-- Hand Weapons
-- Ranged Weapons
-- Optional Features
-- Ammunition
-- Legacy Weapons
-- Armor

The City at Work
-- CitySystem
-- CitySystem Services
-- Distributed Access
-- Keeping it Green
-- CityMap
-- The CBD
-- Corporate Enclaves
-- Corporate Projects
-- Sprawls
-- Squatter Towns
-- The Tubes
-- UBI: Universal Basic Income
-- Three Economies
-- Outside Economies
-- Indirect Democracy
-- Civic Upgrade Provisions

Major NPCs
Minor NPCs (tables, types)
Criminal Networks
Terrorist Organizations

Sources of Conflict
Seeds for Storylines

The Second World
The Third World
The Mars Colony

Game Terms
Custom UbiquiCities
City Patterns
Ubiquitizing Your City
Four Generations of Progress
Business Generators
Encounter Tables


Get sneak previews and playtest materials before anyone else: support Project Ubi at

Over on our super-secret mailing list, Team Ubi is having a discussion about genre; specifically, the one we are writing in. The premises and tone are different - more varied and lighter - than your typical "cyberpunk":

- we don't destroy ourselves completely within 100 years
- capitalism survives but in a modified sense
- things become more and more privatized
- corporations govern openly
- AR, VR, and AI leads to robots and artificial realities
- a super-dense ad-saturated media landscape
- lots of green technology
- the internet of things

The word that has been proposed is "Ubipunk". I'm not a huge fan of the word itself, but I am a huge fan of its definition, which was written by Adrian McCauley:

Ubipunk is a term that defines a more realistically grounded subgenre than postcyberpunk or cyberprep. An amalgam of the words 'ubiquitous', referring to the Internet of Things and the integration of Cloud/Fog networks into all aspects of daily life, and the word 'punk', implying that the genres deal with modernised ideologies of individualism, freedom of expression, and liberation of gender, sexuality, ethnicity and creed. The genre of ubipunk is a soft, or 'social' science fiction that deals with many themes, most notably those to do with AI, capitalism, social engineering, civics and ethics, media and corporate propaganda, consumerism and environmentalism. Unlike most science fiction, which takes liberties with technology - most notably engineering and biotechnology - ubipunk grounds itself in existing technologies that are being studied and developed right now, and extrapolates this into the future where it explores the widespread integration and influence of these technologies. Though the genre explores the technological advancement of society, its overall focus is on the cultural and social implications of these developments.

What would you call it?
+Fraser Simons I'm looking at you!

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// 10 FEB 2017

Enter the Augmented Future in UbiquiCity
In UbiquiCity, the world is augmented and identity is fluid. Satellite-guided cars drive themselves. Busy drones fill the skies. Cloud-assisted bots perform once-human jobs. Appliances, vehicles, buildings, media devices, products, streetlights, roadsigns and even toilets communicate electronically, all under the watchful eye of the AI called CitySystem. For the inhabitants of the UbiComp zones, life is sweet. But not everyone in the city is so blessed.

As If Productions has announced development on UbiquiCity, an ambitious crossover project including both a GM's Sourcebook and an anthology of original fiction set in the same world. The system-neutral sourcebook for science fiction roleplaying games will allow gamemasters to take their players into the world of the book, pursuing their own stories in a rich and dynamic environment.

Curated by Tod Foley (creator of DayTrippers and CyberSpace), the collaboratively-designed setting weaves the imagination of ten gifted fiction writers into a multi-layered depiction of a foreseeable future, and raises questions about consciousness, reality, and what it means to be human. The anthology features short stories and prose by Niko Carcosa, +Antony Copeland, Tod Davies, +DeAnna Knippling, +S L Koch, +Shariann Lewitt, +Kira Magrann, Adrian McCauley, T Reynolds, and +Josh Roby.

A Patreon exists for anyone who wishes to help support the UbiquiCity project. Patrons will get a look behind the scenes as the project develops, and higher level patrons will receive copies of the sourcebook as thanks for their support.

For more information:

UbiquiCity Announcement:

Follow the UbiquiCity Project on Facebook:

Follow the UbiquiCity Project on Google+:

Support the UbiquiCity Project on Patreon:



The world of UbiquiCity is not a Dystopia.
It is a Fractopia.

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Team Ubi had its first meeting yesterday! Here are some of the topics we're looking at...

* Awakening AIs and the AI Agenda
* Machiavellian Interplay of Factions
* Future Crime and Back-Room Biotech
* Body Modification and Body Horror
* Solar Punk
* Blip Media
* Ubiquitous Advertising
* Organic Machinery
* Gig Economy
* 3D Printed Food
* Multiple Simultaneous Realities
* Sex Dolls and Human "Dolls"
* Reputation Economy
* Identity Fluidity

For more details, status reports, sneak peeks at the city and glimpses of art as the books develop, join up and support the UbiquiCity Project on Patreon:

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Project Ubi welcomes Brent Newhall
I'm pleased to announce that +Brent Newhall will be joining the Project Ubi team and working directly with me, bringing all his years of worldbuilding experience to the table. Brent is the creator of the original D&D retroclones Dungeon Raiders, Dungeon Delvers, and MurderHobos, the survival-horror RPG DROP, the mecha RPG Gunwave, the kid-friendly animal RPG Weasels!, and a Studio Ghibli-inspired RPG called The Whispering Road.

Psychologists are reporting an alarming rise in the rate of pseudologia cybernetica; a paired set of neurotic conditions in which people deliberately lie to their AI devices. Some do it because they enjoy confusing the machines; others, being corrected by them. 

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Project Ubi Welcomes Kira Magrann
+Kira Magrann creates jewelry at Anima Metals, organizes Indie Games on Demand, and designs sexy, feminist, queer and cyberpunk games. Some of the games she's recently worked on are: Mobilize, RESISTOR, and Monsterhearts.
Follow her on twitter @kiranansi

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Project Ubi Welcomes Niko Carcosa
Niko Carcosa is a poet and master of blank verse. Published in the sadly extinct microfiction magazine Quillpill, and a featured slam poet of Huntsville, AL's Outloud literary society, Niko started writing poetry in the third grade with a (for the time) brilliant poem about a venus flytrap. Their years in gaming are even longer, having started at the ripe old age of six with the D&D Blue Books.
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