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Loads of interesting insights from the Android blogging pioneer known as Kellex.

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• Create Twitter Cards? Check.
• Create one of Android's newest popular launchers? Check.
• Show us how he uses Android himself? CHECK.

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One of my favorite profiles yet! Some great insights and ideas within, including one tip that was totally new to me.

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I never get tired of seeing other people's personal tech setups -- especially when said people are as smart and creative as +Virginia Poltrack.

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One of Android's busiest developers talks about the apps and devices that help him stay productive.

Yes, oh yes: It's a new How I Use Android, featuring master task-juggler +Luke Klinker!


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You know Phil.
Phil knows Android.
Here is how Phil uses Android.

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+Roman Nurik is a designer, a developer, and an engineer. He makes the tools that let developers create cool things for our devices. He also creates cool things of his own.

This is how Roman uses Android. Read it and weep.

(Actually, don't weep. That'd be weird. But do read it. It's interesting.)

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Pujie Black is an Android Wear face that's infinitely customizable. Its developer has a human face that is not infinitely customizable.

Even so, I thought it'd be interesting to see how he uses Android in his own personal life.

Here is that:

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Need a fresh look for your home screen?

Check out this fun and funky Google-themed setup -- complete with circular icons, a custom clock, and a hexagon-shaped shortcut cluster for easy access to favorite apps.

Full details + instructions at the link below!

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A new How I Use Android profile -- featuring kernel and app creator +Francisco Franco!

He builds cool tools for power users and regular folk alike -- and you might be surprised at how he uses mobile tech in his own life.

Time to get to know one of Android's most eclectic developers:
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