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What is Going on Japan?

A 13-year drop in crime rates, just one murder in the whole of 2015 (?!), a fall in driving offences, five officers assigned to solve a case of swiped woman's underwear and increased attention being brought to bear on cyclists who run red lights.

I know it's Sunday and you want to chill but in the parallel universe where all wonderful things happen, Japan is exhibiting true bizarro world tendencies by being out of touch with the rest of the world! Check out the link. Book a holiday there and remember, no jaywalking.

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"...I need to express the emotions to understand humans and build trust with people."

Fellow Earthlings, we bow in abject obedience to our robot overlords.

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Not The Outcome They Were Looking For

This is a political post only by association. My personal feelings on Brexit is that it is insane. An ideologically-motivated move instigated by hardcore Tory party members and missold to the public with a pack of lies that have become unravelled over the last 12 months. This is not why I am posting this however, nor the reason why I am posting it in my "crazy things" Collection.

What I am summarizing is the way the Tory government launched into this:

No initial planning. No real back-up plan. No clear negotiating position. No strategy. No experience. No preparation for dealing with an unprecedented event. So far they have got negative outcomes. The real surprise is that they are surprised by this. If this were a school exam right now they'd be wearing Dunces hats.

Even the simplest chapter in #thesnipermind ( tells you you need to prepare for the outcomes you expect to get. Clearly being a Tory politician these days doesn't require much by way of cognitive qualities.

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Texas Sword Day

In Texas you can now carry a sword, in public, legally, it would appear. I am kinda thinking of relocating. My Katana will be with me everywhere. ;)

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Important Problems, Solved

In our lil' ol universe we have some serious issues to deal with. Deadzones spotted in the Gulf of Mexico (, global warming (of course), wars, mass immigration across the planet, politics, technology (and its many issues), but in the parallel universe inhabited by other versions of us, the primary concern is language and communication.

Should we, for instance, due to bureaucratic oversight or clerical error end up in the wrong queue and take the down elevator instead of the up one, what language should we have learnt beforehand (just in case)?

Thank +Oleg Moskalensky's vigilance for surfacing this one. Happy Friday.
Some may think it's Russian, but personally, after watching all these alien planets and alien populations on Star Trek - clearly, it would have to be English, since all of them speak nothing but English.

Just sayin'... cause it's Friday, as +David Amerland so frequently points out in his alt universe posts... ;)

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UK Government Travels Forward in Time, Comes Back. Decides to Tell Us What the Future Holds

In that universe parallel to ours, elected national governments are privy to special time-travel equipment whereby they can foresee the facts before they are discovered by year-long studies and use them to decide the outcome of Referendums.

How else can we explain the sagacity of the Leave Campaign that gave us #Brexit which used 'facts' to help the UK "take back control of its borders". Since none of us non-elected officials have access to any time-travelling apparatus they have decided to let the present play out by commissioning a year-long study to tell us the state of immigration in the UK. The facts of the study will then be used to determine key policy positions. The same key policy positions (I presume) that were presented as a foregone conclusion during the last Referendum.

Good thing such insanity doesn't happen in our world.

The way I see it. The citizens of that hapless, parallel universe will have to somehow get rid of those elected officials and make sure they never hold any position of power ever again.

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Weaponized Mini-Skirt Almost Destroys Saudi Kingdom

It's Monday. Only Monday, which is why it's hard to explain this atrocity being perpetrated upon the progressive, peace-loving kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Praise be the gods of the universe that we are safe in our own little parallel reality to just enjoy wearing summer attire without the heavens falling down around our ears.

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You Know It's Friday

In the parallel universe we live in right now you know it's Friday when an art exhibition that was promoted in an article which mentioned just how cool it would be for taking selfies, a selfie gone causes $200,000 worth of damage. Check it out and ... have an awesome Friday.

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The Old Gods Live Again!

Anybody who's watched American Gods ( will appreciate the implications of this post. On Mt Olympus, where thoughtforms ( may indeed be possible, the old gods are being resurrected. (Cute but also a little on the weird side).

It's only Wednesday so hold on, the week may get weirder.

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Have Baguette, Will Fire!

Well, it had to happen. A killer baguette (so to speak) ;) +Michel Reibel you may want to cast your eye over this Overwatch weapon. :D For the rest of us there is The Sniper Mind -
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