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Give Mindfulness a Try: The Basics

"Get yourself into a comfortable posture. You can be sitting or lying down, it’s up to you. Relax for a moment to allow yourself to settle. Now, notice how your body feels. What physical sensations are you experiencing at this moment? Maybe you feel pressure between your bottom and the chair you’re sitting on or the floor beneath you. What does this feel like? For a few moments, just be open to any sensations in your body, experiencing them with an attitude of kindly curiosity."

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Developing The Evidence for Mindfulness

"Mindfulness therapy typically includes two major components: open monitoring (OM), noticing and acknowledging negative feelings without judgment or an emotional secondary reaction to them; and focused attention (FA), maintaining focus on or shifting it toward a neutral sensation, such as breathing, to disengage from negative emotions or distractions."

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Let Breathing Observe You

"Normally in meditation we think about observing the breathing. Actually a lot of people think about and practice observing the breath — air flowing in and out of the body’s airways — but I point out that it’s far more useful to observe the breathing, which is a much richer experience. When we’re observing the breathing we’re potentially observing the entire body, and how it participates in and responds to the process of air flowing in and out of our passageways."

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Mindfulness and Football

"As football coaches keep players ready through the season, they work to perfect tackles, improve running games and make sure everyone knows all the plays by heart."

"But to be the greatest on the gridiron, some coaches think, it'll take more than brawn. It sounds more like a yoga studio than a locker room: To play a greater game, some players are turning to mindfulness, a psychological process of being intensely aware of what you are feeling and sensing at every moment, without judging or interpreting those moments and feelings."

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Mindfulness For Depression

"How can using mindfulness for depression help you recover? Well, mindfulness is about living in the now by taking notice of what’s around us and the feelings that are inside of us. It’s about being fully present and removing the extra layer of thought that we normally attach to people, things, and events. Using mindfulness for depression changed my life because my depressed brain was anything but peaceful."

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Mindfulness Meditation Rewires The Brain

"Mindfulness meditation alters regions of the brain associated with memory, awareness of self, and compassion, according to a brain imaging study by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester. Other studies have found differences in the brains of experienced meditators compared with non-meditators, but this is the first investigation to document brain changes occurring over time in people learning how to meditate mindfully."

"Mindfulness meditation is the practice of paying attention to what you're experiencing from moment to moment without drifting into thoughts about the past or concerns about the future and without analyzing (or making judgments about) what is going on around you. It's not a new idea. Religious texts have extolled mindfulness for centuries, and it's central to Buddhism and other contemplative traditions."

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7 Mindfulness Practices for Wellness

"I’m sure you’ve heard of ‘being mindful’ before. From mental health experts to athletes, it’s being looked at as the next big shift in psychology. The truth is that mindfulness has been around for hundreds of years, practiced in the Eastern parts of the world. The West is slowly catching on. Don’t worry, it’s not too complex. The main idea involves focusing your attention to the present moment with an open minded and compassionate attitude."

1. Practice Gratitude
2. Feel your Feet and Palms
3. Notice the Environment
4. Breathe Deeply
5. Listen, don’t just Hear
6. Watch what you Eat
7. The Mindful Shower

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6 Benefits of Meditation

"Meditation is a non-religion specific, personal practice of conscious awareness in any given moment. The benefits of meditating are numerous and not limited to the following:"

1) Inner Peace
2) Self-Contentment
3) Personal Conscience
4) Right Discernment
5) Highest Potential
6) Truthful Awakening

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Meditation Can Reduce Heart Risks

"The American Heart Association says various forms of meditation have potential benefits when it comes to reducing cardiovascular risk. The American Heart Association (AHA) isn’t saying that there’s a definitive connection between meditation and heart health. But according to recent research, the volume of evidence is growing."

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Should Mindfulness Be Taught in Schools?

"As if being a parent weren’t tricky enough these days, there’s no shortage of experts around able to make it more confusing still. From the perils of excessive smartphone use to the dire effects of a lack of exercise, the current generation of children seem beset by more threats to their well-being than ever before."

"There’s a wealth of evidence out there to help cut through the claims and counterclaims. At least, that’s what scientific research is supposed to do. In reality, however, it has a habit of making things even more murky. Take the current trend for teaching schoolkids the art of “mindfulness” as a means of relieving stress and anxiety."

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