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a lonely bird in
such a great big sky, flying
come on home to me.

#haiku #iphone #ibelieveinwords

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i need you to come now
and whisper in my ear
of heartbreak and tragedy
rap on the walls of my soul
and shake things up a bit
wake me, rudely, from
this lucid slumber of sadness -
it's almost morning now
and there is no time
in the bright sunshine
for tears and sorrow
so come now, quickly,
before the sun rises
and fill me up with
all the agonies i can bear
so i can wring them out
and then start anew.

#ibelieveinwords #sunrise

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the world turns and turns
day chasing night into infinity
the sun doesn't ever go down
she is always shining somewhere
like a lovestruck bird floating on air
my heart chases that golden light
the darkness can never last long
keep your light shining and fly with me.

#ibelieveinwords #poemaday2017

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as winter rages all round,
draws near, and tries to twist
its cruel arrows of frost
and death into my heart
i laugh, because i know
summer waits there,
and she will never back down.

#ibelieveinwords #poemaday2017

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do you remember when we first met?
there was a distance between us then,
but we instinctively knew that
we were made of the very same thing
and that eventually, i'd roll right into you
and you'd hold me forever
until we floated up to the very heavens.
#poetry #iphone #monochrome

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each day the sun rises, the sun sets
the world turns to create this illusion
your day may be my night
my calm, descending orb may be
your burning, rising fireball
all the while, the ground we stand solid on
is actually spinning relentlessly under us
whatever you “see” is perception driven
beauty and sadness
tragedy and joy
heartache and elation
all of these things shift forms
based on what the angle is
my lens is different than yours
yours is not the same as
his and hers and theirs
even common details
become blurry, ultimately
arguing absolutes and opinions, equally pointless
spend more time accepting
try harder to be aware and awake
be ready to receive whatever
put your energy into love
open your heart and mind
prepare to view from a different angle
try to avoid shame and judgement
see and feel and embrace all you can
expand and let in as much light as possible
before the last revolution completes
and the shutter closes forever.

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just this
one moment of
s t i l l n e s s
is all that you need
to know you will be
o k a y.

#monochrome   #poetry #ibelieveinwords  

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she speaks to you
without saying a word
says the sky will always
be blue again after the storm
to do your best to
keep following the sun
that it doesn't really matter
what your hair looks like
dancing in the rain can help
you grow from the inside out
and it's ok to wear your heart
where others can see it.

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i can't walk away
from any broken thing;
i see myself in you,
hurting in the hidden places, too;
shattered but grabbing
any slice of light that comes along.

#ibelieveinwords   #poetry #iphone   

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here she is, watching;
the storms she both danced in
and cowered under
have passed on by...
she is, admittedly, affected
but she is also still here, watching
and acknowledging that
there is beauty
even in the wake of disaster.

#poetry   #iphone   #sunset  
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