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What is a comprehensive general aircon servicing?

If you are sourcing for an aircon servicing vendor to clean your aircon, note that most price differences are due to whether a comprehensive scope of cleaning covering all the essential components is performed.

Therefore, instead of just comparing the pricing, compare whether all the essential components are covered in the cleaning. Most vendor tend to cover cleaning of air filters and fan coil cover as these parts are easy to remove and re-installed. However, make sure you check if the pricing include cleaning of important parts such as air blower, drainage tray, drainage pipe and evaporator coil. Note that many popular vendors charge additional price for cleaning of air blower. However, most customers are not aware as it is not mentioned online that their standard pricing do not include cleaning of air blower or even drainage tray. Usually these are are parts that are more difficult to dismantle and re-install, thus cleaning this parts are more time consuming. However note that if you do not clean these parts, you are not doing a proper general aircon servicing. The photos below provide a general idea of the various parts that should be covered in a general aircon servicing.

Note: CiTiCool pricing for general aircon servicing are all based on a comprehensive cleaning covering key components such as evaporator coil, air blowers, drainage tray, drainage pipe and air filters. For more information on the full scope of work covered in our general aircon servicing, check on:
or contact us at 6876 0581 / 9272 6997.

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