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" On May 25th we have an exact trine between Jupiter Rx in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. The theme is limitlessness - Neptune has no boundaries and Jupiter expands (although in the case of Jupiter Rx it's focused expansion in one area).

This is the second of three trines:
Dec 2nd 2017: 11 deg
May 25th 2018: 16 deg
Aug 19 2018: 15 deg

There's an ongoing flow in some area of your life (where Scorpio and Pisces are located in your chart). Whatever this is moves smoothly and easily - trines are natural movement. You don't have to push to make this happen. It may be pulling you in deeper (Scorpio) or uncovering more (knowledge, resources, faith). Maybe you immerse yourself in some beautiful fantasies. Idealism is rampant, as Neptune elevates Jupiter's search for truth and wisdom.

You may believe that what's happening is your sacred calling. Maybe it is and maybe it isn't. Trines are enablers, which means negative things can grow just as easily as the good stuff. The ease and euphoria are supportive of addictive behaviour.

This trine is notable because it grows into a Grand Water Trine from June 1st to June 2nd, when Venus in Cancer makes exact trines to Jupiter and Neptune respectively. Venus is what you want and love, and when she's wrapped up with Jupiter and Neptune, you can have supreme romance, deep peace, profound intimacy or a dive into something that feels good but isn't so good for you.

How will you know if this is healthy or not? I think you already know. Water is intuition, so you'll feel this in your gut. You'll feel if it's uplifting and relaxing or draining and heavy. You'll feel if this is an escape from what you don't want to deal with, or a retreat for potent healing. You know the difference between what soothes you on the surface (the habitual relationship or substance abuse) versus what soothes you on a profound level - the hug or apology or confession or release that feels cool but warm, gentle yet revitalizing.

What do you want? This Grand Trine will deliver it, but it will be via the path of least resistance. If you get more of what you swear you don't want (and yet, here it is again) consider if you've slid into into an emotional groove - Grand Water Trines are actually closed emotional loops, so they're not great for progress or change. The "no limits" theme can unfold in a series of internal openings that pull you down. But you always have a choice. You can say "Nope...this feels good but I'm tired of it because I've been here before." Play the tape forward.

If you receive a gift and that fills your heart and soul, then you're drinking from the essential cup - enjoy! "

by Nadia Gilchrist
Jupiter Rx in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces at 16 degrees, May 25, 2018

more about in -

painting 'Sadko' by Ilya Repin
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" ... Jupiter stretches our boundaries and then Neptune dissolves them.

This can be a very good thing where we fall right into something WONDERFUL

or something like quicksand and we are very quickly submerged, all depending on what we have going on in our life and how closely this is hitting our planets/points.

This is excellent healing energy. This is excellent "dream come true" energy. We are manifesting through our emotions now.

With Jupiter in Scorpio though we just need to be sure this is a positive dream and not an obsession/addiction because it could be hard to see the difference now.

We can more easily connect with collective consciousness. This is excellent energy for meditation - to take care of ourselves. With Uranus in Taurus now - our health (especially our self-esteem) really will be our wealth.

Connect with nature. Get into water.

If you have someone in your life prone to addiction, this is tricky energy for that - reach out to them now - connection heals addiction. Our own addictions/escapisms could become more visible.

If we have to push we are moving against the currents today. Let it be. The "no limits" comes through faith now. Trust.

Jupiter and Neptune are going to trine benefic Venus late next week - something with that home/family/security situation is going to slide into place. Is this a good thing?

We might find ourselves getting (once again) what we don't want.

Trines are closed circuits - the brakes are released, yes, but only between two (or three next week with the Grand Trine) specific points.

This one is in water (Scorpio/Pisces) so we are dealing with our emotional/intuitive energy.

If the loop is healthy, with Jupiter/Neptune, it will expand in healthy ways, and we will feel that.

If it's unhealthy we will feel that, too. The trine allows us the uncomfortable gift of unraveling something and letting it GO...

... Trines remove roadblocks. If the roadblock IS the problem, then great, things improve. Things slide into place. If the roadblock has been holding the problem at bay - things might appear to grow worse, but really it is a closed loop and we can only deal with what is already in here.

While we have the trine energy, working to remove the block - forgiveness, compassion, etc - is VERY helpful, especially knowing we have that Grand Water Trine with beneficial Venus approaching!

We also have Mercury (in stable Taurus) trining Pluto (in stable Capricorn)
If the Mercury energy is hitting your chart there will be news/communications/decisions made involving goals/career/authority issues.

There could also be a dealing with a woman or about love, money or beauty themes likely tied to the home, real estate, renovation, family, parent, security issue - look for a turning point.

If something about our material life has been neglected - we don't balance the books and bounce a check now, etc - we will know about it. We are required to deal with this. This is another trine - brakes off - another closed loop. Although it might look like something is coming from outside of us really we are only dealing with what we have already put in here.

And with Venus building toward her opposition to Saturn - exact tomorrow - we can tell alot about our lives, and about ourselves, by what we have, and don't have, going on right now..."
full article:

by Catherine Ivins
in article 'Jupiter trine Neptune, Pluto trine Mercury | slippery slopes, healing energy, news, what have we been neglecting, meditation, release'

May 25, 2018
Jupiter Rx in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces at 16°
Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto Rx in Capricorn at 21°
May 26
Venus in Cancer opposite Saturn Rx in Capricorn at 08°
Venus in Cancer trine Jupiter June 1st & trine Neptune June 2nd
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thank You +laurie corzett
Take Care

It never occurred to you
that you were allowed.
You thought it was up to someone else
to take care of you.
You didn't get what you needed
when you were a helpless child.
Too bad.
You're not a child anymore.
That's the thing about being an adult,
you can take care of yourself,
if it ever occurred to you to do so.
So what do you need?
A good cry?
Endless deep-seated weeping
to bring up and out all the grieving
you've swallowed, kept festering inside,
because it never occurred to you
that this excrement needed processing
and elimination?
You know, the processing
where you take the nugget of golden
from all you have taken in,
and send the rest out to
fertilize the common pasture.
It's not so much that you are
what you eat,
as you are what you take
from your experiences.
Did you take what you need?
Did you think that you were a
naughty child deserving of punishment?
You didn't really want that gooey
sweetness, tooth-decaying
empty calories.
You want to be spanked
until you cry
and swear you'll never
do it again, then
hugged and taken in,
with all forgiven.
You want to matter to people
who no longer exist.
You want to matter to figments
of your imagination,
who natter away all the damned day
about your shortcomings and sins.
Let's begin again,
at the beginning.
You can't win for losing if
you've taken the loser's face.
The world is the world,
whatever you make of it.
You do need to be cared for.
You need to care for,
to take care of,
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" In order to heal, we must be able to let go.

On May 29th, we will experience a dynamic and healing full moon in Sagittarius. Full moons are a time of illumination when we are asked to deal with what is in front of us and not run for cover any longer. In astrology, it’s a time when we will be faced with the truth and be inspired to start off on a new path and leave the past behind once and for all.

What does this mean for your love horoscope? Well, of all the zodiac signs, Sagittarius is known for being one of the deeper personalities, joining Pisces and Scorpio in the realm of the unimaginable and theoretical. It’s a zodiac sign that is attracted to emotional depths and mental stimulation almost as much as freedom itself.

During the course of this year, we have been asked to undergo a series of small changes that ultimately are here to help us transform ourselves and our lives.

Because this year is an "11" year in numerology, we have also seen a focus on deep, soulful connections for those who are in those relationships. In these types of unions, the coming together is an alchemical process that requires us shedding many layers of the self before we are ready to join with another.

While we are all on different journeys, many of us have been drawn into these deep and powerful connections in recent years not just as a catalyst for an overhaul in our personal relationships but as a tool for our awakening process. Yet a big part of this process isn’t just realizing that we need to make a change, or even implementing what needs to be done — it’s healing everything that came before so we’re truly beginning a new life phase.

Sagittarius likes to go deep; he likes to explore all that is hidden from the world, to discuss the spherical and lyrical, to travel both physically and metaphorically all in an effort to make life one grand adventure. There’s nothing that is off-limits topic-wise, there’s nothing that is too far out there for him to understand, and because of that it’s the perfect place to look at all of our shadows so we can bring healing to the deepest of wounds.

One important aspect that will be heavily influencing this full moon in Sagittarius is the Grand Water Trine that will occur shortly after. Part of this trine as well is Jupiter trine Neptune, which occurs just a few days before this particular moon. It’s literally sandwiched between two important intuitive water aspects. Water runs deep, water heals, water baptizes and makes new, water changes not by force but by determination; water soothes and sustains life.

This moon is going to ask you to dig deep in the pursuit of freedom, to look at what is separating the life you’re living from the one that you want to live. It’s going to ask where we still need to grow and what wounds we need to heal in order to do so.

What is interesting is that sometimes the aspect of healing just comes down to us letting go of a particular narrative. Once we’re ready to heal, no longer is it something that was done to us but rather, something that we experienced that is firmly and safely in our past.

In terms of love and relationships, we can’t actually fully move forward until we’ve let ourselves heal from our pasts. What this means is that we have to synthesize the dreams for the future, the lessons of our present, while also saying goodbye to whatever or whomever is no longer serving us.

It’s a moon that’s going to be providing some much needed closure and cleansing on issues that likely have plagued us for some time, as long as we’re willing to let ourselves move forward.

Change can be scary and new beginnings can be intimidating, but we can’t stay in one place forever. We have to move or be dragged in many ways, and the time has come to turn a corner this year. We have one month left before the lessons of the last eclipse cycle will be apparent, one last month before we’re able to take the lessons of the last six months and actually make advances to move forward into our futures.

Now is the time to dive into our healing, to forgive ourselves for not knowing better, and for everything that it took us to experience in order to be where we are in this moment. To understand that is to release the guilt, to release the idea that we could have done better or differently, and to fully accept and appreciate that anything we did was all for the necessary good of becoming the person we are today; the one who is ready to move into love, into newness, into our futures.

Sometimes it seems that certain situations will never change, that we will be stuck in them forever, unfilled or at least confused. In these moments we often place the blame on others, that because of them we were unable to make changes or do what we felt called to.

But realizing that we all hold the power of our own destiny is like realizing that no one is holding us in place. We are free to move. We are free to change, to forgive, to speak up and to do all of the things that we never thought possible.

Love isn’t complicated, but people are, especially when we don’t follow our hearts, or when we make things more difficult by overthinking or building expectations so high not even a super hero could accomplish them. Yet the trick is that really isn’t about what we have to do but rather, what we let go of.

Because sometimes we just have to let it all go in order to see what is meant to return or, at the very least, stay. We just have to be ready to truly heal. "

by Kate Rose
in article 'How The Full Moon In Sagittarius Will Heal And Change Your Love Life, Starting May 29th'

Full Moon at 08°10′ Sagittarius, May 29th, 2018; 14:19 UT

image source:
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" This weekend the Moon moves from Libra through Scorpio, from a cardinal square to Pluto into a sweet sextile with Pluto. Sometimes it feels like we need to push through to make change, to balance. But the trick is to feel the grind of gears in such a way that it brings attention to what’s out of balance without forcing action.

Friday night the Moon in Libra squares Pluto, but it also quincunxes Mercury in Taurus. Mercury trines Pluto. Feel the squabble, but let the perception, the thinking, the senses work at the knot… slowly.

Mercury in Taurus and the Libra Moon are both ruled by Venus. Venus makes an exact opposition to Saturn on Saturday morning, Cancer to Capricorn. Limits are imposed from the outside – seemingly… inside, outside; it’s a closed system. Wait and see. Be zen. Time will tell.

Mars trines the Sun and both their sign rulers are in Taurus. Take it slow and do it right, as you see right in light of the circumstances. Don’t act on a flash if it’s out of fear. Make sure your insight is solid first. Relax. If it doesn’t seem right, wait till it does. If it doesn’t get there, it’s just not time yet.

Let Venus-Saturn work its way out. If you try to push your agenda, the goodies will retreat.

Saturday the Moon moves to Scorpio, square Mars and opposite Uranus. It reminds me of Sponge Bob: “Floor it?” “Don’t floor it,” “FLOOR IT??” “DON’T FLOOR IT!!” Dude, you must chill. But it would be a very exciting time to go zip-lining, if that’s your thing. Personally I find it terrifying. Wetting myself does not sound like a good time.

Saturday night the Moon sextiles Saturn and opposes Venus. Things move into the groove. It could be very Barry White-ish. Turn any lingering tension into sexual tension and it enhances the experience.

Sunday the Moon conjoins Jupiter and trines Neptune. This brings a higher octave of groove. Did you know Parliament(George Clinton) just put out a new album? It’s the first since 1980, digital only. That fact in itself tells you everything you need to know about this weekend’s flavor. And it was a huge surprise, also timely. Take your time to bring the funk. But when you bring it, spring it.

Late Sunday, the Scorpio Moon sextiles sign ruler Pluto. Venus moves into trine with Jupiter and Neptune (a budding grand trine in water). We’re building toward a juicy full moon in Sagittarius. Look for the opportunity to transform… scratch that, feel into the opportunity to transform. Just feel it. Inside, outside, the action may take place on a higher plan. Let it happen, root for it. Allow for it.

Your work is to act innovatively. Part of that is knowing when to let things happen without micromanaging. Stop digging up the seed to see if it’s growing. You will know when action is the way. Don’t bother what’s taking care of itself. Don’t push – open yourself. See what else is an option.

This weekend is about finding your groove and participating in it. “Most of all he need the funk. Help him find the funk.”

What are your weekend plans? “Everybody’s got a little light under the sun… under the sun… under the sun…”

by Satori
Weekend Love Forecast - “Help Him Find The Funk!” Get On Out There And Dance , May 25 - 27, 2018
article source:
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•••Friday Forecast
Libra Waxing Gibbous Moon, Part 2

A lunar square to Pluto begins the day, intensifying environments and egos alike, creating a very clear and palpable vibe by the time the Libran moon turns void, at 2:04pm PDT*.

This lunar void sees the day through, providing time— despite whatever solar Geminian busyness is occurring— to analyze agendas, and the manner in which they're failing or falling short of being effective, as well as your relationship to these agendas, to those in charge, and to your ability to adapt.

When the moon is void in Libra, relationships of all kinds can experience tension, but seeking a solution may be the most frustrating of all, especially when someone, or something, fails to compromise or budge even a little. In addition to any resistance, a Libra moon, naturally, wants to pick apart pieces and, well, judge all the parts individually... this can be quite trying today, and, in general.

It's the detaching from, and decompartmentalizing of, the ineffective relationship to a specific someone or something itself— not the sacred bond between yourself and another nor the secure commitment to a something or other— that is necessary now (while resisting all judgements, regardless of temptation or taunt)... though any efforts to put it back together again, today, is unlikely. Silently pinpointing what the main issue is, and the source of origin, is essential— finding the solution and fixing it will come soon enough.

Still, possessing the concern and exhibiting an effort alone will speak volumes.

3:04pm MDT; 4:04pm CDT; 5:04pm EDT
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