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Some of my thoughts on the leadership, trust, and expectations :-) I hope it will inspire you, at least a bit ;-)
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"One day"

One day we will cross the river of doubts,
hand in hand, eyes crossed, laughing lips,
you will say something stupid, I won't care.

Just like when you don't care day by day
when I hit the wall running with closed eyes,
my words muffled by the boundless space.

Stupid love songs will make sense one day,
catchy tunes, lingering feeling, we will agree,
how naive one's heart can be sometimes,
filled with the strangest mix of joy and tears.

#poetry #poem #writing
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"On my way"

I’m looking for something
effortlessly demanding
all my patience, all my grit
explainable without words

#poetry #poem #writing
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"Memorial day"

There was a time, when terrible war was fought,
demons were slain, dreams fell victim too,
like a leaf thrown across the storm, I was thorn,
the wind of doubt, the rumble of fear,
ground shook, escape-worn feet, trembling hands,
grasping the dirt, never looking back,
because there was I that could never been,
the sum of all good odds, the worst enemy,
weak knees, I could never look, never face my own
face that I knew so much, yet never meant to meet.
What a terrible fate it is, having dreams...

#poetry #writing
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Tomorrow is the day
that we hang our hopes on
you and I, we make a dent
universe is just a thing
a toy for us, a vibration
of laughter, and tears
my warm thoughts
a minuscule step
from what if
to what else
We hit the rock bottom
but like a matter of perception
it's just another ceiling
Dawn of a new chance
be brave, my dear, always
there's us, another tomorrow.

#poetry #writing
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"Wishing well"

I wish I had all the answers,
For you to be never lost again,
So much life, and time, saved,
When one doesn't need to ask,
So many evenings, and starry nights,
Cozy mornings, and noons without doubts.

I wish I had all the answers,
Because then I wouldn't be lost too.
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"Call of Duty"

Deep in the trenches,
The rhythmic knocks,
On the death's door,
Arm in arm we stand,
As a loyal brotherhood,
Doomed to play the role,
The fodder of war.

And then it happens,
The moment comes,
Angel of death appears,
Brevity of the sudden,
Guns blazing, curse flying.

The deed is done,
The death is served,
The only thing that's left:
"I fucked your mom, kek".
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There was a time when I pushed
Our destinies like wild tango dancers
Soaking with desire, fighting yet following,
The song of life, so fiddly, so nimble,
Like a thread stuck between fingers
Grab before it's too late, hold tight
Never doubt, even when far too long
Steps vanish, so does the rhythm,
So does the music, and silence creeps in
My melody fading, you must step in
Grab my hand and spin, and twist,
Give wordless directions, untold figures
Show the way, lead in and out,
Sweep the doubts, while night is young
And day didn't set us to stone yet.
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"Under a no man's sky"

Maybe one day we'll meet under another sky,
Our common ground fresh, not stomped-upon,
Seeing things for what they truly are,
I'll gaze with no fear deep into your soul,
And you'll grab my mind and spin us around,
Like dandelion seeds dancing in the wind,
For a moment we won't care what time it is,
We won't stop to catch our breath,
Drowning in unknown, familiar feelings,
Like the first time ever, like yesterday never was,
Our eyes searching for each other, so close
The steps getting shorter, feels like we're almost
There, a naïve teen song that never meant to be.
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My head full of poems, and dreams,
thoughts about food, and what could be.
And you're there too, your vague presence
like a road sign, always guiding me through.
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