So since I got my Moto Z2 Force, I've dove into the world of Moto Mods. I have 3 so far.

The first, most essential one I had to get was the Moto Style Shell with Wireless charging. It does exactly as it sounds, adds Qi Wireless charging to a phone that doesn't come with it stock. It has a nice on screen display when it detects it is on a charger that displays the current battery percentage temporarily. This was essential to me as I have gotten used to having wireless charging with my former phone, the Nexus 6. This fills the need perfectly. Very happy with it.

The second, was the Gamepad. I'm a gamer so I figured why not. Well in my experience the app support for it is rather limited to the titles Motorola has listed in it's app for it. I attempted to use it in more popular EA apps, but there was no support for it at all. Maybe it'll be added in the future....but for right now you're stuck with less popular apps that do have support, but are not the names you know. This gives me pause because I don't know them. I haven't established trust with them. And I have problems loading apps from companies I don't have trust in.

Aside from app compatibility, using the gamepad is a tad difficult for a person with normal sized hands. It'll probably be perfect for a kid....but I can't tell you that from personal experience. It has it's own battery, so you won't drain your phone battery at first. and you can charge both the gamepad battery and phone battery through the charging port on the gamepad.

The third, arrived today, the free Projector mod that I got with the purchase of the phone (which I had to submit my info twice to get, because the first time the third party fulfillment agency told me my product didn't qualify...Moto took care of it though). It surprised me a works well. It is somewhat bright...not insanely so, but enough to be able to read text from the phone screen. The projector auto-adjusts the keystone framing depending on the angle you hold the phone using it's gyro. It has it's own battery as well, and can also charge the phone through the charging point. It comes with a nice little carrying case as well. Overall, if you have the need for a projector you can carry with you anywhere, it's a good option.

So far I'm liking the moto mods system.
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I've seen all Star Wars movies up until the newest. Just got done seeing Rogue One. I'm of the mind that each and every Star Wars movie had a spot to fill including the prequels. I like the prequels....there were some obvious flaws in the prequels, but I don't really care.

I didn't go into the movie knowing anything about it other than it was building upon the already very familiar story. I didn't know where it fit in the story. I figured it out probably about halfway through. I knew what sequence of events I would be seeing at the end of the movie.

It was completely what I expected and I was not let down at all by it. It was so satisfying for me that I honestly shed a few tears of joy after I got back to my truck. I just thought it was presented beautifully. If you are a Star Wars fan, you owe it to yourself to go see it and try to do that without reading the stories deconstructing the trailers or the'll be happier with it if you do. Just ENJOY it...use your own brain to decide if you like it or not.
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Something I'd like to mention. Outstanding support from EVGA.

I own an EVGA GTX 1080 ACX 3.0 8GB GPU.

They got reports that after some high strain testing, reviewers were finding that some parts of the PCB on the latest 10 series cards, were getting quite warm. Concerning warm. After a few people complained about this and complained about issues with their cards that could be attributed to overheating, EVGA responded.

They created a program where you could either send your card in to get some thermal pads applied to resolve the potential issues or you could sign up to get a kit to apply your own set of thermal pads supplied by EVGA (completely free of charge). I took the latter option. I received the kit a couple weeks ago....but hadn't gotten around to performing the upgrade.

Then, last night I had probably the worst freeze up of the video card that I have experienced since I got it. The video just died in the middle of playing Watch Dogs 2. This was after a few hours of playing the it had ample time to warm up. The video didn't come back at all despite my best efforts. I could still hear the music of the game playing, so I knew the game hadn't frozen.

I had a few freeze ups prior to this occurrence, but nothing quite that bad. The drivers would usually reset after a short period of my monitors going dark. Everything would resume fine, and I could continue playing. This time made me decide to apply that thermal pad kit.

EVGA, when releasing this upgrade kit, stated that it was an optional upgrade that should not be necessary in the vast majority of cases. I guess I was one of those cases where this kind of upgrade was a good idea. My system was showing the signs of overheating after long gaming sessions.

So I performed the upgrade. It was simple enough. I have been building my own PC systems for about 20 years now, so managing the cooling on my system is not something new to me. It was my first time touching the GPU though as I usually leave the stock cooler in place on my GPU's.

They provided complete instructions on how to take apart the card and apply the new thermal pads. And the installation was a success. After a long gaming session tonight, I had absolutely no issues with any freezing, even after several hours of play. This is an initial test, but things look good.

So thank you EVGA for listening to your concerned customers. I was not one of the customers posting concerned threads on reddit, but I found out about the thermal pad kit program after you announced it and before you shipped them. You didn't have to do it. You could have just stuck by the original cooling solutions you created. But no, you admitted it could be an issue, and gave owners the option to mitigate it. Again, thank you.
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I picked up a pair of these on Amazon:

Except jet black and the model is the same but seems to be an updated version (ear cushions are definitely updated).

This pair has a specific purpose....headphones at my desk for while I work, so I don't need bluetooth headphones for these.

I'm pretty happy with them at the moment. They fit well right out of the box and feel great in my ear. They feel better than the pair of Jaybird Bluetooth headphones I have. They sound good, though they are quite bass heavy. I'm ok with that though, I like a good amount of bass in my earphones and headphones. I would go so far as to say these sound like they are over the ear type headphones rather than earphones. The bass is that strong. So I agree totally with the review on TechAeris.

This was a test purchase from a company I hadn't bought any products from before. I needed a new supplier of cheaper earphones as I've become dissatisfied with my previous supplier (quality control and durability issues). I was also looking over some of their bluetooth products that +TECHAERIS has reviewed. Based on my positive experience with these, I may be making further purchases of their products in the future.

+JLab Audio

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NFC Ring

edit: setting up the to the end for my review of the latest version

A little trinket that I originally backed on Kickstarter. The first version I got was less than was little more than a standard ring with nothing special about it due to how close you had to get it to the NFC sensor in the phone. It was useless to me. The effort to use it as a method to provide 2 factor authentication for my phone was over the could not be used in that way because it simply could not make a connection easy enough. In order to make a connection I had to remove the case from my phone to use no go. It depended far too much on the sensor for the phone being ultra-sensitive....with my Nexus 5 and did not work well at all.

Fast forward to a week or two ago....I got a free version (only paid shipping) of version 2...the 2016 version. It is VASTLY improved. Not only can it be used with my is detected about 1/8-1/4" away from my phone's sweet spot, but it can be used with gloves on. When it gets cold out (it is near 0F right now in Chicago) I usually switch to using a stylus. The problem with this is if I need to use my ring to unlock my phone, it needs to be able to read it though the gloves I have on my hands. I wear a set of touchscreen gloves with a touchscreen glove liner to keep my hands warm in this weather. It was able to read the ring through my case and the two layers of gloves to unlock my phone. *I now have reliable 2 factor auth to unlock my phone.*

Excellent work guys...the 2016 version makes this thing something which actually works.

+Alex Hernandez 
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Can't believe I wasn't following +TECHAERIS. I already follow most, if not all, of their staff. I just never followed the main site's G+ profile. One of the best tech news sites on the net...I highly recommend them.
Oh lookie......our +Google+ page is almost at 5,000 followers and 10,000,000 views! Do us a favor and help us get to those numbers quickly, share our Google+ page to your friends and followers and let them know why you follow and read our site! Thanks everyone! You all ROCK!
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So for the past couple of weeks I've been playing the game Mad Max.
I will say, it is not game of the year. It has a weak and predictable story. Some aspects of the open world get quite repetitive. However, there's enough variation in the design of all the different bases and scavenger spots (yes I've seen every single one) not to get bored easily. They hit the nail on the head with matching the Mad Max universe. Would I pay $60 for the game? No, I'd say max of $40-45. That's why I'm glad I paid a bit less than $20. I recommend picking it up if you like open world gameplay and the post-apocalyptic setting.

I racked up 48 of the 49 Steam achievements. I stopped at completing all of the challenges as after looking at those they seemed like they would take significantly more time to complete. I currently stand at 72% complete. A bunch of challenges still to complete....a bunch of capturable cars and trucks to catprue. I put about 93 hours into the game, so I got plenty of gameplay out of it. I had a blast playing it.

Moving onto MGS V next.
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I'd just like to point out that this thing took a direct hit from a dooring, and was the direct cause of me getting sent to the ground. If I had not had this attached, I would have likely gotten away without injury in my dooring hit and run this past April. That said, this basket is still on my bike, and though a bit bent up, still functions to hold my bike u-locks every day (and anything else I want). If you need a small bike basket, I highly recommend it. Some day I'll get around to replacing it, but I'm in no hurry.
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