At BU student accounting services office:

me: I'd like to get my official transcript.
she: That would be $8. You cool with that?
me: I guess that's more lucrative than making frappes at Starbucks... well, except people don't line up here everyday getting their daily transcript.

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I believe this is the first mentioning of the "no regert" tattoo, captured in November 2010. It also inspired a Milky Way commercial in May 2015.

These days people seem to purposely get a "no regert" tattoo for fun.

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I've been searching high and low.
For a belt I loved very much so.
In every drawer and behind every closet doors.
Under the furniture on the floors.

I turned all my cushions and pillows.
And cleared the stomach of my pet armadillos.

I finally sat down on my chair in desolation.
But found the belt in camouflaged demonstration.

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Occasionally, I find brilliant, original jokes left by Slashdot commenters.

"How much check could a check sum sum if a checksum could check sum?"

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Brighton, England, originally named Brighthelmstone until 1810, is a seaside resort. I wonder how the early settlers of Brighton here in Massachusetts made the association, as there is nothing sea-worthy about our Brighton.

Picture shown depicts the wonderfully scenic Brighton, England.

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I was going to campaign about the dangers of CO2 sequestration where a catastrophe releasing a massive amount of CO2 will cause world suffocation. Fortunately, we can now convert CO2 to booze and get everyone drunk!

As far as the obsolescence of my ideas goes, which is typical, this idea to campaign about the dangers of CO2 sequestration is remarkably short lived, having been conceived in the morning and already obsolete before the end of day.

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I have a penchant for Impressionism because the style is easy on the eyes of the viewer. It was a movement started by artists who all have bad eye sights.

The painting is called Haymaking at Éragny by Camille Pissarro, at the Art Institute of Chicago.

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Six flights crammed to one baggage claim carousel. This only happens at Boston Logan airport.
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Not compostable anywhere else, especially not in a facility in a different country.

I found some old jokes that I wrote, making Windows puns.

"Our company's infrastructure is built entirely on Windows. We don't use doors."

"Think the view is bad? It's the Windows."

"Windows are a monopoly that you find on many buildings."

"To be open, or to be closed. That's the question facing many Windows developers."

"Windows are better than the alternative, the Chimney."

"I will not buy this Windows. It is scratched."

"A Windows compatible mouse knows how to get around your house without making holes on the wall."

"It's time to install Windows again. It totally crashed."
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