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IDEA of Symbolic Language

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BeingQuest Homepage (August 28, 2001-May 22, 2011).

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Translation: "Iahweh (a god) is the bearer of the secret name, the lion of Re secure in his shrine."


Demonic Voice (DV)
Sojourner's Voice (S)
Sacred Voice (SV)


Synthetic Solution (BELOW):

Sojourner (V) + Demonic (V) = Sacred (V)

just as (ABOVE):

Sacred (V) + Sojourner (V) = Demonic (V)

("Which came first...the Chicken or the Egg?")

"The Alchemist's Vision"

O vision in the heart of Man, more true
To demonstrate our worth and, pure as gold
Prove equity of faith in each that holds
As naught what grief of strife and spite have lured.
As firm as a rock, may we be set
Against the proud and all lewd contentions
More steady proving clearest virtue, stressed
With brilliant facets of the light, resolving factions.
Allied and filling up the high measure
Of human dignity, with precepts born of love
Now rectify our hope, drawing treasure
From out our hallowed shrine and heart's abode.
Such hope amidst the strife, your worth bestowed
In character, ruling every passion's season
For perfect care, great purposes to show
In blooms of time and sacred, speechless reasons.
So steadfast, raise our lamps and truth reflect
The awesome wonder of life's unity
While nothing of our tears let us regret
Nor grant a loss to love's great sanctity.
O dawning vision, pierce the awful night
Whose tragedies are measured in the known
And horns of plenty pour, true care requite
For honor, all in each and each in all!


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"It is in this spirit that we recall the words of Thomas Carlyle: "For your nobler minds, the publishing of some such Work of Art, in one or the other dialect, becomes almost a necessity. For what is it properly, but an altercation with the Devil, before you begin honestly Fighting him?"" ~OHBS Introduction Extract ( Homepage (August 28, 2001-May 22, 2011).

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"Phoenix" (Sacred Traditions) Icon

 Sojourner Songs (1/4, pg 59, Book I)

"The intimations of our golden youth
Are whispering the dreams of manhood-
Subtle ways of ageless yearning
Which in kind with ambient stars
Quarterly describes, in subtle play
The chiming of a universal soul
Whose consort is a universal heart
In man or woman, ever yielding scales
From pole to pole, the hermeneutic art.
Sweet songs of knowing, harmonies in time
Resolved, upwelling, urging on the climb
Of sacred being, born to unify…
Conceived of ash, from ash to mount the skies
On wings supernal, loft on fiery reins
To ring the victors’ anthem and the aims
Of truth and love for life’s enduring worth!"

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"Ode to Hyperion (Sol Invictus)"
 Book II, "Quest for Being"

"Sol Invictus"

No one escapes your sight 
Nor is prior to you
First and dauntless 
Never to be overthrown among the gods 
Who from your Golden Seat have all surveyed 
And on ancient Chaos first set out the way 
Your Light and Might struck forth our Dawn 
And placed Order among the raging things. 

Alack, what boasted clans of impish men now make 
For mortal agony, crafting madness and dismay 
With greater insolence upon our tended, holy cares 
Than starving fiends let loose upon the pristine folds 
You once had cherished, glistening bright 
That Neptune kept of fame and they despoiled. 

Such also suffered, your great Dame
Our Mother too 
Whose Daughters fell to mischief
Among Aegyptus’ crew 
And thence from peace
Would be carried captive
None but you 
Could tell by whom
How, or whence they were betrayed- 
The Darling lost
And from a violent act
Wrought comfort 
On our hearth, kith and ken. 

Father, first among the Mighty and our Care 
Hear this, our prayer. 

Lend to us and them our ken 
The pronged virtue of your Ray
And triple-fixed 
Unhinge the serpent tongue
Pierce through the Night 
And clear show forth
The avenues that Daath now makes 
For brutal men and their cruel ambitions. 

None else we call upon 
On whom all living things we know rely 
And in whose Fire
Must all the caste of mortal men be tried- 
Their boasting
Pride and wrath
To bathe upon the Hour 
That now draws nigh. 

Hasten then
A token of your sight 
Amidst the clamor of the drunken fools- 
Betray their machinations
Pluck their brows 
And, scathing
Rend the hidebound falsehoods they contend 
Thence cast among the dogs
Splayed for shame 
Their own vast wretchedness.
Thus shall the Day be praised 
And Night low groan their wrong
Its own discharged 
To writhe under the sway 
Of Justice and Truth’s sure domination! 


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"Orpheus Beloved"
Book I, "Birth of the Sojourner"

"Orpheus Beloved"

How long now striving there
dear Heart, among the wasteling ages' recollections
their to and fro in weary wandering spent...
too much the tides' vast adventurer?

I heard it said among them who gnow
that there, upon Argos' Prow
the sight be good, and daring
though the flaying Air
a fine companion to brazen cheeks must make
as when underweaning souls be overdared-
no mean thing when called upon to hear
some song spent past Cupid's dint
or faith of Psyche, lain like Siren on the Shore
Our ups and downs
and Course around
that wrenched this weary Pilgrim's eyes
and, sure-streaming salty tears
strains yet to see, once heard-
an hope of the Beloved.

It is a Golden Fleecing
hung there, as by Dodona's right
while Jason pays an awful price
for mens' bold misadventures-
the sons of Troy, or heirs of Rome
Flung from the parapets
and the World spun-out its doom.

Where now be this Damocles?
Naked kings in thrall do tell
in not too fair of wardrobe, wore
when windborn brothers rode the wave
a mother's rage
once seized their very form
with certain and down-turned reversal...
a vast misfortune, over-matched 
by Fate or Norns' more careful, razing might.

So it seems
the mirrored pageantry
spread out before
a wilderness paradise...
some Maiden poling meant
when danced their sibyl-light upon the rills
and mourned their darling Prince
upon the hills, or sacred groves tresst
the fondest, best, of hope sustaining still.

Lovers spell the ruin of a world
NOW too much groaning with despite
and tears upon the Darling, daughter's care
when ugliness vaulted on the wind
a cry past Man's worst evils
not unheard, but War poured forth
to smash the vaunted edifice
a lust of Power made
whose torgue of civil state upon Abaddon
wracks the World for Chaos.

No more thus
nor rank remonstrance
the Counsel of our Climb
embracing every aught or nought
the words of men invent
and quaffing ageless strife
own dregs of tears or worthless, cultured pretense
securing passage of time for love-
tilt the veil of sacred faith
to Mare, all that's meant of
Sister, Lover, Mother, Friend
in All WE could desire or pray
embraced and embracing
as Each-n-Other
tempered and revolving Whole.

Whisper sweetly then
and bleed the aurum embers in the Fire;
they pop and sizzle with desires
long held, long owned, long cherished
and not abandoned to Minos' claves
but better rescued, in semblance of a Maid
the Beauty once desired, Hermes held
or Venus trapped in one fell-design...
better wrought than airy threads
Fenris bought, as when daring Might
found slightest comfort in the scapeless snare-
a Fiend's deserved nest
though of great cost to crippled ken
Patriarch once endorsed and for ruthlessness
in the End, must find unheeded!

Prometheus approves...
Hyperion fronts unbolted Majesty
for relief, the weary Mater's quest
not unanswered.

Still, to those who gnow these things
and how WE love U, whole
as U would Them...

Soon is tempered out our Way
to Work that Moment most admire...
better cinch this Chain
our Silver Thread maintained
and close the gap of Aeons-
a New and Golden Reign!

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