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Major Etsy Search Bug (& Other E News)

There appears to be a bug where searches for years are not bringing up both singular & plural forms:

which means if someone searches for "1960s dress", the results will only include items that have "1960s" in the title/tags, not items that only have "1960". It's not clear how long this has been happening, but it is not normal. There have been other plural discrepancies in the past year, but nothing this bad. If you have any examples, please post in that thread, or in the comments here.

In other news, Etsy removed the graph from the stats area on shop dashboards:
My question is - what is going to go there instead? More ads for Etsy services?

With the rest of the forum closed, staff are covering the Bugs forum much more closely than they have been for the past few months, which is interesting. Note that you cannot nest posts there any more; I guess we will have to wait for the new forum to do that again.

How is everyone handling the closure? Getting extra work done? Or just posting elsewhere? šŸ˜‰
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Anyone seeing any changes? My website might be up a little, & Etsy still seems strong.

#GoogleSearch #SEO #GoogleRanking
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Recent News from Etsy, SEO & Ecommerce

As promised, I have migrated my old team thread:
of recent news articles to this Collection on G+ due to the forum & team shut down this month. Here is the latest - please leave any comments or questions you might have, so we can get a discussion going.

[Since teams on Etsy are reportedly going to be private once they return, I will need a permanent home for this report; G+ is closing in April, so this is very temporary. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!]


Tips on dealing with 10 common customer demands:
I might have posted this previously, but they have updated it recently, so it is worth looking at again.

41% of US homes own a voice-activated smart speaker:
Alexa is in 31% of homes; experts predict ā€œthat Alexa would generate $18 billion to $19 billion in total revenue by 2021 ā€” or ~5 percent of Amazonā€™s revenue ā€” through a combination of device sales, incremental voice shopping sales and other platform revenues.ā€

But currently, all voice search accounts for less than 1% of ecommerce sales:

*****ETSY NEWS*****

New summary article from the blog on what to expect in the next several months, but not much real news: "Weā€™ll also be sharing more inspiring stories from Forums and Teams over the next few monthsā€”showcasing what makes the Etsy seller community extraordinary."

Etsy asking EU sellers to lobby the European parliament about new proposed legislation affecting online platforms, in regards to the ability to shut accounts immediately:
Some sellers donā€™t feel Etsy will be hurt much by any of it, and that it could actually help sellers in some regards.
If I get clearer info on this, I will post it here or on my Google+ collection for Etsy news while the forum & teams are down

Etsy tech blog diversity article:
Has someone mentioned that disability is a really important diverse identity to include? (Not to mention all the other things that arenā€™t race, ethnicity, religion or gender.)
I am underwhelmed.

Etsy as an alternative income source for out-of-work US federal employees and their families:
Looks like her sales have gone up considerably since the article went online; hope she can keep up! I suspect her mom is available to help.


Amazon SEO for 2019:
Note that ā€œ70 percent of searches on Amazon are long-tail searchesā€

Duck Duck Go (the privacy protecting search engine) continues with rapid growth:

Possible Google update over the weekend:

Summary of December Google updates & news:

*****CONTENT MARKETING & SOCIAL MEDIA (includes blogging & emails)*****

Social media marketing checklist for 2019 - 23 things you should be doing (infographic):
And a straightforward outline for a strategy:
(with a bit of marketing jargon, but they do link to more details)

How to repurpose your older quality content:

20 social media monitoring tools:
Some are free, some have fees. Some of the fees are very expensive for businesses like ours.

Get more engagement on Facebook this year (comprehensive report):
Top highlights from the guide:

Facebook canā€™t be deleted completely from some devices; it comes as a permanent feature which you can only disable, not remove entirely:

How Instagramā€™s algorithm works today:


Amazon testing a program allowing companies to send free samples to members based on their buying history:
ā€œFor the free samples, according to an Amazon job ad flagged by Axios, the e-commerce merchant uses machine learning to decide which samples to send, "thus ensuring a higher likelihood of conversion than display ads."


Zibbet is changing its URL structure; shops in their market place will now be found at[yourshopname] instead of[yourshopname].
The ā€œwebsiteā€ URLs are not changing. They are coy about why they are doing this, but it sounds like there will be some big relaunch and/or site restructure happening.

Beware of scammers claiming they will teach you how to make big bucks reselling on Amazon:


Why do people click on search ads? (study)


US website accessibility law:

And finally, Etsy Valentine trend guide (which should have been out a few months ago if it was going to be useful, especially for those of us outside of the US) which does reveal some useful Etsy search trends - I highlight some but not all of the terms they gave us below:

ā€œValentineā€™s shopping on Etsy begins in Decemberā€ [which is why this came out the first week of January, I guess]

Note there is a button to take a brief survey on how useful you found this at the very end.

The top 10 Valentine's Day searches on Etsy (all from the 1st 6 weeks of 2018):
valentineā€™s gift
valentineā€™s love
valentineā€™s decor
valentineā€™s day gift for him
valentineā€™s kids
valentineā€™s gift personalized
valentineā€™s card
valentineā€™s day decor
valentineā€™s day

Top 10 valentine-related Paper & Party Supplies search terms
valentineā€™s love
valentines card
valentineā€™s kids
funny valentine card
naughty valentineā€™s card
valentineā€™s day card
valentineā€™s gift
valentineā€™s gift for him
printable valentines day cards

Popular Clothing & Accessories search terms
enamel pin
wine socks
feminist shirt

Top 10 Jewelry search terms
name necklace
engagement ring
enamel pin
terrarium jewelry

Popular valentine-related Craft Supplies & Tools search terms
valentine svg
valentine clipart
valentine embroidery design
valentine quilt kit
girl valentine svg
valentine cookie cutters
valentine monogram svg
valentine fabric
valentine ribbon

Also revealed - Etsy had well over 7 million searches containing the word ā€œpersonalizedā€ in 2018, up from a bit over 6 million in 2017.
ā€œ+106% Increase in searches for "galentines" in 2018 compared to 2017ā€
ā€œEtsy searches for ā€œbest friendā€ spike in January and Februaryā€
ā€œSearches for ā€œpressed flowersā€ more than doubled from 2017 to 2018."
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I did a quick blog post on what we know so far about Etsy moving the forum and team spaces to a new platform:

If I have missed anything, please let me know! You can post in the comments here, on the blog post, or email me through my website, or convo me on Etsy.
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Etsy Forum & Team Spaces Will Be Down Jan 10-22 2019

- but you can get your news here!

Welcome to the temporary home for my thread on Etsy, SEO & ecommerce news while the Etsy forums are down for a move, Jan. 10-22, 2019. The long term thread on my SEO team will still be there to read, however:

You can follow this & comment on posts if you have a Google account, but you can also just bookmark the collection:

If you see any news I have missed, please post here, email, tweet or convo me. Thanks!

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