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A Paladin’s Review: AI War: Fleet Command. You ARE Outgunned. You ARE Massively Outnumbered. You MUST Read This Review or Else Be Crushed By The AI.

Read the review here: Listen/Watch the review on YouTube:

This is the final review for the year. Thanks for the great support in 2016!

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Online gaming is a toxic mess. As a long-time gamer, an advocate and a ("retired") reviewer, I have a lot of reasons to extol the virtues of this hobby of mine. But this, this isn't one of them.

It's telling that when I'm in an online game, I really hesitate to join voice chat. I just want to play my game and not have to deal with toxic asshole #1, 2, 3, 10, 50, 500, 27500203 of the month. And then I question why I bother playing online games at all. Part of the reason is to interact and compete against other people, is it not? And yet I'm being anti-social and it kills me when I am. I unceremoniously quit Overwatch because I got fed up with the toxicity. I quit SMITE and Paladins for similar reasons because I wasn't having fun anymore. For every 10mins of joy, there was 120mins of toxicity plaguing chat or voice. Edgelords, idiots, assholes and people who can't keep their temper or bigotry in check for five minutes. Who think the game is over in 60 seconds because one person didn't quite pick the Meta.

Yea, what Pewdiepie said was outrageous. But in the large scheme of things, he's not the first nor will he be the last to say it. Blizzard wondered why their community had gone downhill in the past year in Overwatch. The reason is that good people like me left. We got fed up and we left. So long as those good people continue to have to subjugate ourselves to the most immature, racist, bigoted people on the planet, we will continue leaving your online games.

I wish I knew what the solution was. I wish I knew why gamers were so non-inclusive. I wish things were better. But they aren't.

It's telling that I can count how many multiplayer games I've played this year on one hand over single player. It's really telling.

We need to fix this shit. I just wish I knew how.

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Hey Paradox:

Dick. Move.

I'm temporarily boycotting Paradox games (any and all) until Fall of this year. Furthermore, I'm refusing to buy any DLC and/or games I was planning on getting during the Summer sale. Paradox, you knew better but you still raised prices right before a Steam sale. You can give any excuse that you want and you can back down (as they are planning on doing so) but that doesn't excuse bald-faced corporate greed for years-old games. I invite any and all others to follow this boycott. This is inexcusable behavior. Period.

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Well played Devolver Digital. Well played.

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Just a friendly reminder that Gaming entails a lot of genres, playstyles, people and communities and that something that doesn't make sense to you probably makes perfect sense to the ones playing it. And vice-versa. Nice little article to read on a Saturday I thought.

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I'm tired/angry of the harassment we have in online videogames as a whole. Can we knock this shit off already? You'd think they'd be far more inclusive by this point but it's far too clear that they have failed to learn that lesson. Over and over again. And the real pain in the ass issue is that reasonable people who could put a stop to this mess just leave. After all, why put up with it?

It's what usually kills my interest in online multiplayer is getting harassed and listening to asshole 14 year olds (physically/mentally) wonder if I'm a pussy. And I really wish we could do something more about it than "block and report". I block and report people all day and I'm sick of it. And I barely get anything compared to what she goes through.

If we can do anything about it right now, it's to stop anyone we know from repeating this abusive behavior and making those who do throw it around feel a ton of negative peer pressure.

Comments are disabled because this collection is popular enough to get some "fun" comments. Go scream into the void about virtue signaling or me being a social justice warrior or whatever other "clever" insult ya got somewhere else, I do not care. You don't get a platform here.

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This is, frankly, BS all things considered. Taking down an entire game due to music licensing expiring....Game developers, please for the love of all. Either make the music yourselves or get a license that goes forever. This is one heck of a game and having it taken down because you didn't get a proper license for the music is a tragedy.

If you haven't gotten Alan Wake, now's the time to do it before it disappears. It's $3 for the entire series which is more than worth it for a 3rd Person Horror game like this. Graphics still hold up, the gameplay is ok but its the atmosphere and the story that really sell this game. And yes, the setting is very accurate.

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I recently guest hosted on Game Wisdom Live where we talked about the AAA market, DRM, refunds coming to console, Activision's treatment of Call of Duty and much more. Thank you to Game Wisdom for letting me co-host the show, it was a lot of fun!

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Over Four Million Dollars raised for charities! Holy Moly!!

One of the better Humble Bundles to come out and for a great cause. A good chunk of these games I personally recommend and supporting the ACLU, the IRC and Doctors Without Borders is a nice bonus.
United, we stand. This week, we at Humble Bundle are banding together with an amazing group of developers and authors to take a stand for freedom. Our special all-to-charity bundle benefits three timely and important causes: the ACLU, the International Rescue Committee, and Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

You'll get over $600 in incredible games and books for just $30. 100% of your payments will go to the charities, and Humble Bundle will proudly match your contributions up to $300,000. Raise a glass to freedom!

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A Paladin's Top Favorite Games of 2016.

Taking a look back over my favorite experiences of the year and there were quite a few. Multiplayer games were mostly excluded this year as I'm contemplating adding them to another list. But I played:


And enjoyed those games. So, take a look and thanks for reading!
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