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Hey, any RPG industry types with a current "what's a reasonable per-word" rate for freelancers these days?

In particular, for a non-exclusive license to use text where the author retains copyright & ownership.
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Since the beginning of last year, I've been writing up accounts of each RPG session I play, as soon as possible after finishing play.

This was really just an exercise in writing, but I've found it really useful. Both directly - a few times I've looked up events we couldn't recall from a previous game - and generally as a chance to give some introspective analysis on my play and the games I've been involved in.

Anyone else do this sort of thing?
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Hello all! Hack The Planet is live on Kickstarter today and doing really well. I really appreciate your support and the enthusiasm for this project. I wasn't sure what to expect. Cyberpunk meets climate fiction...are people into that? I guess so!

In the past, I've always gravitated toward non-retro-futuristic aspects of cyberpunk and post-cyberpunk. Interesting that I'd be able to enjoy it now because of a pairing with climate fiction where it makes sense that tech has stopped in its tracks and moved in new directions. Gene-hacked crops to grow in infertile lands. Tech powered by other means than what we see today. Energy harnessed by the human body, working. Human ingenuity adapting the massive climate shifts. And people living on the fringes clawing back power for themselves for their own reasons.

It is always a good feeling to be working on a project you are incredibly excited about and have that stoked by people who are into what you are creating. Thank you very much, everyone.

Perhaps even more exciting is the ability to support some other folks I've seen in the community and who do great work themselves. I wish I could support more folks and I hope in the coming days, weeks, year--I will be able to with other projects.

Do you prefer this banner or the other one?
Hack The Planet
Hack The Planet
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This is a very good game, recommended!
Just realised: I should let people know that I've listed the 'Short Story' edition of Left Coast on drivethru.

This is a game about a science fiction writer in California, who struggles as the weirdness from her novels spills into real life. One person plays ‘the Author’; the other players control all the supporting characters in the Author’s life.

I've been focusing on a few other non-gaming projects over the last six months, but I'll be restarting development of the 'Full Length' edition of Left Coast soon. That'll have rules for playing multiple authors and a better process for creating weird conspiracies. (I can't give any estimates about when that'll be ready for beta testing, yet, though.)

Thanks, in particular, to +Jason Cordova, +Jason Morningstar, +Michael Sands, and +Jamie Sands for their support and encouragement, and +Avery Alder for all of that AND kick-ass cover design and layout.
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Summary of my roleplaying in 2017...

I've been keeping a journal of each rpg session, which has been pretty nice. Just a summary of what happened and any observations about the game or events. It's been occasionally useful to look back on as well as generally useful for introspection about the games.

I played 34 game sessions, all up.

By game:
12x Apocalypse World (one game with a few MCs taking turns)
7x Blades in the Dark
3x Heavy Metal Æons
2x Tales from the Loop
2x Fall of Magic
2x Monster of the Week (once as Keeper, once as a hunter)
2x The One Ring (tying up before a long break... we're getting started again soon)
2x Devil & the Deep
1x Three Dooms
1x Life on Mars
1x Feng Shui

That's seven games at Kapcon, three at ConFusion, and all the others were the Monday crew.
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Here's an update on Generic Games projects for 2017.
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Looking towards next year, here's what I'd like to play in 2018

1. An extended playtest campaign of Devil & the Deep.
2. Getting back into our One Ring campaign to get into the second half of The Darkening of Mirkwood.
3. The Nightmares Underneath.
4. Forbidden Lands, when it's done.
5. Continue our Blades in the Dark game... this will probably be the Monday crew's back up game.
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