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A flip through Australian times since the 80's.

ENVIRONMENTAL CATASTROPHISOM, ever heard of that? Apparently the metaphore was coined by Maurice Newman an advisor to PM Tony Abbot. Although Newman and the world have seen political change and the faces of those people have changed, not a lot has changed about the methods used by Climate Change protaginists and the social engineers.
With the economic downturns in the Australian production of Steel and the huge increase in Solar Product, a greater drop in carbon emissions could not have been produced by intent.
The drop in the need for base load power saw the closure of a few power Stations.
Yet still all such benefits although accidental never gets mentioned in true context. It is as though reality does not match what drives policy. The economic stabilization along with an ever increasing price for real estate has not yet produced the wage rises which should have already come into play.
Is anybody asking how with no wage growth the constant price increase in real estate is ocurring? In fact there is no slowing of real estate prices.
There is obviously at least one cause for this, and that is the scales of wealth are shifting into a different phase.
The sector of investment by the wealthy is being paid for by the prevention of wage increase. When eventually wages become a big issue, and it will, there will be a financial crash.
If wages do not immediately start increasing with a staged approach it will be too late to stop what is coming.
The rules of the Alchemist dollars are set and the game must be played, otherwise the whole gameboard dissolves.
Back in the eighties when wages did not grow the entire real estate sector crashed. This led to the idea of freeing up the market by removing the peak interest rate for Mortagages. That didn't work for home buyers, but the Banks loved it.
In order for the real motive of removing the peak interest rates to work wages had to rise. So then the wages were "permitted" to rise.
Suddenly a housing boom hit and so did the interest rates on mortgages which went up to 17%.
Of course the rates slowly came down as people could no longer buy houses. But they only stopped buying because there was nothing left to buy, if there was more to buy the rates would have kept going up.
You will not hear that side of the story. You will read that it was the interest rate that stopped the buying.
At that time Australia had entered into the world market by floating its dollar to see what value it would be. The problem was that the population of the whole country was only 16 million people. There was no possibility to achieve growth because the people were poor and inflation was growing.
The brakes were taken off the moral compass and gambling was allowed.
The cost of petrol began to increase and people began to scream for wages. The import of more people to become citizens became a priority and the white Australia policy was abandoned.
In 1986 Australia convinced the Queen of England to sign the Australia Act, and it became free from the English Courts, an independant country.
Since the eighties a program of corporatization of all government and utility has gradually taken place as the Queens assetts were sold.
Australia has transformed from a subject nation into a corporation in its own rite.
The public are no more and the customer they became.
Republics have citizens and are known so because they have a bill of rights. Corporations have customers because they have dealings with business affairs and their rights are modified for good business practice.
So for a while now there has been a call to make Australia into a Republic, which of course will necessitate a bill of rights, supposedly.
At this time the westminster system is operating which essentially makes the Prime Minister a King, since the Queens courts have been abolished.
So how easy is it for Kings to give up their rule?
People do not realize that the Australia Act made the first King of Australia the secret King that is.
When the Australia Act did not modify Parliament the person highest in line was the Prime Minister.
Nobody really cares though, as long as sport is not affected by politics. Now if one touches sport, that's important.
So I'll leave it alone.

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Statistics seem to indicate that a "side-effect" of taking guns out of society increases rape incidences dramatically. Comparisons between the USA, Finland and Australia reveal interesting changes of the figures of rape by the million, and murders by the million.
Whether having the possibility of possessing a gun in the home or out on the street has discouraged the rapes has yet to be seen as a statistic item, but this puts the concept out there that guns are an incentive to obey the law, even if some use it to break the law.
Hysteria is often used by the gun haters to gain consensus about gun control, blinding people about the realities of crime and the protection from it when there are "goodies" that have them.
Gun control actions by governments may lead to a doubling of rapes by the millions statistics.

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HTC safety data warning with product says that users of their Mobile Phones should not use them near objects made of metal such as building frames.

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The less Diesel in the air the better. Diesel powered vehicles produce more pollution that other fuel types generally. So innovation to reduce the need for Diesel powered trucks is a really good way to make our air cleaner.
Finland introduces Europe’s first hybrid power system for heavy duty trucks

The hybrid electric parallel power system, which is capable of delivering 850kW, or 1140hp, and over 5000Nm of torque, has been developed by Finnish heavy duty hybrid and electric power specialist Visedo, alongside Sisu Auto, also based in Finland.

The hybrid system could reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve the fuel efficiency of heavy duty trucks by around 15 per cent, according to Kimmo Rauma, CEO of Visedo.

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DON'T be fooled by what you see now, or the past that seems true.

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Australians set to vote on a Postal Census question on SSM. (Same sex marriage). The term "Marriage Equality", is the most common phrase used by proponents of the idea.
No ,matter what idelogical or ethical reason one may have for voting yes or no, there is an underlaying circumstance that has not been addressed.
The traditional concept of Marriage is culturally understood. It is the culture of a society that is the driving motivator of the sense of appropriate idea's.
If we look at the history of Western Marriage it has its focal point of meaning in Christian belief.
Governments have moderated the concepts of society through Christian ideals historically. But as we all know, that concept has become less relevant as more people believe Christianity is less relevant to society.
When society in the majority had Christian ideals it wasn't possible for opposing views to be heard with any vorasity.
Government in Australia removed the Churches place in the constitution. (Most people do not know this) Consequently any authority to maintain Church appointed values upon the people were taken away.
It was at that time Christians lost the legal representation to legally moderate the moral code of the country and government.
Christianity became irrelevant legally and became an intended separation of church and state.
Even though the Queen is still the "defender of the faith" in the Australian Constitution, even her power to enact any legal position was removed by an Act she signed during the Hawke Labor Government era in the 80's, which removed English Court power over Australia.
(Australia Act1986)
Australia is an idependant country which has legally severed any Christian ties.
The Christian has become a foreigner in their own country and operates their faith in the same lines as an immigrant religion.
Christians in a sense became Stateless and any sense of government allegiance has been severed.
John Howard PM made a point of publically stating that Australia was a Secular State. This means that no religious dogma has any place in government. However a strange irony remains in place as parliament to this day opens with the Lords Prayer.

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New research conducted/reported that people who sit down as a major part of their jobs were 40% more likely to develop bowel cancer. But research based on the idea of position must take into account other perspectives, such as the location and proximity of other factors of exposure not mentioned by the report.
For example many people who sit down on a job will put them close to equipment they might use in their jobs for a prolonged period.
Prolonged sitting the report described, might include sitting by a computer in an office, or driving a truck or van all day.
However people in those jobs are exposed to low frequency electric fields from electrically powered or electrically emitting devices.
We all know about the dangers (or should know) of office equipment power supply low frequency fields, but not many people realize that sitting in the front seats of a motor vehicle has similar risks due to the vehicles electrical system which operates at high voltages and at DC currents.
Research into the cause of cancer from low frequency electric fields is not one that is talked about or encouraged, but is often laughed at.
But this study indicates that concern should be looked at.

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Australian Neighbours series overtakes the US in contraversial content during family viewing times.
So I previously wrote about the contraversial introduction of the Catholic Priest charactor for the Neighbours serial. So since then, after impregnating a woman and subsequently leaving the Church, the ex priest forms a sexual realtionship with a woman who is Bi who has a mental disorder history.
Throughout the story no hint of resistance is really seen by other members of the cast up till now as they discover the smorgasboard of unrealistc circumstances, which are made out to be normal.
Journalistic articles wouldn't express a personal opinion, well they should because this sick stuff is watched by a lot of people and influencing the ability of young people by the way it is presented as being everyday norm.
People are not so accepting in reality, the series is trying so hard to make us all accepting of way too much.
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