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Great video about paper engineer and pop up book maestro, Matthew Reinhart. I share his obvious joy at the magic of pop up books!
This video gives you a glimpse behind the pages at some of the best pop up book secrets!
If you are a fan of pop up books and paper engineering, do check out my blog and look at all the other amazing pop up posts in this Google Collection.


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Bouncy Boxes!
I designed these 21 years ago, great brief, "Design me a box that gives you a surprise when you open it..." So I did!
Beloved by kids around the world, not so popular with booksellers and librarians. I wonder why?! 
Video taken during a talk to the Arts Foundation students at the most excellent Strode College in Street, Somerset with their inspiring tutor +Duncan Cameron. 

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Pop Up Inspiration on Pinterest 
Pinterest is a fantastic source of inspiration for all forms of paper craft, pop up books and kid's crafts and activities. I've been pinning from all over the internet as well as from my blog to bring you one of the best sources for pop up inspiration ever! Have fun!

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Free Halloween Pumpkin Pop Up Card 
Halloween looms, so here's an easy and free card to download and print at home. Have some spooky fun!
More #PopUpBook  ideas for #Kids  on my pop up paper blog -

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There's a Pink Paper Pop Up in my studio this morning...
Is he in a Collection of Pop Up Delights? Of course!

#popups #paper #papercraft #popuppaper   #collections  

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Paul Stickland Pop Up Dinosaur Roar Workshops

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Paul Stickland Pop Up Workshops

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Paradoxymoron - Patrick Hughes
Interesting 3d painting in +The British Library.
I'm going to try to recreate this effect in paper in a book.
Excuse the camera work please! 

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Peter Dahmen
Truly Magical Pop Up Book Creations.

via +Colossal 
#popupbooks  #paperengineering  #paper #paperfolding  

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Halloween Pop Up Pumpkin Card Template
In case you missed this last night...
A really easy pop up card for #Halloween from my Pop Up Paper Blog. 

#popupbooks   #popupcards  #popups #pumpkins  
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