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Carnaval Season...

Carnaval” is an international festival that attracts millions of people from around the world.

The festival normally happens sometime between February and March and marks the beginning of Lent (forty-day period before Easter). It is truly a beautiful and unique festival. In fact, many people in Brazil work the entire year to put this huge festival and “party” together.
How wonderful the only thing we have to do is to enjoy.

I am sure this information is not new for some of you, and also very easy to find ~ thanks to Google -:).

What you may not know is (that in reality) a Carnaval, or some small version of Carnaval, or even a mini Carnaval happens anytime and literally anywhere during the calendar year.

The reason is very simple. Brazilians are a passionate group of people who love to have lots of fun with friends new or old. We take our traditions very seriously and most importantly with us whenever we go.

Chances are you may find some form of Carnaval in very unexpected places such as this one: Lyon, France...cold weather, wrapped in a warm coat, gloves, a scarf and a hat.

Indeed, it was quite different than a Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo or Bahia... but still very warm, special and now a lovely memory…

A Brazilian (native or by heart) can always find the sound of drums anywhere. I can’t wait to see the surprises I may get this weekend!

Happy Carnaval Season!


Note: The video is a bit dark and the camera moves a lot. Sorry, but I am sure you all can understand the reason!

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No one is immune.
Homesickness is normal, but we can always find ways to have a smile in our faces.
For me, nothing is better than listening one of my favorites songs ❤️ .
"Eu sei que vou te amar" by Vinícius de Morais & Antonio Carlos Jobim.

There is no place like home but We don't have to see or be close to experience beautiful things. We actually just need to feel ❤️ ❤️ !!

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Brazilian Birthday Parties!

Brazilians love to party, and we celebrate everything in a large fashion. We throw birthday parties even for our one-year-olds, and everyone is invited. Our friends will bring their friends to celebrations, and together everyone commemorates life! And we miss celebrating everyone’s birthdays and singing the second and the third parts of happy birthdays while clapping our hands. “Chegou a hora de apagar a velinha…”  -- “É pique, é pique, é hora, é hora, é hora, RA-TI-BUM” -- “Com quem será, com quem será, com quem será…” --

Favorite thing about birthdays:
+Carolina Liu: Brigadeiros :) 
+Valeria Bressan: Balloons!!!

Image by +Euma Marques 

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Brazilian Architecture

Throughout Brazil, one can find great variety in architectural styles. Ranging from colonial Portuguese constructions and baroque churches to modernist skyscrapers, Brazilian buildings can be incredibly captivating and informative about our nation's unique culture and history.

Favorite buildings:
+Valeria Bressan  Tancredo Neves Pantheon of the Fatherland and Freedom, Brasília

+Carolina Liu:  Elevador Lacerda, Salvador 
image by +Andrew Prokos    

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Brazilian Waterfalls

Brazil has thousands of waterfalls near the coast and in the interior of the country. As beautiful natural occurrences, waterfalls can be incredibly stunning when seen in person.

Favorite waterfalls:
+Carolina Liu: Fumaça, Chapada Diamantina
+Valeria Bressan: Cachoeira de Roncadeira, Tocantins

Image by +Alexandre Fagundes de Fagundes 


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Brazilian Soccer Aficionados

Soccer is a large part of popular Brazilian culture, and almost everyone has a favorite soccer team. Children, adults, and even pets are said to root for particular themes, and you are sure to know someone who will always be following game coverage live, either in the stadium, on television, or through the radio.

Soccer Team:
+Carolina Liu: Bahia
+Valeria Bressan: Sao Paulo

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Brazilian Caipirinhas 

Caipirinhas are a national drink made with lime juice, chachaça, and sugar. It can also be prepared with different fruit variations, such as strawberries, passion fruit, tangerine, pineapple, kiwi, grapes. Caipirinhas are a great drink to enjoy on a hot summer day!

Favorite caipirinhas:
+Carolina Liu : Tangerine
+Valeria Bressan: Kiwi

image by  +Thomas John Kenny (Tom)

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Brazilian Beaches and Islands

Brazil has over 4,500 miles of coastline with stunning beaches. While Copacabana and Ipanema are internationally recognized, soft sand and warm waters can be found throughout the nation.

Favorite beaches
+Carolina Liu: Itapuã
+Valeria Bressan: Jericoacoara

Favorite Island
+Carolina Liu: Morro de São Paulo
+Valeria Bressan: Fernando de Noronha

Image by +Nila Sweeney  



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Brazilian Food

The influence of African and European cuisines are very strong in Brazil. Some of the most important dishes, such as feijoada, were developed by African people that arrived on the continent and are now some of the most famous national dishes.

In the Northeast, Moqueca is a popular dish that resembles seafood stew, but is made with coconut milk and palm oil (dendê). Another delicious African Brazilian food is Acarajé.

São Paulo has a very strong influence from Italians, in culture, food and tradition, and for us São Paulo's Pizza is the absolute best in the whole wide world!

+Valeria Bressan: São Paulo Pizza
+Carolina Liu: Moqueca de Camarão

Moqueca receipt by + Good Cooking

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Friendly Brazilians

Brazilians are very welcoming people. We love to talk and place a high value on getting along. People come and go from our homes without formal invitation, and scheduling play dates is never necessary. Everyone knows their neighbors, and friendships and communities are essential parts of everyday life.

Picture: Valeria and Carolina  
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