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Subject: Suturing Question/Answer

Q: If you have to perform sutures on a wound is there something over the counter to number the wound site or does the patient just have to bite the bullet? I'm excited EMT trying to put stuff together and wanted your input. Keep up the good work!
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A: Over-the-counter supplies are available, and inexpensive.
If you already have a sewing kit, that can double nicely for emergencies.
Your favorite sporting goods store or drug store may also have your supplies (sold separately) i.e., hemostats, gut or nylon sutures, etc..

Just remember these key basic steps:
- Observe the wound and determine the best way to close it.
- Put gloves on to minimize potential infection.
- Clean and irrigate the wound, removing any foreign matter or debris.
- Thread the curved needle, or open your suture kit and grasp the needle with your needle driver.

Below I have listed several links that may help you with suture supply lists and  video for techniques when administering sutures.

Simple Interrupted Stitch - How to do sutures at home:

Suturing Wounds When Necessary | Off The Grid News:

Stitch Yourself Shut- Surgery at home:

Suturing Under Austere Conditions - PART I - YouTube:

Family First Aid Kits | Emergency Medical Disaster Kit:

Surgical Set with Sutures - Duluth Trading:

Suturing Techniques:

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