10Question: Exemia

Exemia is the project of musician Fabián Morelos Aldana from Mexico

RP 10Question: I know that you will have a new album soon. What will the listeners expect and will it have "synthwave"?

Exemia: Yes, it's true, one of the releases planned for 2016 will combine Synthwave and Freeform music on the album 'This is Synthform'

RP 10Question: How did your creavity start and who was your inspiration-idol?

Exemia: My interest in music began when I started to attend local band gigs as a kid, I grew up listening to punk, metal and industrial.
When music became avaible thanks to the internet, it's when I got to discover a lot of genres and great bands, tv and radio where thrown in the trash.
There are a lot of musicians I admire, I could name up a really long list and still couldn't make justice to all of them!
But chronologically talking, the first band I can remember I listened to as a kid more than others on a daily basis was Iron Maiden.

RP 10Question: What's your favorite track from done to you and why?

Exemia: That is a tricky question since I have a favorite song of each genre repertoire, I will name a top 5:

[DarkPsytrance] Cherub Fiend from Trancegressive fiction, this is the favorite from all the darkpsytrance I have produced.

[Industrial] She's a Xyborg from Computer Hate, I've watched a positive reaction on the dancefloor on this one making it one of my favorite industrial songs

[Synthwave] 1-800 Hitmen from Robocorpse, There is something about that FM bass, once it starts I have to listen to it until it's over.

[Goa] Bienvenido a la Ciudad de las Sombras from Mutación de Géneros, this album was intended for a vertical shoot em up game which never got past the brainstorming phase.
[Dnb] Don't Let Them In from the album of the same title, I really like the drums on this one.

RP 10Question: You have worked as a music producer for a long time. Was there something interesting that you remember the most?

Exemia: Yeah, being unhappy with how I did the eq at first, there were some issues I could fix nowadays.

RP 10Question: What tools in terms of synthesizers and DAW are using now? What's your favorite synthesizer in which the first you try to synthesize the sound?

Exemia: [DAW] I like to use Flstudio for production and sometimes ableton for live sessions,
[Hardware synth] X-station by Novation
[Controller for Live Sequences] Akai APC20
[Favorite Vst's] Discovery Pro, Geektronic, U-he Uhbik bundle, Voxengo gliss eq, the list goes on...

RP 10Question: What would you be engaged, if not music? And which job?

Exemia: Besides EQ & teaching music production I work on a music school's office, I am also a Freelance Graphic Designer that focuses on Branding and Album covers.

RP 10Question: How long it takes you to write a track?

Exemia: I think it depends on the mood usually and the interest I have when I start producing them,
some of them which I really like took less than a week, others have taken months to finish them.

RP 10Question: What kind of musicians you can advise to listen to? (as well as the experienced and novice)?

Exemia: I really like the creativity of Cellhavoc on his different repertoires,
AudioCentesis sound is something I haven't heard before on other band,
Orbicide and DJversion666 has incredible vocals and their music is also very original sounding,
2Bullet, Megrim, Traumatize, Noiz+Zilenth and a lot of projects that I admire that I could write a list with each letter from the alphabet.

RP 10Question: What are your favorite books, movies, TV series, music albums?

Exemia: Call of Cthulhu, Short Poems by Allan Poe and Baudelaire, I like to search and read a lot of articles online too when I get the chance to feel inspired.
Futurama has been one of my favorite shows, when I was a kid I really liked batman the animated series. I like to watch old horror and 80's slasher films too, they have something the new horror films can't seem to pull off.
some favorite albums I listen to on my way to work, are Retro Promenade's Vox Populi compilations, Zughenruhe by Audiocentesis, Only Filth Remains by Cellhavoc, Ex Falso Quodiblet by Orbicide, Planktoon mixes by Mach FoX, Marching to Disorder by 2Bullet, Metamorfika by Noiz+Zilenth, Smiling Corpse 002 compilation, Terror Night compilation by Insane Rec, Gothic Rock Volume 2: 80's into 90's, Transhuman by Mergel an and many more!

RP 10Question: What can you advice for beginners?

Exemia: Nowadays there are a lot of tutorials online, that is a great way to get over the small issues, a great advantage that I did not have back then when I started producing music
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