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OK this was my actual stop point tonight. Completed the following Ingress banners while I was here in LA:

Hollywood Walk of Fame
Los Angeles Skyline (come prepared!)
Santa Monica Series

This felt like 2x an anomaly for today....completed the last two banner missions. 8 hours of mostly walking.

Also got to 100 missions. So i got gold Spec Ops.
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We are devastated to share that our dear teammate Joe Philley passed away yesterday.  Joe was the backbone of the Ingress community and a friend to all.  Through his work he connected with thousands of Ingress Agents from all walks of life and brought smiles to many faces.  

We’ve been in touch with Joe’s family and we’ll share additional details on memorial services as we receive them. Our thoughts and deepest condolences go out to Joe's family.  We will miss you, Agent Delta102.


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Productive, but short  #Ingress  night. Not a lot of portals in my area...but I captured whatever I found. Total: 9 portals, 2 of which were grabbed from the slav...err.."Englightened" at Roosevelt University near the Woodfield Mall. :P

Go #Resistance !

Thanks for the invite +Brandon Badger! :D


Saw the Webber Grill:
And the Robert R. McCormick Tribute Sculpture:

The rest were all municiple buildings of some houses, post offices, libraries...etc
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