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GRATEFUL to LIFE for the opportunity to travel through all corners of Latin America with the music of Zona Ganjah. So many countries traveled in these years and always moving towards new horizons!
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"Next sunday"

he was sitting in the middle like a sort of hemp jesus
then he spoke, and people listen,
it was the first time, there was he and twelve of us then,
but by next sunday we were twenty-eight and the holy man
it was he who said: why dont we do this again.. next sunday?

he was sitting in the middle like a sort of weed prophet
then he smoked, and then he offered
i was the first one to take the spliff from him,
by works of magic the weed multliplied trough the gathering
it was he who said: listen, why dont we do this again.. next sunday?

he was sitting in the middle like a sort of grass preacher
moving his arms around the crowd, just like a teacher
his hand was broken, still he could point the way
i followed his finger to the horizont, and saw it fade away
then we heard his voice in our heads:
why not contemplate the path we shall travel together again, next sun day

he was sitting in the middle like a sort of bush monk
he steped in the pond, but would not sunk
he was washing the fundations of a dream
blessing the bulding of a movement we where then redeemed
it was he who said: why not wash ourselves again right here, next sunday

that hemp jesus, that weed prophet,
that grass preacher, that bush monk,
the skunk pastor, the cannabis cleric
the marihuana minister, the ganjah reverend
the reffer mesias, the jahlife god
he was just a man, but we are so much more

heal me ital doc, please heal me ital doc
save me, oh save me great life god
let me drink you oh tea filosofer
fill me and make me feel oh sweet green smoke

save me, oh save me great life god
(you might try saving yourself)

next sun day
till the ends of the days of the sun

(open your eyes!)

I was sitting in the middle like the sort of loonly people always do
there were no sounds, only three crickets
i looked around the main square there was not a soul, i was alone
the bench was empty, it was clouded, it was mondays dawn
was it me who said: why don´t we do this again?



Song: Next Sunday

Live version byr:
flute and vocals: Weils Piuk
bass:. Chelo Altamirano
drums: Marcelo "Chala" León
Keyboards: Pablo Milkaya
djambé Maxi Insurrectxs
live painting: Jawar-I

Weils Piuk YT channel with experimental clips:

All sounds played live. There is no recorded backtrack.

Music and lyrics written by Nicolás Gustavo Budassi.
All rights reserved.

Captured live by Walter Insurrectxs! 7dic2015 Parke Zentral Wentota Valley, Lain America.

El proyecto "The Saknking Ganjazz" es un puñado de canciones que nacen como el vómito más visceral del personaje mítico Weils Piuk. Declarado persona no grata en varias sedes institucionales para la represión, vocalista y clarinetista de Biciswing, trompetista de Nueve Millas y conserje de la sala de ensayos de los Nine Miles, varios juran haberlo visto en situaciones donde la magia parece involucrada como por ejemplo cuando se lo vio volando por encima de un trolebus en la bicicleta de Federico Balza o cuando se lo vio ejecutando la melódica sin hacer uso de su boca. En todo caso dejemos que los sonidos vomitados por la ballena hablen por si solos... Con ustedes: THE SKANKING GANJAZZ presentado y ejecutado por Planta de Asombro!

siguenos en los siguientes sitios:

Planta de Asombro (BITÁCORA de presentaciones en VIVO)

Weils Piuk YT channel:


Lucho y Duba:

Nueve Millas:


Planta de Asombro (MEDITACIONES bajo el efecto de)

Planta de asombro sitio internacional en inglés (AWE PLANT)

Planta de Asombro is on fb:
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Still rolling street DUB on Wentota Valley mornings and nice messages appear in the cap ... giving sound and receiving love!

"My son stood on the balcony to listen to you and you cheered me my morning studies <3"

Skanking Ganjazz Awe Plant 31-8-16 
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Random records of our adventures through the streets of Huentota Valley. There are own themes, other friend's including Nueve Millas, Eter DUB, The Skanking Ganjazz and some Jamaican 70's classics If you like what you hear stay tunedl!
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The "The Saknking Ganjazz" project is a handful of songs that are born as the most visceral vomit of "Weils Piuk" mythical character. Declared persona non grata in several institutional headquarters, singer and clarinetist of Biciswing, trumpeter in Nueve Millas and concierge rehearsal room of 9MFK, several swear to have seen him in situations where magic seems to be involved. In any case let the sounds spewed by the whale speak for themselves ... With you: THE SKANKING Ganjazz presented and executed by Awe Plant!
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AWE PLANT ft. Whale's Puke shooting the truth in the street!!
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A bizarre character came up today .. he sat to one side, listening to the band, smoked and laughed while looking far away ... then he left a bag on the cap and left. We thought they were weeds for the mind and hurried to check out but we found this message:
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You finish playing and someone approaches and say "Well smoked." instead of "Well played." It's sooo DUBBBBB!
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This is a drawing by a girl while listening our dubs ... "if could draw :) Thanks for the message of peace. To grow, to expand!"
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Hello planet Earth!
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