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Genius doesn't start on Day 1! Keep at your craft and learn from others, be inspired by others, become better by keeping at it. Don't give up! You've got this!

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It was a really great season for Green Meadow Lawn Care. While the bottom line was good, we served more customers this year than ever before. So thankful for the opportunity to aerate more lawns and even re-seed/over-seed a lawn as well. We did learn a few things as a result. For example, while we can aerate smaller lawns, the larger lawns (at least .5 acre) are our preference. The reason for that is I pull our core aerator with our mower, the aerator is 5' wide and requires a decent turning radius and you can't backup with it. Smaller yards can be complex for a couple reasons. First, there's almost always a narrow side of the yard bordered by the driveway and the property line. Second, the landscaping, trees and other features require quite a bit of maneuvering to get all the yard aerated. Having said that, we appreciate the business it represents. Thank you!

Right now is a great time to put down fertilizer. Milorganite is great as well as other "winterizer" type fertilizers. Most homeowners can do this, especially if you're putting down milorganite because it's slow release and won't burn your grass. It's really a great way to fertilize your lawn.

Have a great day!

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I just created my fiverr account and would love to work on a solution for your business. Perhaps a new website, tidying up an existing website, adding a web application to your site. Check out my fiverr profile and let's get started.

Post has attachment went live today. Godaddy support was so helpful and walked me through the super easy steps of going live. So happy!

Next stop: my web design web site.

Getting ready to launch our new website! It is in a "staging" mode at and according to GoDaddy it will be straight-forward to change from the new sub-domain to the real domain. I have already gotten to know 5-6 GoDaddy support folks, who have all been very helpful. We'll see how it's done and maybe this will be the model for future web projects as well.
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