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Scrambled Egg Pulao /Egg Bhurji Pulao
One pot meals are really good these days. I feel instead of eating outside if you prepare something quickly at home is always going to be healthy. So when I work late night and can't manage to get up early morning that time I prefer to prepare some one pot ...

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Rice is a staple food in many Asian countries including India, China, Japan and many others. Rice plays a versatile role in our food menu and using rice we prepare starter to dessert! Today I am sharing a popular rice recipe which we often order at restaurant. I am talking about Jeera Rice. This is a classic example how spice can make your daily rice more exotic and flavourful. I think this is the reason Indian cooking is famous for the spices used in it. Click the link to get the recipe:


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Peas Pulao
Peas Pulao is an easy one pot meal which can be made for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It requires very minimal ingredients. Not only that you can prepare peas pulao quickly whenever you are in hurry or you want to spend less time in kitchen;). In winter days...

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Egg Paneer Fried Rice
Egg Paneer Fried Rice  can be a perfect one pot meal for Sunday especially when the world is going through Football Fever. Recently I watched this in a cookery show and immediately tried in my kitchen. And here is the output you can see.. Egg Paneer Fried R...

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Mishti Polao / Mitha Pulao /Bengali style Mitha Pulao
Bengali's most awaited festival is here! We eagerly wait for these few days of the year! Lot preparation goes on from past few months. We (ladies) plan months before what we are going to dress up and accordingly shopping starts. After clothes we go for shoe...

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Khichuri / Khichdi / Bengali style Khichuri
Khichuri or khichdi whatever we say, I believe this is the comfort food of whole nation. Do you agree with me or not? May be the method of cooking this dish is different from state to state, region to region, community to community however, it is relished b...

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Kolkata Style Chicken Dum Biryani / Kolkata Style Chicken Biryani
Chicken Biryani is always on top list of my family menu. You can say it’s a
hot favorite dish and anytime hit. We eat all types of chicken biryani like
normal chicken biryani, Hyderabadi chicken dum biryani, Andhra style biryani,
Chettinad biryani and many ...

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Fruits and Nuts Pulao / Kashmiri Pulao
Feeding your child some healthy food is really challenging? Do you agree with me or not? Earlier I used to think why it is difficult unless I had my own daughter. he he! Now I can feel the heat of this challenging task. However, my daughter has improved a l...

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Butter Rice
Butter Rice is a simple rice dish which can be serve with any veg or non veg items. Even you can eat butter rice without any accompaniment as like me. Because  I love the flavour and fragrance of butter. I remember having butter on hot rice in my childhood ...

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Soya Biryani / Soya Chunk Biryani / Meal Maker Biryani
Soya Biryani / Meal Maker Biryani is the easiest biryani I have tried till date. I just love to eat soya chunks in any form be it curry or biryani. Last Thursday evening I was planning for soya curry and boiled them already. Later got a call from my husband...
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