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I'm addicted to my pranayama practice but is even better to share it with others. For the last couple of months I've been teaching pranayama at Angkor Zen, a fantastic yoga retreat in Siem Reap, Cambodia and I absolutely love it. I'll be here till the end of November so if you would like to practice pranayama with me come and join us! You can check if there are still any places available at Looking forward to meeting you in person.

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How Surfing and Yoga Help to Build a Strong Body and Mind. "Every surf session is like a mental toughness training session for me, and I am all about mental training. As a matter of fact, yoga is not just physical training. Yoga is, above all, mental training."

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To be authentic first we need to be self aware. The key question is what is truly motivating our actions. Find out why I changed my plans and booked a last minute flight, and what fears I had to face before making that choice.

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The Art of Meditation: FREE eBook Download. My new FREE eBook is ready for download! The Art of Meditation, a brief guide to help you establish a daily meditation practice. Available in PDF, epub (for iBooks) and mobi (for kindle). You just need to subscribe to my blog right here and you'll get a download link on your inbox.

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Download instructions:

- to view the book on iBooks download the epub file with your iPhone or iPad and choose "Open In" with "iBooks"
- to view the book in kindle download the mobi file to your device and choose Open in Kindle. Note that the book will appear in your "Docs" section and not in "Books." If the book cover doesn't show then the best is to download to your laptop and then transfer to your device.
- pdf can be viewed anywhere.
If you have any issues downloading the file please let me know. If you didn't receive the welcome mail please check your junk mail folder.
Thank you!

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The Exhilarating Peace of Free Diving. An incredible journey into the depths of the sea and into the depths of human potential. Totally worth watching. "You'll realize that when you stop breathing you stop thinking too. It calms your mind. Today in the 21st century we are under so much pressure. Our minds are overworked, we think at a million miles an hour, we are always stressed. Being able to free dive lets you, just for a moment, relax your mind. Holding your breath underwater means giving yourself the chance to experience weightlessness. It means being under water, floating, with your body completely relaxed, letting go of all your tensions."

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What is Vedanta and Advaita Vedanta? How to apply this wisdom in our daily lives? Where does the difference between Vedanta and Yoga lie? These and a few more questions are answered here by one of my dear teachers

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Past Life Healing Therapy. Is it Real? Is it Dangerous? Past life therapy can help to solve some of our present issues, emotional, mental or even physical issues, but is there any danger in doing past life healing therapy? How to know that it is a real past life? For how long we need to do this therapy? Keep reading to find out more.

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Freedom from Pain and Misery with Past Life Healing Therapy. Many of our emotional, mental and even physical problems or illnesses can be traced back to past traumatic events in our lives. Some people suggest that these events can even be traced to a past life. Click on the link to find out more

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What reality are you creating for yourself. "I learned that what we see is not universal truth, is not objective reality. What we see is a unique, personal, virtual reality that is massively constructed by our brain." An inspiring TED talk, absolutely worth watching.

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The True Purpose of Yoga.
A couple of weeks ago I was very fortunate to attend a conference by the living leyend, BNS Iyengar. Somebody asked him how to practice ahimsa (non-violence) while doing asanas (yoga postures), but then guruji immediately put asanas in the right place:

"Asanas are there just to purify the body. You gotta go to the goal, God. The body is like the cooking vessel. First you wash the vessel, but then you still need to cook the vegetables, and then eat the food. After you discard the vessel. Clean the vessel with asanas and then cook the vegetables with pranayama, and go towards the goal."

Later he said,

"Ramakrishna Paramahansa, how many asanas did he know? Then, how has he become great? By conquering the mind."

Priceless! Isn't it? You can read more about BNS Iyengar in the interview that I did with him back in 2015

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