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Data Center Acquisitions Are Surging in 2017

The weather is still cold, but the #datacenter acquisition market is piping hot right now. If you've been following the Cheval Capital page for a while now you may notice an uptick in news surrounding data center acquisitions.

Appropriately, +Data Center Knowledge has recently published a recap of some of the latest data center acquisitions during the first month of 2017, we'll link to the full article later on, but in case you missed out on anything this would be a great place to start.

Another great place to keep tabs on the latest in merger and acquisitions would be our collection with the same title. Make sure to follow it and don't miss a beat! Here's what the article had to say:

Additionally, privately-held Digital Bridge Holdings continued a fast-paced acquisition program by its DataBank subsidiary (also a recent acquisition), purchasing data centers in Cleveland and Pittsburgh from 365 Data Centers.

These largely tactical moves differ from how the acquisition cadence played out in the data center market at the end of last year, when major portfolio deals dominated.

Notably, large telecom portfolio deals, enterprise data center outsourcing, and private equity exits, including Vantage Data Centers (potentially) and Cologix, all suggest that 2017 activity will set new records.

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Cloud Company Stratoscale Acquires Tesora (

The #DBaaS cloud company +Stratoscale has acquired Tesora. The details of the deal between Israel based Stratoscale and U.S based Tesora have not been disclosed at this time.

Here is +Talkin' Cloud outlines all of the details of the Tesora acquisition:

Based in Israel, software-defined data center solution provider Stratoscale delivers what it calls an on-premise AWS region – essentially enabling companies to build an AWS compatible cloud infrastructure in their own data center. The acquisition of Tesora will help it deliver database services for an on-prem AWS region.

The Tesora DBaaS platform offers secure cloud access to 17 popular databases through a single interface. Stratoscale says Tesora will address market demand for managed noSQL, RDS, and adding DynamoDB, ElasticCache and Redshift compatible services.

“This acquisition is an important milestone in Stratoscale’s ability to help customers on their journey to the cloud,” Ariel Maislos, CEO and founder of Stratoscale said in a statement. “Organizations want to consume database as a service in a click-of-a-button. Stratoscale is happy to bring Tesora onboard to make this a reality.”

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"Datto Acquires Managed Networking Firm Open Mesh"

+Datto is expanding through the #acquisition of networking provider Open Mesh on Tuesday. While the terms of the deal have not been made public, the company's senior product marketing manager Scott West did discuss more about the company with Talkin' Cloud in a recent interview:

The addition of Open Mesh brings more networking capabilities, including Ethernet switching and access point technologies, to Datto’s networking product portfolio, including its Datto Networking Appliance. With the Open Mesh acquisition, Datto has launched Datto Networking, a complete portfolio of networking solutions.

Founded in 2007, Open Mesh currently manages more than 90,000 networks. The company’s entire team will join Datto as a subsidiary company, and will continue operating in Portland. West says that the percentage of joint partners between Datto and Open Mesh is fairly low.

“The difference is that now they’re owned by Datto and obviously they get a lot of support from us as a company, but we also have the ability to take their product line and fold it into Datto and create a whole new set of products that Datto can deliver to our partners,” West says.

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ByteGrid's Cleveland Data Center Acquired by H5

A piece of #datacenter acquisition news to share today as it was announced by Data Center Knowledge that H5 had acquired a huge Cleveland data center previously owned by +ByteGrid.

Hoping to attract cloud service providers who need a lot of data center space with access to lots of networks in downtown Cleveland, H5 Data Centers has acquired the Cleveland Technology Center, a 330,000-plus square foot building in the city center formerly owned by ByteGrid.

The carrier hotel’s current tenants and its location on the map of long-haul internet routes were attractive attributes for H5, the company’s COO, David Dunn, said in an interview with Data Center Knowledge. Many routes connecting eastern and western US that don’t go through Atlanta go through Cleveland. The building is linked via low-latency routes to key Midwest and East Coast data center markets like Chicago, New York, and the Washington, D.C., area.

Dunn added that 60 percent of the US population lives within 600 miles of Cleveland, an often repeated statistic by Ohio officials. A 2015 chart produced by the state’s economic development agency says that nearly 60 percent of the population lives within 600 miles of the state’s border.

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Cisco Acquires AppDynamics for $3.7 billion

#Cisco Systems Inc. has purchased the software maker +AppDynamics just before the company went public. As the world’s biggest manufacturer of networking gear, AppDynamics software and services will help Cisco to offer companies the ability to monitor and finetune their business systems.

An article on Talkin' Cloud discusses what the acquisition means for Cisco Systems:

Chief Executive Officer Chuck Robbins has been buying software and services companies, working to fire up Cisco’s revenue growth, which has stalled as the computing industry shifts away from expensive fixed hardware and software. Since taking the helm in 2015, Robbins has sought to transform Cisco by offering customers more flexible, customizable products that will generate recurring revenue over time.

AppDynamics had $158.4 million in revenue in the nine months ended Oct. 31, an increase of more than 50 percent from the same period a year earlier, according to an IPO filing last month. Romanski said Cisco’s security business was an AppDynamics customer.

_Cisco is one of the richest companies in technology, with $71 billion in total cash, cash equivalents and investments at the end of its most recent quarter. About $10.4 billion of that is located in the U.S.

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HPE Continues Acquisition Streak, Plans To Acquire Cloud Cruiser

The #HewlettPackard company continues to make headlines this week in the acquisition sector as they announced the pending acquisition of a San Jose, CA based cloud software provider called Cloud Cruiser.

An article recently published in +Talkin' Cloud provided more details on the latest deal:

HPE plans to use Cloud Cruiser’s technology to accurately meter and bill for customers’ consumption of IT, as part of HPE Flexible Capacity, a consumption model which allows customers to manage infrastructure in their own data center but pay for it as-a-service.

“As a Cloud Cruiser customer, we have seen first-hand the value that Cloud Cruiser’s technology creates by enabling HPE Flexible Capacity to meter and bill for usage of on-premise IT infrastructure in a pay-as-you-go model. By continuing to enhance the Cloud Cruiser platform and SaaS app Cloud Cruiser 16, more tightly integrating it into HPE Flexible Capacity and leveraging the deep domain expertise of the Cloud Cruiser team, we are excited about the opportunity to accelerate the adoption of innovative consumption-based IT offerings and simplify hybrid IT for our customers.”

Cloud Cruiser works with a variety of cloud providers, including AWS and Microsoft Azure, so customers can measure the cost and usage information of workloads regardless of where they sit. In a recent interview with Talkin’ Cloud, HPE’s Eugene O’Callaghan, vice president of workload and cloud, said that though some of its clients are completely in the public cloud, the majority have a mix of on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud.

You can read more about the latest deal from the full article here - (

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Tucows Acquires Wholesale Domain Registrar eNom

#Internet services provided Tucows announced on Friday that is has acquired registrar eNom for the Rightside Group for $83.5 million. eNom is a wholesale domain registrar that prior to the acquisition was under Rightgroup.

The acquisition of eNom will add 14.5 million domains under management and 28,000 active resellers. It will give Tucows a total network of over 40,000 resellers globally and 29 million domains under management.

The deal, as Andrew Allemann at Domain Name Wire points out, “leaves Rightside as a shell of its former self. eNom generated $116.5 in revenue during the first three quarters of the year, representing 72% of Rightside’s revenue during that period. Rightside will be left with its portfolio of new top level domain names, portfolio of second level domains and”

Tucows expects the transaction to be immediately accretive to earnings. Tucows trades on the NASDAQ as TCX.

To read the full article on The Whir follow the link here - (

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HPE Acquires Startup SimpliVity

Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) has announced this week that it has #acquired the infrastructure startup SimliVity for $650 million. The move to acquire SimpliVity comes as HPE pulls their business focus to the cloud. A new article on Data Center Knowledge has more information about this acquisition and what it means to HPE:

The deal comes after HPE spent much of the last year streamlining its business capabilities, shedding business units that did not align with its emphasis on cloud-based infrastructure, storage and servers.

The HCI market is projected to reach nearly $5 billion, or 24 percent of the market, by 2019, making it the fastest-growing segment of the overall market for integrated systems. HPE clearly wants a big piece of the software-defined infrastructure action, and this deal will help them get there.

“This transaction expands HPE’s software-defined capability and fits squarely within our strategy to make Hybrid IT simple for customers,” said Meg Whitman, President and CEO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, in a statement. “More and more customers are looking for solutions that bring them secure, highly resilient, on-premises infrastructure at cloud economics. That’s exactly where we’re focused.”

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Liquid Web Acquires WiredTree

#Chicago based +WiredTree has been acquired by +Liquid Web according to an article posted in Web Hosting Industry Review:

WiredTree was founded in 2006, offering VPS, dedicated servers, hybrid servers, and load balancing clusters primarily to small and medium-sized businesses.

The acquisition of WiredTree comes shortly after Liquid Web acquired Rackspace’s Cloud Sites business unit. In December, the company brought on WordPress consultant Chris Lema as VP of products and innovations.

“WiredTree and Liquid Web have a shared history, a remarkably similar platform, and a common philosophy,” Geiger says. “We are committed to providing you with reliable, secure, and highly available web hosting solutions – surrounded by our over 250 Red Hat, Linux and Windows certified technicians who have repeatedly earned the highest Net Promoter Score and Customer Satisfaction Scores in the hosting industry.”

Check out the rest of the announcement in their blog post here - (

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Salesforce Continues Acquisitions, Scooping up Unity&Varity

Quip, a #Salesforce owned company which provides cloud document creation and sharing has itself, acquired a San Francisco startup called Unity&Variety.

At the time of this post, the amount has not been disclosed in the deal. +Talkin' Cloud provided more details in a recent article:

In a brief message on the Unity&Variety company website, the company’s founders said that they are joining Quip and Salesforce. The acquisition will bring creative and visual elements to Quip, which competes with Google Drive and others.

Quip was acquired by Salesforce in August for $582 million. In October, Salesforce showed off Quip-blended products at Dreamforce. Salesforce enabled customers to place data and records from its services inside Quip’s spreadsheets and word-processing documents.

A Salesforce spokesperson told GeekWire that the Unity&Variety team will work closely with Bret Taylor (who they worked with at Facebook) to add creative and visual elements to Quip.

The complete article can be read here - (

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