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Be Known For What You Create

Welcome to my edition "Be Known For What You Create"!

The selected publications represent a relevant evidence of alignment of the offline world professional expertise and talent in quality content creation online.

#BeKnownForWhatYouCreate hashtag works across social media channels.

I have added over 200 posts to this edition. I curate content from the globally promoted publications on the +Google+ page all Google+ platform.

Each post illustrates new streaming models. Enjoy!

If you like to elaborate your online activity and be #BeKnownForWhatYou Create, check my "On e Board" project:

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Chrome OS News with +Thomas Beling
in the German Language

Quote, This is a collection in German related to Googles Chrome Operating System (OS) used on Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, Chromebits, Chromebases. The OS supports the Play Store, so users are able to run and use all their well known Android apps and - starting today - with Chrome OS 69, we welcome Project Crostini that will enable installation and use of Linux apps, too end of the quote by +Thomas Beling

Follow "Chrome OS News" in the German language here:

#BeKnownForWhatYouCreate #GooglePlusKnowledge
Okay, hier nun die offizielle Ankündigung für Chrome OS 69 [69.0.3497.95 (Platform version: 10895.56.0) for most Chrome OS devices]. Most Chrome OS devices heißt, wie immer, Geräte mit Play Store Zugang müssen noch einige Tage warten.

Von vielen lang erwartet: Linux Apps via Project Crostini ist in diesem Update enthalten. Runter bis Kernel 3.14 wird bislang unterstützt. 3.14 ist dabei ausgeschlossen und es ist nicht sicher, ob das Feature auch noch für diese Geräte verfügbar werden wird.

Eine Übersicht der aktuell unterstützten Geräte findet sich hier:

Stable Channel Update for Chrome OS
Stable Channel Update for Chrome OS
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Sozopol Black Sea Coast

My favourite place at the sea! Awesome to do the virtual walk with the beautiful photos by +Nicky Krastev

Follow "Nicky On The Go", enjoy:

Sozopol is an ancient place, learn from Wiki's article

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Getting to Know The Diversity in Our Union
+European Union

The Google+European Union are adding informative and entertaining questions, polls and impressions from around the European countries helping us know better the diversity of nationalities. They've announced a new fun series related to movies and actors.

Follow and engage here:

Starting Monday 10th of September 2018

European Cinema is our next "get to know your European Union". This one will be different from our locations one.

Multiple option polls, pick the movie, leading actors and actresses, location of filming and more. 28 movies in total!

So brush up on your movie knowledge, because this one will be fun.

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French Alphabet is More Difficult than The Cyrillic Alphabet
" I'm learning Bulgarian faster than French"

Why, where, when, who, how? This is happening in Sofia and it's fun! Observe how creativity becomes contagious between the magician teacher Violeta Kalapova and the students! (Note it's a recording the teachers did themselves to raise awareness, not exactly and only an advertising video).

There might be many reasons why people are moving to Bulgaria, as elsewhere in the world. The opinion that the Cyrillic Alphabet is a hamper to learn the language and integrate with the culture is not a valid one.

Ajit knows many languages. His insights are an extraordinary testimonial about the advantages of the Suggestopedia methodology ( at 1:44). The takeaways of Ajit are to be implemented in any learning process, not just in language learning:

- I most like him mentioning about "тихата вода", did you know about this?
- feeling with the stomach..ever heard of it?
- music and singing, that's widely known I admit;
- intensive, volume and fun, all in one.

I hope you find this video testimonial entertaining and useful. If you have friends moving to Bulgaria, give them this reference, they will be thankful, I'm more than sure.

Suggestopedia is a teaching method developed by the Bulgarian psychotherapist Georgi Lozanov.

#LanguageLearning #Suggestopedia #BeKnownForWhatYouCreate
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Travel The Gardens of Ireland
with +Sabine Mey-Gordeyns

It is a most appealing part of travelling to combine with visiting gardens. Celebrating human senses has all in one for relax and meditation, knowledge, breathing and moving! Exactly the way I love travelling:)

#BeKnownForWhatYouCreate #TravelBloggersTopicoftheMonth
The best garden visits in Ireland
The best garden visits in Ireland, the best open gardens in Ireland!

Where are Gardens in Ireland? Irish Gardens in overwiew.

Subscribe to my youtube-channel:

Die schönsten Gärten in Irland
Mythisches Irland - Insel am Rande Europas, melancholische Landschaft und Sehnsuchtsziel. Dieses Video zeigt die schönsten Gärten in Irland im Überblick.

Gärten in Kerry, Cork, Connemara, The Burren und Wicklow, mit dabei:
- June Blake's Garden in Tinode
- Huntingbrook Gardens, Blessington - Jimi Blake
- The Helen Dillon Garden in Dublin
- Bloom in the Park, Dublin
- Powerscourt Gardens, Enniskerry
- Knockrose Garden, Kilteman
- Hawthorn Cottage Garden, Ballyknockan
- Rathmichael Lodge, Shankill
- Japanese Gardens im Irish National Stud, Kildare

Mehr Informationen im Online-Magazin:

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San Francisco

Follow the steps of +Monika Schmidt ,Google Local Guide and certified photographer.

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We at "On e Board" Community are glad to share that +Monika Schmidt has used best practice Certified photographer skills and created our Community cover image while on the go touring SF, with a fancy photo from NEXT 18 Conference!.

Appreciate your virtual support and Community Collaboration , Monika!

On e Board" Community we are elaborating on One: online identity with best practices.

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Lavender from Styria

In this post, +Monika Fuchs Monika Fuchs shares the lavender passion and lavender abundance, featuring Styria. From the intense scent of lavender, magnificent views of a great wine region to the lavender liquor, sachets, oil and even's a lavender abundance!
Read the post:

Learn the whole story here:

Follow and turn notifications "On" for the series of travel stories from Styria:

Credit photo: Monika Fuchs

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