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When Guru's Go Bad

"When people attain this state [awakening], it predisposes them to more ethical behaviour. Because of the strong emphatic connection we have for other human beings, it means that we’re more likely to treat other people with compassion and fairness. It usually means that we’re less likely to exploit people for financial gain, or to use them as a means of satisfying our desires for power or sex." (+Steve Taylor)

"However, there are many cases of spiritual teachers who do not behave in this way, who mistreat and exploit their followers, become prone to narcissism and megalomania, and whose personal lives are sullied by excess and impropriety." (+Steve Taylor)

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Spiritual Emergence

"Spiritual emergence is the process of personal awakening into a level of perceiving and functioning, which is beyond normal ego functioning. At its peak, spiritual emergence is the experience of the ultimate unity of all things, a mystical experience, a merging with the Divine which transcends verbal description. Among the positive effects of this process are increased creativity, feelings of peace and an expanded sense of compassion" (Bragdon, 1988, p.10).

“Spiritual emergency can be defined as critical and experientially difficult stages of a profound psychological transformation that involves one’s entire being. They take the form of non ordinary states of consciousness [enhanced states of awareness] and involve intense emotions, visions and other sensory changes, and unusual thoughts, as well as various physical manifestations. These episodes often revolve around spiritual themes; they include sequences of psychological death and rebirth, [experiences that transcend spatial/temporal boundaries], feelings of oneness with the universe, encounters with various mythological beings and other similar motifs.” (Grof & Grof, 1989, 1990).

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Biggest Myths About Spiritual Awakening

"If you think enlightenment is all about losing touch with the world, think again! In this video, Steve Taylor - the author of The Leap - explodes the five biggest myths about spiritual awakening. If you'd like to learn more, check out Steve's book."

The Leap:

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The Role of Spirituality in Medicine

Encouraging to see the increase in awareness, even medical school electives, which reinforce the role of spiritual and religious beliefs in medical and wellness.

"Sometimes, Puchalski noted, the most crucial thing a doctor can offer a patient is their presence and a willingness to listen. With these tools doctors can attend not only to their patient’s physical needs but to their spiritual concerns as well, she said."

"The number of medical schools that incorporate some education on spirituality and health in their curriculum has increased from about 13 percent in 1994 to roughly 90 percent in 2014."

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Americans Becoming More Spiritual

"Americans have become less religious in recent years by standard measures such as how important they say religion is to them and their frequency of religious service attendance and prayer. But, at the same time, the share of people across a wide variety of religious identities who say they often feel a deep sense of spiritual peace and well-being as well as a deep sense of wonder about the universe has risen."

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Naga: The Eternal Yogi

Excellent documentary on the Hindu Sadhu (holy man) and the Kumbh Mela gathering held every three years.

"The Nagas defeat the mind by controlling the senses to curb desires, making it stable and lightened by its projections. By transcending thoughts in the unbroken consciousness of the present, one acquires the freedom of the infinite existential flow. Thus, in this state Satchitananda of truth,consciousness and bliss, one can access enlightenment."

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If You Meet The Buddha, Kill Him

A simple Zen koan about the illusion, and obstacle, created by symbolically projecting a divine or sacred meaning onto a person or object. This ultimately becomes your final obstacle to a truly mystical experience. Your image of God, Jesus, Buddha, whatever, is merely a mask to that which is transcendent, beyond words, beyond forms, beyond namarupa ("name" & "form"). You have to destroy the symbols, the masks, in order to free your mind for the experience of the mystical.

"This is a very profound statement. If you take a man and venerate him like a god, then in that veneration all possibility of reality, of satori, of enlightenment will disappear. So if you see Buddha, you are seeing an illusion get rid of it quickly" (Howard Fast)

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The Rise of Spirituality

Why I was so pleased to have discovered transpersonal psychology back in 2010 or so. The simplest way to describe the field is that it covers "the psychology of spirituality" or "spiritual psychology".

"Any sensitive observer of North American and European culture will have noted the explosion of the use of the word spirituality in recent decades. On bookshelves and in the broadcast media, in places of worship and places of learning, in the workplace as well as at vacation destinations there is an unmistakable upsurge in the popularity of spirituality. Although the hackneyed distinction between being "spiritual" and being "religious" is largely specious, the currency of the term spirituality does point to an authentic hunger on the part of many for deeply lived religion rather than a simply confessed or routinely performed religiosity. Moreover, this yearning and the cultural phenomena associated with it are not confined to popular culture but have had an effect within academia as well. Indeed, today spirituality is not only a cultural preoccupation, but has emerged as an academic discipline in its own right." (+Jorge Ferrer)

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One path towards an unburdened life.

"Once you are in touch with your awareness, you don’t have to try to accomplish anything. You don’t even have to wish or dream, because the best possible thing that can happen to you will happen. In the yogic lore, it is said that when you learn to access this dimension, you have enslaved the divine! God works for you from now on. What exactly does this mean? This means that once you distance yourself from the compulsiveness of your own genetic and karmic information, life becomes unburdened, flexible, incredibly effortless. This is a dimension beyond intellect, beyond identification, beyond memory, beyond judgment, beyond karma, beyond divisions of every kind. This is the intelligence of existence itself, in which life always happens exactly the way it should, with absolute and unfaltering ease." (Sadhguru)

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Why Psychedelics Kill Ego

"In people like Walcoff, whose depression and anxiety strike after a cancer diagnosis like a powerful blow, one dose of psilocybin seemed to quiet her existential dread, to remind her of her connectedness with the world around her, and, perhaps most importantly, to reassure her of her place in it."

"The researchers believe they are on the cusp of nothing less than a breakthrough: A single dose of psychedelic drugs appears to alleviate the symptoms of some of the most common, perplexing, and tragic illnesses of the brain. Because depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, the timing seems ideal."

"While he felt himself undergo a shift during his trip on psilocybin, Martin says the most enduring changes in his personality and his approach to interacting with those around him have unfolded in the months and years since he took the drug. For him, the drug was merely a catalyst — a "kick-start," he likes to call it. By redirecting his perspective for a few hours, the psilocybin unleashed a chain reaction in the way he sees and approaches the world, he said."

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