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+Jan Vermeulen thank you again for letting me play with the beach boys ;)

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I have been inactive for much too long...
Today I found a perfect match for a play though - here is our beach scene
Thank you for letting me use your image, +Ina Gat :)

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Walk around the rock

A blending with +Nina Katajamaki's rock from the Oregon coast and my image from South Africa. Thank you, Nina for letting me play :))

Walk around the rock

In June; +Nina Katajamaki had sent me some of her images from Oregon to play with. We had already one blending but I knew there were more possibilities and here we go again. Thank you, Nina :)
(my image is the one with the people, Nina's the beach scene)

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I found the attached e-mail last night in my inbox. +Karolina Trapp's and my work from Random Encounters will be in the "Connect" exhibition :D
Dear Birka,
Congratulations on being selected for the “Connect” exhibition! We are excited to have received so many incredible submissions to our second call for entries. The Woody Gaddis Gallery and The University of Central Oklahoma are honored to be showing your work.

We have selected your piece “Swan Lake meets Metro Shadows”.

Location of Exhibition:
Woody Gaddis Photo Arts Gallery
Communications Bldg. Room 104
The University of Central Oklahoma
100 North University Dr.
Edmond, Oklahoma 73034

Have a wonderful week!

Manager of Photographic Arts Facilities
Department of Mass Communication

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Thank you very much, +Karolina Trapp :))
Glad you posted Swan Lake!!!

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+Kimmetal Smith thank you for posting your 'rusty' image ;))
Looking through +Kimmetal Smith's stream I found this fantastic image, matching in tones one of mine, and got permission to play with it.

link for +Kimmetal Smith
my image wasn't published before


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Thank you +Jan Vermeulen and +Nina Katajamaki 
What a fantastic idea to bring together photographers from around the world and combine our work :))
It continues... Fantastic idea :D

top left +Jan Vermeulen top right +Nina Katajamaki 
bottom my image (wasn't posted before)
Jan and Nina, hope it was ok to do a screen shot from your encounter to use - couldn't resist....

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+Rustam Gimadiyev thank you again :)

+Rustam Gimadiyev gave me his permission for another collaboration

His image is the left part, posted here:
My image, was not posted yet, is the left side

#randomencounters   #dyptich   #collaboration  
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