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I've added another useful feature to the Terminal app - password storage.

You can add passwords for SSH, sudo access on remote servers, or any other command that prompts for a password. The passwords are stored securely in KWallet, and when you need to enter the password, you can just click the key icon, tap on the title of your password, and the password will automatically be pasted into the terminal window.
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+Joe Smith u welcome m8
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I'd like to introduce our first official core app for Papyros - the file manager. The design is inspired by Google's work on the Chrome OS file manager, and is implemented using QtQuick, our Material Design framework, and the backend from the Ubuntu Touch file manager.

The source code is available at, and should work on Windows and OS X in addition to Linux.
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It uses a lot of vertical space. Is there a 'compact' view option?
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Here's a little preview of the state of our App Center. It's still quite in the early stages, but coming along beautifully. These are all apps/runtimes I have installed via xdg-app. Everything you see in the screenshots is real data, no fake prototypes.

I wrote much of the Qt/C++ backend code by studying the GNOME Software xdg-app plugin and appstream-glib, so many thanks to +Richard Hughes for his hard work on those projects.
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Wow this looks amazing, the icons, the windows etc. I would like to suggest a change to the taskbar, I wish that it was completely transparent and that it would use shadowy effect. At least I hope that there can be an option to change all of this :)
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