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Happy Halloween!

Alright, I don't celebrate Halloween in general, nor usually make these kind of posts. But this just gives me an excuse to share my latest Android mini collectible :)

Meet Frank. He's in tech support, and well, you know how it can be a nightmare sometime dealing with them :P Definitely one of my favorites.

If you're interested in acquiring Frank you can get it from the following link (among other collections):

The ghost one was a custom creation I acquired a few years ago. Boo!

Disclaimer: I don't get paid for posting the link above (although that would be nice :p ). Most of the times I get at least one person asking where to get this from whenever I make these kind of posts. i.e. this is NOT a sponsored post.

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Penguin Engineer

We don't get too many female Android minis design. Which is why I'm so excited to be able to get this one. Definitely one of my favorites.

Pink penguin, wearing a tutu, holding a drone. I mean, not a lot of things are better than this.

This is so badass.

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Voice Searcher!

They say voice is the new touch, and I completely agree. I think we'll see more and more devices relying more on voice control rather than the capacitive touch screen we're used to these days.

Which is why I'm glad to be able to acquire a couple of these GE Android Mini Collectibles that's not available for public (Thanks to my... uh.. Wonder Woman :p)

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Want a Doogler Android Mini?

The Google Edition (GE) Android minis are usually reserved for certain Google events and very hard to obtain for general public.

This is actually the first time that a GE is offered for public to purchase. The quantities offered seems to be limited though so if you're interested make sure to check out the post below!
Hello everyone! As some of you have seen on here already, there is a new (adorable) special edition making the rounds. This edition, entitled 'Doogler', was created in collaboration with your friend and mine, Katherine Park! Set includes the 3" collectible, keychain dog Android and bone accessory! 

While primarily a 'Google Edition', we've worked with Kat to secure a small quantity for the G+ community! The figure set will be $15. Please register via the form below by the end of this Friday (Jan 22) if you are interested in buying one. Open to members of this community, limit 1 per household. Sales will be open on Sunday January 24th starting at 11am EST through a private link sent via e-mail. If any remain we'll make them public on Monday AM so get on it!

CHINESE NEW YEAR Android is also coming this Monday, January 25th. We will also have a limited quantity available on Sunday for people ordering the Doogler so that they do not have to place another order on Monday!

Note that registering here does not secure you a set, it just confirms your interest. 

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Kong Andri - Astro Ape AP

I finally got my AP (Artist Proof) Astro Ape Android mini figurine from Kong Andri. I've mentioned this in the past, but I'm very proud that there's an Indonesian designer as part of +Andrew Bell​'s Android mini collectible series for the past two years. I asked him to ship the figurine to my parents' house in Jakarta to save shipping cost, so I was only able to get it during this trip.

Kong Andri's design Astro Ape is actually part of the chase from series 5. For those not obsessed with Android mini, that basically means the odds of getting this design is harder compared to the other designs in the series. I personally think Astro Ape is the best design from series 5. I know I'm not biased since judging from the conversation in the community, a lot of people think that way as well.

What do you guys think? Pretty cool design huh?

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Meet the Glass penguin

My +Google Glass Android mini family just increased by one :) Once I found out about this design I just knew I had to get one. Most of you already know how passionate I am about Glass, so this shouldn't really be a surprise. 

Definitely one of my favorite designs :)

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Arrived a bit early for the GDG Meetup, so I decided to take li'l bro to visit his big bro.

Thanks a lot for this super cool custom +Jessica Wang​ :)

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Astro Ape by Kong Andri

Finally got the Astro Ape Android mini from Kong Andri. Kong Andri is a designer from Jakarta, Indonesia, and this is the second year that his design is included in the +Andrew Bell's Android mini collectible series.

Astro Ape is currently chillin with Kong Andri's other creations, Fisherman, Caveman, and their variants. This is definitely my favorite among this year's collections, and I'm not just saying that because I'm Indonesian. You can take the helmet off, and the head can be rotated to reveal another face. Very cool.

Kong Andri is not on G+ but you can find him on Instagram -

Do you collect Android minis? Which one is your favorite?

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Get off my lawn!

Got my hands on this cool Google Edition Android mini - Greyglers. GE minis are usually pretty hard to get, but I'm glad I was able to acquire this from a very simple trade.

No idea how rare it is but doesn't really matter. I'm not a completionist, so I just try to get what I like, and this happens to be one of them (not hard to see why).

I'm curious about the decision to include +Google Glass on it though. It's very cool, but any idea why? :)

Don't forget series 5 is on sale tomorrow morning!

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Nexus Camera got an update!

Anyone tried the new camera update yet? I believe it's also available for all phones with Android 4.4. Non Nexus users can download it from the Play Store. I'm digging this Lens Blur feature. Rendering is not really fast, but not slow either. By default the center of focus will be the middle, but you can always change it.

Will not replace my dSLR or Mirrorless camera, but it's definitely quite fun to play around with. Oh, and I think this image is proper considering +Google Glass  just went to Android 4.4 a few days ago.
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