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Are you a math tutor? If so we are looking for some solid math tutors who would be interested in providing their online math tutoring services and work for our agency.

Note we only looking for math tutors who we can trust. Trust concept is described in this blog.

As you very well know our company specializes in marketing solutions to tutors, agencies and educational organizations.

Plus we also help students learn math.

Here is our latest tutoring service offering that we cooked up, that helps students learn math in real time online.

If you can teach math and happen to be computer literate. Then feel free to apply with us directly and develop that trust that we are asking for with us.

Requirements: You Must Be good in teaching math

You must have 2 monitors, and tablet with pen.

You must have netcam

You must have skills in creating math study guides

You will be asked to create study guides and practice tests

These study guides and practice tests will be sold online to students.

You must teach students math online using specialized math tools

You must be already independent math tutor who is proficient with using math tools and have experience teaching students math with the math tools.

In the process of math tutoring students you will be saving your lessons that you create and reuse these lessons when creating study guides and practice tests.

Our Agency managed math tutors must be either from USA or Canada.

Our math Tutors must have pc with windows operating system.

So what is trusted agency managed math tutor?

The type of tutor who is not here just to teach math online, but the type of teacher who can create content and benefit from creating such content in multiple ways.

From which ways?

From making money teaching students online mathematics.

From making money when study guides and practice tests for particular exam are being sold to students.

It can be teaching cert type of math exam such as praxis, or any other math exam which we market on site.

If you also happen to be local math tutor and online (very rare case) then we can help you get marketed locally as well.

Trust is created in this case by you providing your online math tutoring service to students and providing content creation services as you continue to tutor students.

Content creation means you must create study guide and practice pre test and post test for a particular exam and package it all up into what so called diagnostic study system. Way for student to prepare for exam.

See example of such content for example for our biology subject.

Another example of study guide is mathbooster search for it on site to see an example of the sales page.

Idea behind our math tutors creating diagnostic study system is simple. To help students better prepare for math exam.

As part of the diagnostic study system your tutoring profile will be marketed on the studyguide site. This way student who navigate to our site will find you.

Why will they find you? Simply because you created diagnostic study system. Hence you would be shown as well and any other tutor who contributed in creating diagnostic study system.

Additionally we market our agency managed tutors on directly and indirectly.

Our goal is to attract students. Students do not want to see tutors who there just to teach without any math learning tools or limited type of math tools that do not help students in gaining highest levels of learning effectiveness.

Students want tutors who are specialized in both being able to teach by leveraging multiple math tools and by relying on the tutor who also happen to be subject matter expert for a particular exam that student is preparing for.

Good news many math exams are very similar. Which creates opportunity for folks who do want to become our agency managed tutors to make money once of course their profile is found by students.

That profile can be found either through our social media sites or through sites like and many other of our blog sites which we leverage to target student audience.

Remember.... we are a marketing company.... and edu company..... and also happen to be IT solutions company.

These concepts described here were networked together by Rome Wells founder of Tutoring Services, LLC network consultant and soon to be former certified math teacher for the state of ct.

Hence becoming our agency managed math tutor is a heck of a lot better then not becoming one.

However we are very picky and simply do not care for tutors who want to make money just by teaching online. Students want more then teaching. They want to pass their tests.

From every diagnostic study system sold our agency managed tutors get paid money actual commission.

From every hour our agency managed tutor teaches they gets paid money regardless of its local or online.

Creating diagnostic study system will be much easier for tutors who have experience in creating math content.

We will pay small fixed cost fee for you to create such diagnostic study system. The higher the fee we pay the lower your commission would be when study guide gets sold.

Good news is you can create multiple diagnostic study systems for multiple math exams and earn money on passive basis from every time your diagnostic study system gets sold.

The more diagnostic study systems you create for different exams the higher the likelihood of you being contacts by students.

Clearly you must leverage the very same math tools that you will use during teaching for creation of your study guide, plus some additional tools of your own for better marketing.

We will assist in creating sales page for you such as for example math booster page for your study guide resource as shown on

We will help you format the content and present it. You would write the content.

We will show you how to ask create images to attract students which you can include in your sales page.

Each diagnostic study system is the property of Tutoring Services, LLC with you being as the head author, content creator and the very same tutor who can also teach students online for such exam.

Tutors who end up creating diagnostic study systems for us will end up getting students leads who will want help with preparing for such exam for which tutor created diagnostic study system.

During which case our agency managed math tutors will teach students math and help students prepare for such exam using inter combination of both.... created by the tutor diagnostic study system.... and whiteboard and specialized math tools.

Each agency managed math tutor will get customized virtual trigger agent. The virtual agent will assist students by engaging students with the chat pop up on the bottom right corner of site and directing students to our agency managed tutors profiles corresponding to the exam for which student is interested in.

Students would see tutor profile, they would see other things like practice tests that tutor created, intro video of the tutor and tutor's pricing including any discount tutoring packages.

Visit for example and search for algebra tutor in stamford to see example of some profiles to get the idea what we are talking about here.

Students once arrive to tutor profile page would get engaged again by our agency virtual trigger asking if student would like to request such tutor for an online tutoring session.

In which case our agency would see such request and be able to respond back to student and provide match making between both the math tutor and the student.

Alternatively tutors who have gained our trust and ended up tutoring for multiple students and ended up creating diagnostic study system would be given access to respond back directly to students who message them through virtual trigger chat icon.

In all cases tutor must have profile where tutor must show intro video, that means creating one. Tutor must create some free practice tests and sample tutorials.

Why create free practice tests and tutorials? So students who navigate to your diagnostic study resource sales page on studyguide site will see that not only did u create diagnostic study system, but also happen to offer some free tutorials and some free samples of practice test for that particular exam that they are studying for.

This means student can simply navigate to your tutor profile page take practice test and get the feeling how far behind they are.... then simply see that you are the one that created that practice test.... and you are the one that they should consider clicking on and checking out your tutoring profile and the hourly rate.

Hence you will be asked to create free tutorials and free practice tests in the process of creating diagnostic study system for which you would get paid for creating on small fixed cost basis.

Note do not expect thousands of dollars on fixed cost basis, we are not an organization like Kaplan who pays you a lot and gives you nothing in return on continuous long term basis from the passive income you would get that is of course providing your diagnostic study system would get sold.

We are here to help students and our selves and yes in the process help you, by connecting the dots.

This is not a job for hire as, this is not convincing message for you to work for us, this is just clarification that yes we want to work with tutors providing that there is value for all of us, students,tutors and agency.

No agency = no students for you and no additional revenue stream for you on passive basis
No math tools = less learning effectiveness for students
No agency managed tutors bonded by trust = no business

We are not looking for math tutors to hire, we are not looking to spoon feed you either, we are simply looking for folks with passion for math and education and who want to grow together with us.

Plus tutors can pick exams that they want to prepare diagnostic study system. Providing there is demand for such exam.

Note for all other folks who do not want to be our agency managed math tutors, then feel free to visit our independent tutoring services business site for non agency managed tutors.

Where you would get free profile and can still list your tutoring services free of charge no monthly fees or any of that and simply be advertised to students on our free search engine on where you simply would provide first lesson free of charge to student and student would pay our agency $15.

This way student is happy that they are getting first lesson for a cheap price and you are happy since you get the student and do not have to pay any agency recurring fees.

However as stated earlier .... if u r on your own and happen to be independent then u would not get benefits of having your own diagnostic study system and would have to use your own math tools and not be advertised anywhere.

Unless of course you still want to be advertised everywhere across our math network of sites and can not be agency managed tutor since you do not like the fact that there is an agency recurring fee from every hour you teach.

Then of course we can offer your premium membership in such case where your profile on would also be shown in our network of educational math blog sites. If interested in that monthly service then feel free to send an email to

However if you are interested in gaining trust from us and want to maximize your chances of making money on passive income from each sale from the diagnostic study system and from online math tutoring with math whiteboard and other math tools provided to you and be able to have your hooked up tutoring profile on where students would be directed to from every diagnostic study system you create then yes in that case feel free to send us email to to see if you qualify to become agency managed math tutor.

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Tutoring Services, LLC is offering local tutoring companies methods and marketing tactics to strike back at the global competitors and take ownership of their local tutoring service into their own hands.

Our company can train your local company how to provide high quality match, and provide advanced tactical marketing weapons, in the form of business solutions designed to help you drive student leads in your local area and crush your competition.

To better describe what we are offering take a look at this example about what our company knows what high quality match is. Here is just 2 factors that we list.

Here is what we know about high quality match.....

high quality match between student and the tutor with agency in between means the following...

1. Student should be able to contact the agency on the phone, talk to a real person an agent (i.e you) and must be able to describe what they want (not just over computer, but on the phone).

2. As an agency you must be able to either recommend an existing tutor who is enrolled with your company or be able to recruit the tutor, and get tutor to sign the contract and interview your tutor and enroll that tutor onto your site, then get back to the parent and recommend newly enrolled tutor.

All 2 factors requires solutions, and tactical approach strategies.

Step #1 and Step #2 is a trust establishment step. Doing these 2 steps alone beats majority of competition from the perspective of being able to provide higher quality match and gain trust. Both of these steps are not easy to do, first of all because there is several problems with these steps.

First of all one problem is that your company is not sure for how to get students to call you, and due to much competition from other guys you are stuck. This is where Tutoring Services, LLC comes in and provides you with advanced marketing weapons that can super charge you and get you to start receiving these calls.

These marketing weapons include differentiating your agency from others, and positioning your company's sub-domain website in the right direction, this way you actually have a better chance of having these calls.

We will show you our formula that we use to get calls, just like we have now for sites like and many others. If you follow our formula that we show you and enroll into our premium packages or even if you register initially FREE and enroll later into our premium packages, you can get that problem resolved and you will get calls providing you follow these tactics that we show you.

In regards to Step #2 there is a problem with that step, problem is... your site doesn't allow you to enroll anyone into it (of course there is many other problems too, but we tailor towards providing solutions for these other problems in our premium membership packages), and you must manually organize tutors on your site. We will resolve that problem for you, and have you tutors either show up either on our for yearly premium membership fee or on at recurring agency fee.

This will make your tutors differentiated make it look professional and will put you on even better level than global competitors locally. We will teach you how to punch that bag really hard so you come up in your local listings on search engines and our company provides special packages to help you get there. Where we deliver these marketing services for you as well, or train you to be able to get these calls.

Also we have advanced marketing warfare weapons for job recruitment in your area, we will show you how to be consistent with your job posts and tailor package around your company's needs specifically, so you can afford to make these job posts without paying a fortune on our network of tutoring and teacher job sites. At first you will learn to realize that you can't find tutors fast enough, but using our network of sites, and being consistent and using our tutoring services, to help you learn how to get these student calls, will get you in the right steps.

Note this is great for local companies, we will basically show you strategies and provide you option to have these strategies executed with the help of our company, to help you drive student leads.

Note we have several business structures that we defined to help you combat other competitors, and you get to be the boss of having them executed. We will equip you with the marketing weapons, that are designed to take a way students leads from other companies in your local area and global competitors and put you on the driving sit.

We already have created network of educational sites, orchestrated together and we can put that network to use for your business. We will not use one site, but will use multiple and we will show you how to get these student calls and put you on the driver sit.

Note parents will want to see your response, they will want to have conversation with you and will want you to be the coordinator. We will train you how to be one. As part of the premium memberships we include advanced tactical marketing analysis of your local area, and basically tell you exactly what bags you need to punch, you use our training and punch these bags as hard as you can using our tactics, and using our help as part of the offered membership types.

The result will be, the following you will get to talk to tutor and know your tutors, you will get to manage them and you will get to match make them.

We will tell you precisely what agency match making commission fee to charge specifically for you area, specifically designed to beat other competitors and make your tutors show up better then your competitors and be better differentiated.

We will not ask your tutors to take 100% tests, if a tutor is a certified teacher, no need to take tests, we will show you shortened path, that is most compatible for the tutor to take when you enroll them. You can either use our agency managed based platform that we built, we will charge recurring fee from each tutor match, or we can help you build one for you from our bare bone system, based on your company's needs.

We already know what makes sense and what doesn't make sense, and can tailor the platform in your business path. In addition to that while providing you either one advanced marketing weapon or another to help you get geared in the right direction, we can also introduce additional revenue stream for you, to help you make your own online test prep product.

We do marketing analysis all the time across different subjects, and can recommend edu product that you can create, we can market your online test prep product on our StudyGuide.NET site for students and you can benefit from it in the form additional stream of revenue. This way you get to generate streams of revenue from local tutoring match making and online while still providing local tutoring match making.

We will show you how to reduce your agency recurring fee, while still being able to stay afloat of the competition. In fact we even have horizontal based marketing method to help you generate additional revenue streams on top of the local tutoring and on top of the online test prep product, using Amazon marketing (however that deserves separate discussion)

Our goal is simple, give you back your local area that you deserve, and make you the king of the local area. Global companies won't be able to keep up with you at the local level because you are not capturing everything, but your local region, and using our advanced marketing training and Tutoring Services, you would be able to super charge your self in the direction of getting student phone calls.

Plus parents prefer to talk to someone on the phone rather than just online, it brings higher trust value and not with someone global but with someone local. Someone that they can have the company personal experience with, tailored towards them. Just like Tutoring Services, LLC is tailoring service towards you, except we do it across multiple packages.

The outcome of our help will result in you getting calls, and you being able to get students, and you being able to get tutors in your local area, that is the hardest part. Let us help you succeed in that part and you can do the match making.

Plus other companies charge insane agency fee from the start when tutors join, in your case, when your tutors enroll with you they will start with moderate agency recurring fee, and you will be able to sustain that fee, providing that you follow our marketing advanced weapon formula that consists of many inter-networked together strategies, designed to either horizontalize or vertacalize you, so this way you can sustain smaller agency recurring fee and expand outside of just match making, into online test prep industry and online tutor match making and across your neighboring cities or towns. This strategy will be slowly chipping away from the competitors and putting you in the driver sit.

In fact part of our training even involves you literally getting phone calls redirected to your company from our existing agency managed sites, and putting you in the driver sit to see how you can handle match making even before you start building something like this for yourself and have Tutoring Services, LLC simply help you build it by using our formula. Sometimes best way to train someone is to put them into the driver sit. Obviously such training would be overseen, but nevertheless, last time we checked no one was offering anything remotely near that!

This type Tutoring Service is only available for companies who enroll with us as agency managed type of companies (where would charge recurring fee from each match your company makes, however it will be in our very high interest to ensure that you are properly trained and driven students, based on the membership type that you purchase.)

After you get super charged with advanced tactical marketing weapons and start receiving calls, you can simply do other things... in life such as more than just match making... by reusing your agent to do more than just doing tutor and student match. We have other interesting services that we know of, that we are partnered with to help you get your agent to be able to do more than just match making.

In simple words there are multiple ways of making money it doesn't necessarily have to be local tutoring match making, you just need someone to show you how. How what? How do more than just match making by reusing the same person and make money while still being able to maintain that agency recurring fee low while providing quality.

We simply show you how to skip useless mechanisms that doesn't makes to follow, when hiring teachers for example to teach academic subjects, methods that teachers will appreciate, because the amount of time for them to enroll with you and get started will be heck of a lot smaller than in comparison to let's say other companies who make their tutors go through every single bell and whistle.... why?

Well because other companies didn't think of we though of... We show you how to separate your tutors into college grads and teachers and show you specific mechanism applicable for enrolling each one. Note all of that may seem super strange how we can we do all that? The reason is simple we went through multiple match making cases scenarios, and can cook up for you specific business processes to follow depending on the type of tutor you enroll.

The final result will be you will end up taking good chunk of your local area, we can show you how to take one county at a time, city by city and showing you what you must do, and we will help you do it if you purchase our packages. Note we though of you as well, when creating these packages, we though of how can we create a package that local tutoring companies can afford.... and we came up with 3 types FREE, premium basic, advanced and super, and we will share them with you these tactical packages, when you contact us explain your business need

Last thing we want to do is create something that is not affordable for you. Our goal is to minimize your recurring agency fee, show you why it's a good idea for you to do (and how it will solve many of your problems), while simultaneously beating the competition and inter-link you to our business model, to provide you way out if let's say you do not have a tutor to offer to a parent/student.

The most coolest part about it all is.... we actually don't just match make tutors, but we are actually selling actual test prep products and write reviews and even create some of our own educational products, so we are not just some marketing company who simply doesn't know what we are doing. We are strictly agency specific focused.

We know what agencies want, and we know what students want and what tutors want, and knowing all of that gives us incredible amount of insight from multiple angles, helping us generate variety type of strategies for your business. We are here to arm you with the weapons to help you get the student leads, and yes tutors will be way easier to get providing that you get student leads. Plus tutors will be definitely welcoming your smaller agency recurring fee in comparison to other guys on the block.

Note obviously demand of students in one local area differs from another local area, but rest assured with our level of expertise and training we can tell you exactly how to approach your local area, you simply replicate our marketing strategies and get your local area back, and bring higher quality tutoring service into your local hands.

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To help you clarify how the advanced tactical network we built and designed to help local tutoring agencies and online test prep companies get better results in finding students... Take a look at this example... In this diagram, we show on the left hand side your company.... meaning you must already have a website..... So what we will do is we will simply link to it from custom created page on On we will allow you to register as your company showing subjects you specialize... students can search for your company's subject that you specialize and will be able to find your listing.... Is this great?

Yes of course, because we advertise our site from multiple angles in fact we even tell students... that agency managed tutors have higher chance of being better quality tutors, hence if you are getting agency managed tutor you simply may end up with better quality service than non agency manage tutor.... How do we convince parents that? Simple we use inter combination of tactical web-pages created specifically to convince student that it is the case. You may say why how...

To see example of why and how, you can of course check our other google plus pages to see what is the difference between agency managed tutors and non agency managed tutors, but we make that point very clear to parents, and what we discovered is that, after doing that, we realized.. that many parents want quality.....

To make the story short we tell them quality = money, and than we dissect that concept across multiple layers of websites, with different type of graphical images, wire-frame created content, driving student's parent in the direction of realizing the difference. Some parents may say, oh I want what's best for my son, i don't want to take a risk with non agency managed tutor... and i want what's quality.. of course we explain to them, that just because tutor is not agency managed it doesn't mean tutor is not high quality.... we explain that side of the story too... in fact you can see how it's done for math parents..

How we convince parents who have sons and daughters who take k-12 math classes and need help in math... and how we tell the truth to such parents... you can see that here

Our slogan of our company is Where Learning Never Ends, and we mean to keep that promise, ever since the first day the site was created free of charge and still is FREE of charge today. 9 years later

However, we can't operate for FREE all the time, and neither can other agencies... However, we happen to create a model that is really FREE and manages to help education stay affordable... So what we decided to do instead is to simply help out parents a bit more. We found that parents are not exactly satisfied with that model, even though they are getting first free lesson and we charge them only $15... some of them don't like the model, simply because it doesn't help them identify if tutor will bring results to their son or daughter or not Why? Because for simple principal of if you want more you got to pay for it, creating advanced methods to see if tutor brings results if your model is free, is just not worth the effort and if you go outside of these efforts, you making your model completely not FREE... So therefore, to make parent satisfied, we created agency managed model in addition to non agency managed model, telling parents that if they want higher chance for higher quality hire agency managed tutors.... Then the buzz started happening, out of a sudden parents found the truth. They found out the truth that no one was telling them before, or perhaps many smaller tutoring local agencies were trying to tell the truth to such parents before..

Telling them that quality match is a big deal, however parents didn't realize.. what quality match means... and wanted cheap tutors... to save money ... of course there is nothing wrong with saving money, but... parents simply got sucked into the social media lies... way too many lies created by way to many companies competing with one another, and at the end realizing that this such competition only hurts each other! Local tutoring match making became extinct after big boys came to power, big boy companies who swallowed little guys... just like Walmart swallowed small retail shops... hmmm and what exactly happened?

Well in Walmart case you know what happened if you go to Walmart good luck having your question answered.... by a train specialist.... and good luck making intelligent decision in what you are buying, because there is a high chance of what you buying is a complete junk... and poor quality...

So what we are saying here is, bigger tutoring companies ate the little guys, parents forgotten the truth about quality, and numbers, and USA education started suffering... of course there r other factors to that, but this is one of the main ones, the factor of greed.... greed and centralization of local resources across only few several companies, leaving parents clueless of what to do or who to go to, when they need professional tutoring help outside of their school premises, and relying on some global company who has 0 clue about local area parent concerns, school education and many other factors effects quality of the match... but forget the match... quality...

Some parents say well i don't care about match.... why? because no one explained to them that, if you do not care about who is helping you with the match... that means you will most likely end up with low quality service....

Anyway to make the story short, feel free to read other sections of our google plus page to see what we tell parents and how we convince them to get quality service.... Reason why we created non agency managed model was not to create competition between local tutoring agencies, but to help few fortunate parents who can not afford agency recurring fees... that is the only reason why we did that.... and to help American education stay affordable...

Now, of course there are a lot of other parents who are fortunate enough to make choices for their children, and many students also have these choices, whether it means being able to... select the right agency for their son or daughter or...contacting non agency managed tutor and taking higher risk.

The other day we had a request from parent trying to force us to make our non agency managed tutors managed, we told that parent that our non agency parents will not be forced to be managed, just because parent was under impression that non agency managed tutors are not safe. That impression was created by us as well, however... under the context of comparison between agency managed tutor and non agency managed tutor. Where non agency managed tutors simply have higher chance of being less safe than agency managed, but that does not mean they are not safe.

Such parents often ask questions how can i get better tutor.. We tell them

#1 trusted agency manage tutor, in case if you are wondering what on earth is that? Feel free to check our other blog section on google plus page to see what that is... then see if your company do something similar to crate similar type of agency managed tutors....

Notice that trusted agency managed tutor concept is only feasible if company who is control this tutor has developed trust relationship between this tutor.. (not every company can do that, the more global you are the less chances of u having these type of tutors why because you do not have control over you tutors, well luckily with our model that we are introducing to agencies, we are ready to relay that concept out to local tutoring agencies and online tutoring agencies and give them the power to make their tutors trusted..)

In simple words, trusted tutor is anyone who has a good reason to provide high quality tutoring service.. that is what trusted tutor is...

Ok now that you understood what trusted agency managed tutor is take a look what we can do for you company if let's say you want to take a first step in the right path of making your tutors trusted.

Step 1. Have some good company back you up with advanced marketing weapons designed to help you get more students.

To do that you will need several weapons, Weapon #1 obviously your site.... you must have a website where you offer your Tutoring Services, whether it's local or online.

Weapon #2 Smartly designed custom page for your company on[Your-company] with your vanity your url (not sub-domain This page must have solid description of who you are, and your services, linked to you agency managed tutors on or (if you decided you do not like the idea of paying Tutoring Services, LLC 35 to 45 percent in addition to yearly fee for tutors listed than your other option is to register your tutors on and pay yearly fixed fee... (so we provide flexible options some options maybe good for one company but not good for another) This custom page would also have link to your own personal tutoring site. as well. To have such listing page created you must contact Tutoring Services, LLC to create it for you, we will tell you the pricing based on packages, premium basic, advanced and super.

Weapon #3. Method to be searchable by students on in your subject and be relayed to your Weapon #2 (i.e your custom page). Sweet deal if you ask us... we think it is a good way to be presented in similar format as every other searchable tutor while simultaneously have extra twist or difference and have a nice link pointing to your company's custom page....

Of course you may say well... who will find site? Our answer is students... and parents and anyone who wants to know the truth about education and how other global companies rip parents off, and how what we offer is solid service and way out of insane agency recurring fees, while providing quality method to represent companies on our site, who truly provide higher quality service.

You may say well, that is not good enough reason... and our response is... we realize that.. and yes we may not get a lot of traffic either.. however... remember one thing... this is only 1 weapon... and besides we have other reasons and incentives to actually advertise our we do that through our social media pages like we do that through our site for many different type of tests that we specialize in.

We drive student traffic to our site, we have incentive based agents that do that, and get paid.... to do that for you your self.. you can do that too... however it's not advisable... to do that your self only, because it's really expensive and frankly speaking useless when it comes to competing against big boys on the market who conquered your local or online area already.

You need some one who can kick these companies out of the radar out of your area and put you in the radar instead, not because you are mean evil agency who is trying to get help from Tutoring Services, LLC to crush your local competitors or online... but because you want to offer higher quality service to parents and see that parents simply do not see much offering in you area and you happen to find a nice niche area or perhaps a good subject which you can specialize in and offer your company's Tutoring Services for.

Note our service model is not for everyone if you got no money, we can't help, we are sorry for that, we can't make this service free, but we have many flexible ways to make it available for you to help you grow with it.

Weapon#4 Having custom page created by Tutoring Services, LLC is not necessarily the most flexible way to update the page, and frankly speaking doesn't bring much differentiation for you in comparison to other companies who may have similar based services.... However if there isn't any you see that is your opportunity to definitely enroll into weapon #3,

We are not saying we are some useless yellow pages, or Yelp... all of these sites are not relevant to tutoring and provide little value for you. We are providing method to get listed, we realize you have other advertisement marketing needs, but all these other companies frankly speaking do not know anything about marketing and you and your local or online test prep needs. They haven not build the business models, they did not go through what you went, or anywhere remotely near to that! While we did, went through relevant type of business model to you.

So but wait what is Weapon # 4? Weapon #4 is your custom flexible page... that custom flexible page is where the magic happens. In fact that magic really works! Our company gets a lot of student calls using this very same Weapon #4 type of strategy... .this Weapon is a dangerous weapon for global guys, because it shuts them down fast.... because it provides parents realize that the company is locally focused... You may say wow, but how does Tutoring Services, LLC do all that?

How on earth did we create local pages like that? Well technically the person who designed it is a mathematical genius, and well pretty much genius in general, he combined local and global concepts together and called them Glocal. However, that glocal concept didn't last long, simply because this entire concept needs you! Sort of like facebook needs people... same thing here... we need agencies who are ready to become agency managed based businesses.

The strategical weapon #4 is basic example of but of course it can be online based page as well not necessarily locally tailored. In fact go there and check out how our company convinces parents to hire an agency instead of just random tutors from many of the internet horizontal global sites who charge insane commission without providing much value in return, not all of them are like that... but some...

Our message is clear, if your tutors do not provide value, do not make insane agency recurring fees.. this will hurt quality of the education.... we are doing this to help agencies.

Anyway what is Weapon #4? Weapon #4 is a custom page that you can modify, hosted on sub-domain of with your brand or company brand as sub-domain (providing that you get vanity url of course) but it's not just vanity url... that is good feature of it's own sure, but it's useless without other Weapons inter combined and orchestrated for you to fire up bullets and get these students leads while crushing your competition.

Basically when you host a site, there is lots of problems that can go with it, lots, such as first of all it can get hacked!, second of all, it can be lost completely... 3rd of all it's just difficult to manage, 4th of all difficult to optimize... and 5th of all it's just pain in the neck to have it all showing for u with the right graphics, write content and difficult very difficult to relay your message without someone actually helping you to do so.

In our case in comparison to Weapon #3 and Weapons #2, Weapon #4 provides highest level of flexibility, it points with RSS feeds to our relevant sites, that helps you generate fresh content every time we update them ! Fresh content equals better score for search engines... FYI google doesn't like exact match domain... bing does... which is why we want to leverage sub-domain concept.... it will have higher chance to show up on google... We studied these mechanisms for a long time and specifically crafted up Weapon #4 strategy to fit your business needs without making you broke or out of bound when it comes to your budget!

We provide flexible pricing.... But essentially.... what we r offering is a way out to reduce that hurdle, reduce that headache of hosting sites of writing content creating content, posting content, doing on page seo, doing off page seo... of course you can hire any company to do that your self... and not use.... us... if you find our services too expensive... but the bottom line is we provide you the flexibility of doing more with pre-defined business strategy build on simply helping you build the site, the site that you can access and can manage, based on popular framework... We can do upgrading for you of the site as well, obviously separate fees apply, but... we lay it out for you across multiple pricing options.

Weapon #4 will be strategically created to show your Tutoring Services and 3 corresponding sub-pages with subjects that you specialize in.. of course you may add more subjects your self etc.. and use similar strategy as we do for you for these 3 subjects, we can provide training for you as well, but essentially there is multiple factors involved that can help you drive clients.

We can provide training to you for that as well for optimization of the site, for on site for off site, for graphic tools that you can use, how it's put together where to update your pages, how to drive student traffic, where to find students... and guess what all that is part of Weapon #4 .... (obviously we can't do all so we split it across packages)

This Weapon #4 is great, it inter combines structural approach of Weapon #3 that makes your custom page look more presentable and easier for other parents to see and understand, perhaps you may say Weapon #3 can be replaced by your own site... but ... not really , because having Weapon #3 means we can relay your message to students better than you can... using wire frame proto typing and making your page really look good..but than again you may say i don't care about good, i just want students... well that is one of the factors that involves in getting students.... Plus there is many other reason to use Weapon #3, simply because pointing your searchable profile by students your page can help you drive traffic as well.

The other good part about Weapon #4 is that it inter combines concept of online test prep and your agency managed tutors... in simple words, if you were to actually go ahead and purchase agency managed business model based tutoring listings for your company on than you would also have from your custom page subject pages study guides being shown and agency managed tutors... along with RSS feeds, (by default we show tutors from other local areas as well and from other online test prep product vendors however you may say why do i need to show others study guides and tutors aren't they direct competitors to mine? The answer is yes... and our answer is it also helps you refresh your page and make more relevant content, same with study guides and RSS feeds, but of course we can remove other agencies tutors and study guides and RSS Feeds for you, depending on which pricing model you pick)

So now that you saw Weapon #4... question is how it will work? Well you can either hire an agent as part of Weapon #4 strategy to help you drive customers to your local or online custom create page or hire your own, if you hire us than tutors who you end up listing on as agency managed tutors will end up.. essentially being cheaper from the perspective of us only charging you 35% instead of 45% for every tutor match agent makes...

Of course you don't have to hire our agent and do match making your self but in that case you don't get back 10% and would pay 45% from tutoring commission to our agency. Of course you can pay tutor less and agree with tutor that you will pay less and show in profile higher tutor rate ,but that means making higher commission... however, some local areas, who have not much option would pay higher commission especially if your product is a niche or you have specialized tutor.

So what's the last weapon? Weapon #5 listing you tutors on and paying recurring agency fee of 35% to 45% depending if your hire our agent or not and paying small year fee for the number of tutors you enroll...

You may say, well i don't like paying for each tutor.... recurring fee, than your option is to have tutors listed on for yearly fee, but you will not be able to provide higher level of differentiation for such tutors...(which is one of the major factors of making a match) however both options are available. So what does Weapon #5 does? Well it does several things, it helps you list your tutors, so they can create tutoring profiles... and your tutors can upload their picture intro video, practice tests tutorials their credentials etc...

We recommend you help tutors fill out profile and make sure they don't show any personal contact info. This is a recommended option, note.. not all agencies operate this way some may want to show personal contact info... for example my tutor profile shows my personal contact info showing that i am certified teacher with my cert expiring in 2018... is it a good idea to show first name and last name ? Probably not....that is if you want to make money, but am I doing it for myself? yes i am. Why? Well because i don't mind if someone seeing my profile, because i am the founder and i am the owner, and i want people to know that i am certified for the state of CT and that i am the educational advocate, however in agency managed case.. you do not want to do that... you want to make sure your tutors do not reveal personal contact info and hold your tutors responsible for their actions, by making them sign the contract.

So wait.... what does it mean? That means Weapon #5 is your tactical way into being able to penetrate local markets by properly presenting your tutors... in fact I liked the idea so much that i represented all of my break dancing friends.... check it out.... (oh did i mention? I actually do break dance... there is a direct correlation between intelligence and physical activity, you more then welcome to check out my moves, on the very same link that i just shared) In these videos you can see example of how you can have your tutors listed and differentiate them....

So wait what does Weapon#5 does? It gives you the method to differentiate your tutors... and basically your tutors can register and log in and upload their intro video, picture, create discount packages, have custom widgets that they can share with others on their own website or on any of the social media channels... this way they can drive traffic to their own differentiating profile.

Plus tutors can declare grade levels and subjects in their profiles and hourly rate, and show everyone why they are different in specific grade level and subject....

So all of that you can do 100%, sure site has some bugs, and sure my company is not perfect... perfect companies the ones that have good looking profiles and have everything perfect are the ones that pretty much make you broke doing business with.... and the ones pretty much never reveal any of their secrets... well i am a typical break dancer and i am a math tutor and owner of Tutoring Services, LLC and educational advocate and certified teacher and IT consultant NetworkConsultant.NET all in one, and yes i also wrote several books and the way you see my company's marketing is shown on any of the pages, for students who want to be future accountants, StudyGuide.NET/CPA for future lawyers for future Project Managers for future teachers for college students who want to save money on education StudyGuide.NET/ACCUPLACER and the list goes on, on and on...

Anyway i will continue now talking from 3rd person, this was just a little glimpse about who is writing this article.... so you get the feel of what type of marketing weapons i am talking about, and how if i did it so can you, you just need a little help from someone like my company Tutoring Services, LLC and someone who understands where you are coming from...

So to get back to Weapon #5 Why is weapon #5 good? Well it helps you differentiate you agency tutors, it helps you to bombard any global company who is fighting against you locally, and it helps you maximize chances of student match and guess what if you are also online test prep company, it can even help you sell your products too... What products you may ask? Well our response is simple... the products that you see on example or or etc... meaning if you have a test prep product, our company managed to cook up strategy that can convert your tutors into trusted tutors..

Note after doing lots of research we realized local tutors are not good fit for anything online related, reason is simple, local tutors are too expensive. So Weapon #5 is great for local tutors, but why it's great for online test prep company is even better reason...

It's great because you can energize your tutors to create content for you... such as practice tests and tutorials... at first when originally creating this business model, our original reaction was.. hmm who on earth would want to do that and why? Wait do what? Create tutorials and practice tests... Wait who? Tutors who are your agency managed..

Than it clicked, that if we can create a way to make these tutors incentive based type, meaning.. the type that we can trust... and the type that would actually want to create a solid product... than there would be very good reason... as to why such tutors would want to do that..

Weapon #5 is also designed to get your tutors differentiated from the perspective of listing them as online type of tutors, making them create practice tests and tutorials, giving them small partial payment for their work... and then providing incentive for them, for every time the product that they create gets sold..... and in addition to that generating revenue every time tutor gets matched... with the student.....

Sounds confusing? Don't let it be.. just think of it this way... let's say your company has more then just business in match making tutors.... think of it as your company can do more than that... and perhaps your company can create online test prep product that can help students prepare for a specific exam? But wait what exam? Exam where you think niche product can be sold... wait but how.. how do i figure that out?

Tutoring Services, LLC can help, remember the author of this article is literally a genius and can relay to you how to figure that out either online in person, or recorded video training (separate fee training fee applies) <--this is is a very minor aspect but... it's kind of important, last thing you want to do is start creating a product that no one needs... hmm happened to me myself! Lesson learned hard way!

However, these lessons learned can be relayed to you the online test prep company owner.... or tutoring agency who wants to expand a bit further into online test prep.. Note there are many other lessons learned that would be relayed to you.... as well (depending on which type of training you need, but of course you may not know what you need until you contact us and tell us who you are, training can be tailored towards you)

Anyway to get back to Weapon #5.. suppose you found subject you need to target... what's next? Well what's next is... you need to create it! and what's even more next is... you need to sell it! This entire concept of creating and selling is very very very very difficult! Reason for that is simply because there is a lot of variables involved, luckily. Tutoring Services, LLC can help you come up with the strategy and provide you training for how to create your own online test prep product .... so this way you can list your test prep product using Weapon #6... and maximize your chances of having your product found by students in combination of your agency managed tutors which you managed to introduce into your collection using Weapon #5....

Hmm but wait what? Weapon #6? What is that and what about Weapon #5? Weapon #5 is powerful weapon it shows study guides and tutors together on the page and multiple tutors and allows students to compare tutors side by side and get discount packages. Weapon #5 is powerful because it can differentiate your product and combined with Weapon #4 have them listed along with Weapon #6 (i.e your online test prep product) on the flexible customization site.

What? That sounded confusing....? If any of that sounded confusing look at the image below and see what we mean.... it shows graphical representation of marketing weapons.

Anyway in regards to Weapon #6... not only can we help you get trained for how to create your own online test prep product, we can even wire frame it out for your business concept... meaning... we can make other people realize why it's important to buy your product... for example, remember how we referenced the math link earlier? That helps students understand what's the difference between agency managed and non agency managed tutors? Remember that? Well we can create similar type of convincing wire-frame for your company convincing student to buy your product...

So wait is that included in Weapon #6? no that is actually an add on service to Weapon #6, however what's included in Weapon #6 is your sales page... meaning we can help you create it and post your sales page content it in a presentable format that is similar to other pages, and can even write review for it... that will make you product stick out like a thumb!

In case if you are wondering what on earth are we talking about check out examples of products listed on and see what reviews were written for these products, or for example etc.. the bottom line is... Weapon #6 is a Weapon that is very powerful, it provides mechanism for your brand or online test prep product to exist....

For example take a look at this page... or better what take a look at this page or better what take a look at this page or this what is going through your mind when you are seeing this? do you see what type of quality you get if you get to have your sales page listed? well that's just part of weapon #6 similarly split into packages of premium basic, advanced super.....

You may look at that and say hmm, Weapon #6... seems interesting.. but how on earth does that help me to get my product sold? Well it does.. first of all it has solid review, second of all all of the study guides that gets posted on StudyGuide.NET show up on the network of educational sites... example etc.. .... and guess what else also on other agency managed sites... who become our customers.... Wait but why would agencies would be ok with my company's study guides on their sites being listed?

Well simply because they do not want their pages to be empty especially for subjects where they don't even have their own study guide products.., yet want to take advantage of lower yearly price for their Weapon #4...... plus we split our pricing into different models, model where if they do not want other agencies study guides on their sites they would have to pay more for membership.. simple as that.

So wait what does it mean? That means your study guide may very well end up on many of the sites, relevant sites...... of course many agencies will not like to have other company's study guides because they will think of them as competitors, but not all.... .

So with Weapon #4, technically all of the sites are still property of Tutoring Services, LLC and we can add additional subjects in them, for agencies having new content added for free onto our sites... well they wouldn't mind that.... providing that it's high quality written.. and relevant, after all it can help them increase their number of student leads as well for their service... especially if for example they may have tutors on one subject but not another... than agencies would mind having content added for them... for free...

By default any new subject that agency ads into their site will be mapped to RSS feeds and to tutors and to study guides unless they sign up for higher membership level to remove RSS feeds and tutors and study guides....

So in simple terms... agencies who get their weapons #4 weaponized by special marketing tactics where agencies would be optimizing their sub domain site,, would essentially be helping your online test prep company get... infused with relevant inbound links.... and relevant student flow.

To cook up something like that is completely unimaginable, but... we did cook it up and we did it just for you, so the question is... how soon do you want to use your Weapon #6? Perhaps you may already have a test prep product, and would like to list it on or perhaps you do not have yet fully established online test prep product... whatever the case maybe, we got flexible pricing for both types of online test prep companies.

Also if you have already online test prep product, and want to list it on our site, than we will charge you fee yearly fee... unless of course you become our partner... and give us good commission for helping you sell your product... in which case it would be FREE both flexible models options for both types of online test prep companies... .however, not everyone qualifies.. your product must be killer product for us to sell it... it must be high quality super good, i am talking as good as products you see on note... not all products are high quality we realize that...which is why we provide yearly option to list your study guide on yearly basis on our site... and help you make it higher quality by providing you additional services for that....

The question is how high you want to go... and that depends on competition and student demand... however creating sales page and letting you see how much student leads you get without fully investing your self into the door, can be great way to start.... and no we are not like Udemy.... where you have to pay huge commission fee if you sign up as our partner... for every course or study guide sold... they have recurring base structure... only... we have both... recurring and non recurring, and recurring based model is ok to work with partners with 15% and above commission fee.. meaning you pay us 15% or above... depending on your quality of the product we may accept or deny your offer and depending if we specialize in it or not.

The good news though is ... if you do become our Weapon #6 partner and end up having your product listed on, then guess what... you can enroll into other Weapons... as well if you do not become our partner that doesn't mean you can not enroll into other Weapons, but we prefer to help our partners as priority.

So wait.. suppose i am an online test prep company and i want to sell a product on why is it good again? Because your product has higher chance of being found, than not being on that site... especially if we specialize in it, especially if you are our partner. If you are our partner we have even bigger reason to help you! Especially if you give good commission! Meaning your study guides would be shown on relevant network of sites, and using our content writing and graphic services we can help you differentiate it to help you drive more student leads.... plus we can help you generate additional revenue stream by letting you use our agency managed based structure model based Weapon... for example by listing your sites on and having your tutors create practice tests... and student who take your tutor's practice test realize they didn't do so well on... and get recommendation to point to your product page to do better or hire the very same tutor who u manage.. on recurring basis...

Ready to sign up ? Visit open up contact form and tell us i am ready, and tell us who we are, we will analyze you and tell you which package best fits you...

Also forget useless marketing companies out there, you can only use any of these useless marketing companies when you get strategized, let us help you strategize you...

Also if you find any other marketing company who offers anything remotely near to that.... do definitely let us know... last time we checked... there was no body like this.

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A little about service. For any online test prep companies or local test prep companies, We have a sweet nicely designed service, where we can create custom sub-domain page for example. sweet deal...

Plus we offer agency managed options hosting feature, sweet super sweet feature for companies where we get to charge your company 35%-45% from every match, plus charge you yearly fee for the number of tutors you manage.

To make the story relatively short... consider us creating page for you.... and listing your tutors on setting it up for you, doing graphic design for you, doing optimization for you, on site and off site, doing advanced animated video for your home page and giving you access to that page.

You get to have granularity of the boss... i.e your agency... you would have complete control of that site... we do the hosting, we do the backup of your site and we provide training, and off site seo and on site seo, of your home page and subjects that your company specializes in...

Notice how we say we would charge you 35% to 45%.... ... we provide option of an agent... where if u hire our agent on hourly basis, our agent will help you drive students for you and optimize your custom sub-domain page... i.e and instead of 45% we would charge you 35% from each match your agent makes...

In simple words, you get to be the boss, you get to be the agency that you are... but additionally you simply enroll into our premium, basic, advanced or super service...

We make your site. nice... but forget about the site... you hear many companies out there who tell you pay us $3 per year and you get to create our site and get hosting and support and all that... these type of companies simply erase out of your mind. One example is Wix... useless company in our opinion for someone like you, i.e online or local tutoring test prep agency..

Useless because you are not just looking for the site created for you, you are looking for students, you are looking for solution, you are looking for how to make money using your online test prep company or your by getting more students for your local tutoring business.. you are not looking for useless happy song commercial based songs offering you to create your site... (such as Wix) What you are looking for is a way to make money.... using your online test prep company or your local test prep company...

Forget other horizontal marketing companies who absolutely do useless things, for you, because they do not understand your business, 0, nada, nilch.... Hire us our company, we understand your business...

How? Because we went through it! Anyway what we are offering here is custom marketing solutions, designed to help you drive more revenue, regardless if you are an existing online tutoring test prep company or local we can help.

So for our latest service that we offer, here is a bit more info, remember that 35% to 45 that we mentioned earlier? What is that for? Well that is for having your tutors listed on that is what it's for, and for us helping you differentiate your tutors from the crowd... as a local tutoring agency you can't compete against global companies, they will destroy you, as an online test prep company you can't compete against horizontal companies because they will also destroy you. You either stuck.. vertically or locally!

So what is that 35% to 45%? Well think of it as a way for u to make money by giving you opportunity to list your tutors on our agency manged site, u get to keep 55% to 65% of revenue earned from match making, meaning you still go with your brand, you still have your own company's control, but we simply build custom site for you on flexible framework and provide you with training.. Training that can help you drive student leads....

Note if you hire our agent who will help you drive student leads on hourly basis, than we will give you 10% back... meaning instead of 45% we get to keep 35% while you get to keep 65%.... By default we take 25% from tutor's hourly rate added on top.... Hence don't be distracted by huge percentage that we charge from every match.. Perhaps you may get distracted by that and say, hmmm that is a lot of money Tutoring Services, LLC wants just to help some online test prep company or local test prep company present tutors....

Well you may say, forget that... i can do that my self.... or you may say i already have a site and have my own tutors... and don't really need that... or you may say... hmm sounds like a marketing gimmick... Well marketing gimmic is when someone puts bunch of advertisements but doesn't show you how it's done... we show you how it's done check out our site list goes on and on and on...

So wait what exactly does it mean? That means we can build similar site for your company on our sub-domain, and we can help you enroll your tutors... that's right enroll your tutors into our agency managed site, and yes we would charge yearly fee for every tutor and for recurring agency fee every time your company makes a match... of course if you don't like any of that, we can offer you another business model, where we don't charge you any recurring fee for each match and don't enroll you into our agency managed based business system and well... the results will not be the same... that is all we can tell you here..... but we can very well enroll you into our non agency managed business model... where we create you custom tutoring page on with your url...we would relay your vision and interconnect it to your company's listing that students can search for on that we can very well do as well and can even let you list your own tutors on it... and link them all to your Tutoring Agency managed page...., yes we can do that, and we can do that on yearly pricing... and that can help you get students as well... (of course you would have to pay on yearly basis not recurring from each match, but won't get that same level of differentiation that you were hoping for, we can still create custom page for you on sub domain of however, the hosting, security , backup optimization all of that equals money and time, therefore for now we are only offering that option for our agency managed based customers)

So what on earth are the agency managed based customers? These are the type of online test prep companies or local test prep companies who we trust..... just like we have a business model for.... agency managed and non agency managed tutors we have a model for agencies, who are agency managed based type of companies... or not....

Meaning... if you have tutors... if u want to manage them...and if you are ok to have them listed on site... at 35%-45% recurring agency fee from each match... and pay smaller yearly fee for each tutor listed.. than we are ready to help.... and we are ready to also help you create local or online custom tutoring page hosted on sub-domain of for yearly fee.

You may say, but wait what on earth does that give me listing my company's tutors on some other agencies site? Our answer is.... competitive advantage over global companies and local companies.... How? Well because our tutors are better differentiated from one another, better presented than most of the companies out there who have fixed model and can't jump outside of their business model. You may also say, i am not sure what that means, and our response is....

Better differentiated tutor + Agency Managed support and Verification + method to have your tutors found (by using custom created site and hiring Tutoring Services,LLC to help you build it) + having your agency managed page on inter-linked to your agency searchable listing in the subjects that you specializes + interlinking to your company's test prep product (that is if you happen to have one) on StudyGuide.NET + interlinking from your product to your agency managed tutors + interlinking from your tutor's created practice tests and tutorials to your online test prep product (if you have one ) + custom advanced marketing services across our network of homework help, study guide, math homework help, English, biology, chemistry, physics, GRE, GMAT or any other test prep products in educational industry or even non educational industry (CPA, MCAT, LSAT ,PMP, ASVAB, ISEE,SSAT,ACT, ACCUPLACER, NCLEX) = Heck of a better chance of getting student leads

We can bombard your competitors with advanced tactical marketing weapons strategize to arm your company with better chance of differentiating you, your product, and your tutors, and giving you tactical methods to help you match make your tutors better...

Anyway let's go over typical example that can help you understand how match making works and how if you decide to proceed with our service would fit into this equation....

Note entire concept is designed by Network Consultant and Math Tutor and certified teacher for the state of CT (until 2018). Someone who put that model together for you, and will arm you to combat global companies or companies that give you no chance to succeed to drive back the jobs to local communities and earnings to local communities and bring quality to American education.

Here is our service offering (note what is being mentioned here is split into types of packages, packages that you can either enroll or not enroll, premium basic, advanced and super) one package may offer one of the things we mention below or it may not.

We will provide you with monthly agent who can look for students across social media sites and refer them to your site. You tell us your subjects, and we tell the agent to hunt and search for students for these subjects.

For every student who brings revenue, your online test prep company would benefit from but so will Tutoring Services, LLC since agency fee goes both ways 45% towards Tutoring Services, LLC for each tutor matched and 55% towards your agency.

Agent will be dedicated for your company, and will target students based on relevancy of your particular subject that your company specialize in and will be sending students your way.

That same agent can also respond on behalf of your agency from any students who he/she sends your way, for any time there is a new student who wants to buy a tutor or your study guide or can respond to tutors and provide instructions, and contact you or your staff if something needs clarification.

Your dedicated agent will be working for you based on the number of hours you buy and in case if such agent brings results and your company does end up match making student with tutor, who this agent managed to bring than Tutoring Services, LLC will give your company 10% back to you from the tutor match, and instead of 45% keep 35%, while your agent gets 10%, and you get to keep 55%

There is the reason why charge 45% in a first place... that was one
of the reasons, to have incentive agents.

The simple fact that we charge 30% on top of tutor's hourly rate commission or 25% if student buys package.... makes your agency managed tutors affordable, and beats majority of global competition who have higher agency fees unless of course their fees are lower than 25%.. that 25% goes to your agency, where 45% we keep, and your company gets 55%.

However your company, gets the benefit of hiring an agent, agent that can help drive students for your company, that agent can only be effective if he/she is incentivized. We provide that level of incentive to such agents who you hire, lowering your operational costs, by giving you back 10% from that 45%

That 10% you can give to your agent and your agent will be happy, and more effective when it comes to match making. Tutoring Services, LLC will get to keep 35% from match making fee and your company technically in that case gets to keep not 55% but 65% from agency fee, which is definitely more attractive option then 45% because technically 45% is too much, for Tutoring Services, LLC, but than again there is a reason why that is the case.

However remember that if your product is really specialized, you can even jump outside of our 25% agency fee boundaries.... especially if your tutors are specialized...

Meaning, if you manually manage your tutor, and declare in his profile that you want his rate to be not $50 but let's say $60... than yes our company will add on top automatically $25% to that $60... but.... which means that 25% will be split across 45% and 55% shares... 55% goes to your company and 45% goes to Tutoring Services, LLC... however... because you hired tutor and told him/her that no matter what the case is even if you put in his hourly rate $60.... tutor still get $50.... <--- that automatically means... you are basically getting more then 55% plus if you hire dedicated agent you even get 10% back from Tutoring Services, LLC...

so here is basic math example for your company

$60 is tutor's hourly rate for your subject
+ 25% (if student buys package)
that is $75 that student must pay per hour....
Now.... you get to keep $10.... now you get to keep how much?

Well because you negotiated with tutor that he will only get paid $50 and not $60 and tutor was ok with that... (perhaps you made that tutor ok with that by making contract this way where you tell the rate and not the tutor decides)

Than you get to keep $10 + 55% of that 25%
So for example let's say.... your company sold a package
to student/parent...

That package was... well let's just say for 10 hours student paid $600 + 25% (agency fee) = $750

That means your agency gets to keep $10 from each hour, because of what you discussed with tutor and made him/her aware of that... and manually modified his profile...

So you just made how much? Well... from 1 sold package.. you made... $10*10=$100 <---hmm not bad for simply selling your package to student/parent....

Ok well that's a nice chunk of change... but.. wait what about that 55% of 25% what on earth does that mean? 25 % of that is... $150.... hmm not bad.. not bad... ok well so far total is $100+$150.=$250 So that is the total agency fee...

. How much of that goes to your agency? Well, 55% of $150 that is $82.5 <--- not bad so your agency just made $82.5 + $100 hmm so that is $182.5 ok well that's not bad... but... what if you hired dedicated agent who can help your student and tutors get matched?

Well in that case you would have to pay money for that agent... ok well let's say you paid $50 for 5 hours... and that agent helped you make the match happen... than ... what happens? Well than our company will charge you not 45% but 35% for that sold package....
So you can give that 10% to your agent, and agent will be happy or you can keep it to your self, not advisable option....

So that means technically you from $150 you get to keep 65% that is $97.50 instead of $82.50 that 10% you can give to your agent.... which is $15 bonus for your agent and $50 for 5 hours of his/her work.... doing advertisement helping you drive students...

Is there a risk that you may hire agent and spend $50 and end up not match making anyone? Of course there is such risk, however, we help you mitigate that risk, by instead perhaps helping you get your self first or training your other employee who somehow you managed to incentive doing other tasks. Both options are feasible.

What we are trying to relay from this example to you is that technically, from this example you have earned not 55% and gave away 45% to Tutoring Services, LLC, but that you earned 65% from every hour + $10 by declaring tutor's rate in his/her yourself (or getting agent to do it)

So $9.75 you earned, our Tutoring Services, LLC agency earned $5.25 plus you get to keep $10...

That means your agency earned $19.75 per each hour tutor teaches and tutor got paid $50 and student paid $25... So what on earth does that mean? That means student technically paid 50% fee.... which is definitely high, but than again, your agency tutor is highly specialized.... therefore perhaps your tutor's price worth it....

So you gave to your agent small commission fee of 10% keeping your agent happy i.e $1.50 in fact you could have given your agent higher commission than 10% perhaps let's say 15% to make it more effective... or perhaps you could have not given your agent anything... and do match making your self... after getting our training, of course you wouldn't benefit from 10% give back, because you didn't hire our agent, but, you still get to keep 55% instead of 65%... So anyway you look at it, it's simply better to hire an agent, who you obviously manage and oversee who helps you make money.

by inflating and fixing tutor's price your self in tutor's profile you managed to create inflated tutor, but inflation is relevant term, relevant to the market.... if your tutor is highly specialized and there is not that many tutors like this on the market... and you have a way to differentiate such tutor that can prove to the parent that the tutor's value is relevant to the price you have indicated, than 50% per hour is legitimate price.

The question is how do you differentiate your tutors and how you can raise their value? Our company Tutoring Services, LLC provides multiple ways, to make that differentiation reality.... especially if your list your tutors using inter combination of strategical advanced marketing tactics. Which of course Tutoring Services, LLC has designed specifically to help online or local test prep companies increase their student leads.

Anyway... now that u understood what we r talking at least partially, feel free to contact us to request a quote and see which package best fits you.

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How to make money online helping students learn.
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Similarly like with practice questions... we ask our managed tutors to create sample video tutorials, that pretty much describe study guide, or any other modular resources of diagnostic study system such as pre test and post test.

Creating sample video tutorial showing student what to expect from study guide for the exam that he or she is studying for, going over exam info and combining your own tutor voice and screen sharing video, or creating presentation in power point and converting it in YouTube and showing your sample tutorial video cleanly presenting what's in study guide without revealing too many details along with your video.

And picking particular topic from the study guide that you created and simply explaining, verbally over video how to prepare for it, can help student not only realize... that there is in fact an actual study guide that is being sold... which student can purchase along with any other modular resources such as pre test and post test as part of the diagnostic study system.

In which case tutor ends up actually making money from each time study guide is sold.... but can also help student realize..... tutors teaching style..... giving student idea... of who the tutor is.... giving student idea that the very same tutor who just created that sample video tutorial.... can possibly even help student online.... this would result in tutor making money online teaching student.

Note the very same student who would be searching for tutorials, would also see the fact that... there is a tutor... who happen to be the tutor who created tutorial.... that student will also be able to see tutors discount packages and can request a package directly from tutors profile.

Purpose of such video sample tutorial is to help managed tutor inter combine every element of diagnostic study system and help tutor be more likely to be contacted by student, in comparison to someone who does not have such video... such as independent tutors...

Therefore in sample video tutorial we do ask our managed tutors to mention things like what exam tutorial is about, demonstration of particular topic... and how you help students to prepare for such topic, reference links from tutorial to... detailed study guide, and to pre tests and post tests, reference link to free sample practice tests that you created.

Message of tutorial should be directed toward student who is preparing for specific exam for which you are creating study guide.

In tutorial you must clearly demonstrate example of particular topic, clarify it present some reinforcement questions from study guide, discuss it, provide detailed explanation for 1 or 2 questions, and clearly make student realize that, if student wants to see full detailed clarification and explanations for any other reinforcement questions that student seen in study guide live in private online tutoring settings, then student should not hesitate to consider getting tutoring session from you and buying discount tutoring package.

Tutorial must also clearly demonstrate the fact that study guide exists... and pre test and post test questions exist.... you must also make sure student clearly understands that for maximum learning effectiveness and to gain access to study guide they should consider purchasing it including pre test and post test.

Remember your goal in this sample tutorial, to do the following.

1. Demonstrate topic from study guide
2. Clarify step by step explanations for 1 or 2 reinforcement questions
3. Let student know that you can tutor them live for any topics or questions that they did not understand in study guide on pre test or post test and can explain to them step by step every problem during tutoring lesson.
4. Let student realize that they should consider purchasing detailed study guide and pre test and post test entire diagnostic study system for maximum learning effectiveness.
5. You must let student realize that there are some free practice test questions that student can try (which you have created and also associated with your tutor profile) and this should get student started and warmed up and that if student fails any of them or does not understand any of them, then student should consider gaining access to diagnostic study system and purchasing either full access to diagnostic study system.
6. You must also let student realize that ideally student should purchase access to diagnostic study system and take pre test, see how well student does.... then study from study guide, and then reinforce your skills further by getting online tutor who can go over each question and topic and then take the post test and see the difference between test scores. If difference did not improve much then definitely consider getting some more tutoring sessions scheduled with you.
7. You must demonstrate to student value of getting online tutor.... and explain that this is not just some video course..... as it case with many other test prep companies... explain to student that this is different..., this is supplementary way of increasing student chances of improving their score on the exam.... where students don't just learn from video and can't ask any questions.,... instead they get to talk to real live tutor who can clarify questions that student encounters in pre test or post test or study guide live face to face... and explain that you happen to be specialized for this exam and content created for this study guide is created by you.
8. You must explain that you are specialized tutor and that diagnostic study system was specifically created to reinforce students knowledge about particular exam content knowledge, and that each component of diagnostic study system is reinforcing students knowledge, and that these components are pre test, detailed study guide, online tutor (I,e your online tutoring services sold separately ) and post test.

Note...... you can create one or multiple sample tutorial videos, the more you create the higher tutor rank is... the more trust value in you from student.

Note you must at least create one sample video tutorial that definitely talks about major key points that were described here. Note this very same sample tutorial will go to dedicated site sales page, students will also see that tutorial there.... it's important for you to create that tutorial.

Doing so can bring level of trust for agency.... and for you.... and for student...

Student will more likely to trust you and purchase access from you if you did not do that. Note our agency helps with marketing.... however we need your help with content.. creating this tutorial will maximize your chances of simply being contacted.... without it.... will be difficult for agency to bring you students.... and will be difficult to differentiate you from other tutors....

Remember independent tutors without agency managed fee on top charge less.... there has to be value in managed agency recurring fee.... that value is gained by having nicely specialized tutor.... who agency takes through the trust mechanism... sets him/her up and positions them in the direction of maximizing chances of making money.

In this case agency brings value of helping tutor, and helping student maximize their chances of passing their exam using multiple modular layers of test preparation.

Note other companies do not offer that, because they do not have websites with profiles of tutors spun under different tutoring business systems, and are either test prep based companies or tutoring.... not inter combination of both... other companies do not have multiple blogs spun from different educational angles, and companies that do, are not really interested in doing any of this work of helping tutors also make money, and either charge insane agency fees or simply do not give any financial incentives to online tutors.

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Additional reasons for why it's good idea for managed tutors to create sample practice questions tests and have them shown directly in tutors tutoring profile.

Remember, one of the reasons why you would be doing this is not so you can get paid for creating sample questions....

If you create pre tests and post tests as part of diagnostic study system then yes you would get paid for that, providing that you are hired and your trust level is acceptable for our agency....

however... to get students to realize that you exist... and to get students to try something free of charge... and to get students to realize that not only that you exist, but also get student to realize that you happen to be the one who created these questions... and not only that you happen to be the one who created these questions, but you happen to be also the one who created study guide that helps student prepare for that very same exam..... can most certainly increase your chances of either making money tutoring online..... or making money on recurring basis from selling pre test, study guide and post test, or inter combination of both.

As you can see three is a huge difference between our independent online tutors who are not agency managed and our online tutors who are agency managed. The main difference is that independent non agency managed tutors are not binded by the overall common goal, while agency managed tutors are binded by common goal. And that goal is.... trying to help student succeed with their test prep needs.

Note there got to be reason why managed tutor is more expensive then independent tutor, and that reason has to be justified and realized in students mind. Otherwise student simply ends up getting tutored from an independent tutor who is not specialized expert and therefore would not bring higher level of learning effectiveness. Our agency helps students realize as to why our online managed tutors should be hired over non agency managed tutors.

Therefore our online managed tutors who end up creating sample practice tests, essentially end up creating that level of justification for students, helping students understand their value.

However clearly we could not just ask our tutors to create free sample practice tests with nothing in return, this is why we have crafted up reasons and methods as to why such online managed tutors should create them for free, and that reason is.... to maximize chances of online tutor being found.... and hired by student.... to be able to differentiate your self from independent tutors who are ready to tutor for less... simply because there is no agency recurring fee.. on top of independent tutor rate, and reason for that because there is no value brought upon to student by the agency, and of course last but not least and to be also be able to maximize chances of diagnostic study system sales, which is one of the mechanism that can help you make money on recurring basis based on recurring commission.
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You have probably noticed that one of the trust level factors that our agency looks into specifically as something that it expects tutor to do, is creation of sample practice tests. Reason behind it is very simple, although.... you would not get paid... for creation of sample practice questions.... it can help you get marketed and help you increase your chances of making money from multiple streams of potential revenue...

In simple words... what that means is.... if you are online managed tutor... and happen to be creating study guide.... for which by the way you would be getting pad on fixed cost basis, and not only be getting paid on fixed cost basis but also would be getting paid.... for it on recurring commission basis, meaning every time it's sold you would get paid.... however since it's a mutual journey of selling study guides, our agency asks you managed tutor to help out with sale of study guide.

The way we ask you to do that is by creating sample questions that are relevant to your particular exam for which you happen to be creating study guide for. Doing so would increase your trust level not only from the perspective of our agency trusting you more, but from the perspective of helping you... out..... this is how...
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Another factor that helps us establish trust with online managed tutor. Online managed tutors who do end up being interviewed will be asked to create study guide for particular exam and also will be asked if they are interested in expanding their revenue growth potential further by creating additional resources relevant to the study guide, such as pre test and post test as part of the diagnostic study system student offering. Where for each resource they can also get paid on commission recurring basis and fixed cost basis for creating such pre tests and post tests.
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Here are some other factors we look for in a tutor that helps us measure trust level.
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