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My mango ginger drink by +Shana Shameer
Tried this refreshing Mango Ginger Drink by +Indrani Sen.
Served it to some friends who popped over in the evening. Enjoyed by all! Thank Ingrain, I was curious to see how ginger and mango worked together :)
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building my collection of recipes tested by Experts .So here is the fab looking Kolhapuri chicken curry by +Azlin Bloor 
Labs at Foodies+
+Indrani Sen's Chicken Kolhapuri

If you like your curries, then this one's a keeper! 
It's bursting with so many complex flavours, you'll want to make at least 2 batches, one for the freezer, for another day!
That's what I did, in fact, I made 3 batches, because let's face it, during the holidays, you always need some curry to break the monotony of roasts, right, +John Nelson? Or maybe that's just the Asian in me!!

Indrani's original post:

So, tell me, do you get bored of "holiday food" during the Christmas to New Year week?
+Lisa Watson +Anne Ricci +Joy Stewart +Brittany M +Sharon Lam +Steve Barkley +Sally Weatherley +Christin Richter
+Rita Dolce +Tom-Anita Morgan +Passione Light +Tiziana Bontempi +Lola García Blaya +Loretta Sebastiani  

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My beetroot halwa recipe tried by +Balvinder Ubi ,looks tempting and tasty like all her  other dishes.feeling thankful :)
 Tried this fabulous Beet halwa by +Indrani Sen  .  Although it doesn't look as pretty as hers, it tastes over the top delicious and is perfectly satisfying.
You can find her recipe  here

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Pinca Croatian bread ..excellent collection ..........recipe of +Jasmina Brozović  tried worldwide
Pinca Worldwide!

This post is a tribute to all "Pinca Foodiestars" and their culinary talents.They made Pinca in UK, Canada, Greece, Singapore, India, Spain and the USA!

Not only they made wonderful Croatian Easter Bread, but they became the ambassadors of Croatian culinary customs around the world!

HUGE Thank you to +Rita Dolce +Little Cooking Tips (G+ Fan Page) +Balvinder Ubi, +Kanak Hagjer +Shana Shameer +Indrani Sen, +Azlin Bloor and +Joy Stewart , my Foodies+ friends who made this Easter special :)

#foodiestar #pinca #croatia #easter
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How about celebrating Holi with the old and authentic and this beautiful sooji(semolina) halwa  by +Azlin Bloor 
Sooji Halwa
Celebrating Holi with +Indrani Sen 

I am really enjoying all the beautiful recipes that have been coming in for Holi. 

Sooji Halwa is sometimes called Indian fudge, along with its cousin, Atta Halwa, which is made with wholewheat flour or chapatti flour. It is an extremely easy recipe to make.

I always get a little melancholic when making this, it's one of those recipes that remind me of my childhood. I have a very clear memory of seeing my late grandad standing at the stove making this.


180g coarse semolina
140g ghee
toasted almond slivers, raisins

Sugar Syrup

300g caster sugar
600ml water
2 cardamom pods, split
1 tsp rose water



1. In a small saucepan/milk pan, make the sugar syrup by adding all the syrup ingredients together, apart from the rose syrup.

2. Bring to a boil, stir to dissolve the sugar, then leave to gently simmer while you get the semolina done.

3. In a large frying pan, dry fry the semolina for 3-5 minutes over low flame, until it’s a golden colour and gives off a lovely baked scent. Don’t burn it!

4. Add the ghee, stir thoroughly and cook for another 5-10 minutes, to your fancy, again on a low flame. As mentioned earlier, the longer cooking time will result in a deeper flavour and colour.

5. Turn the heat off for the sugar syrup and stir in the rose water.

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I am again feeling honored and happy when Jasmina from Croatia tried my lamb curry recipe and enjoyed for lunch.Thanks +Jasmina Brozović  and +Zvonimir Fras 
Traditional Bengali Lamb Curry

Who doesn't want to be a star, at least once in their lives? ;-)

+foodies+ community enrolled yet another wonderful Star Recipe contest for all food lovers, read more about it here:

Well, +Zvonimir Fras and I took this challenge seriously, explored Canada's best spice stores (more about it in another post), rolled up our sleeves today and made this delicious curry by +Indrani Sen's recipe:)

Since we are not used to all these spices, and making curries like this, we made another adventure out of our Sunday lunch!
Serrano chilies are the hot peppers of our choice, and they had just enough spice for our taste. The meal was easy to prepare and the tastes are exactly what you would expect in an Indian restaurant!
The only thing we couldn't find was mustard oil, but we got mustard powder and used canola oil instead.

It was a wonderful lunch, we were pleasantly surprised!
Thanks +Indrani Sen for a great recipe and +foodies+ for this great challenge :))

See you in another adventure! :)

Here's the link to the original post by Indrani:

#foodiestar #foodbyJZ #curry #lamb #foodiesplus #foodieslab #food

photo by +Zvonimir Fras
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As a food blogger I feel happy from inside when someone tries out my recipe and  her family likes it .So my blogger friend +Lisa Watson  from France prepared a dish from my recipe and the curry looked just wonderful.I am grateful to the +foodies+  community and the team for these small moments of happiness
Trying Out +Indrani Sen 's Foodies + Star Recipe!

Last night I decided to try out Indrani's Bengali curry recipe.  The challenge of cooking a Star recipe was too much to resist!  I couldn't find mustard oil, so I used olive oil and sunflower oil mixed together because that's what I had. I didn't have green peppers, but I did have dried red chilies from Italy.  I wasn't quite sure what it meant by "red chili paste".  I had some Thai bottled "Red Chilli Paste" (+Azlin Bloor , please don't disown me for that), but I figured that the spice combination would be strange in Indian cuisine, so I decided just to ignore all the chili ingredients and powdered some of the dried chillies I had and threw them in. (At this point, I'm sure Indrani is hiding her face in her hands and crying!).

My pressure cooker is broken, but the lamb I had was actually for grilling, so I figured it wouldn't need to be cooked very long. I didn't know what to actually do with the potatoes as it wasn't clear  how many there should be and whether they should be browned before or during the curry making process, so I improvised: I cut some small ones in half, boiled them for 5 minutes to soften them a little, and then added them when the onions were about half browned. 

The recipe didn't state that I needed to add water to the curry, but I did it anyway after I'd added the meat and let it brown.  I just added "some" so that the ingredients wouldn't burn on the bottom and then covered the pot and let it simmer for about 15 -20 minutes.

For the spices (cinnamon, black pepper etc), I didn't know whether I should add 2 Tbsp of all of them mixed together, or 2 Tbsp of each spice.  I compromised and added 1 Tbsp of each spice.

Now, I don't know what the original tastes like (especially with all the improvisations I made!), and my photo ooks absolutely nothing like Indrani's one, but this curry really tasted fantastic! My husband said (and I quote), "This tastes FAR better than the food from our local Indian restaurant!'!  So, Indrani, I apologize to you for not following the recipe to the letter, but it really tasted wonderful!   +John Nelson +nomad dimitri  , are you going to give it a try!  It's worth it!

Oh, I also didn't have the curd and didn't even really know what it was, beyond some dairy, white thing, so I didn't put it in either. :)
I'll be making it again for sure.  Next time I want to find some green peppers and see if it makes a difference to the flavour.

You can find the original recipe here:

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what a lovely surprise !the wonderful cook ,the popular blogger and my inspiration +maria nasir had cooked a recipe of mine and her family liked it.I am really feeling proud to have the opportunity to make her family happy in a small way. thanks again
Foodies Lab Mutton Keema Biryani Courtesy +Indrani Sen

Last night our dinner was Indrani Sen's scrumptious and super indulgent biryani.
I've eaten many versions of biryani, as it is a very popular dish in my country and almost every family and region has a special version to offer. Our family favourites so far have been Fish Biryani and Sindhi Chicken Biryani but I'm very happy to announce that this recipes has been added to our new top family favourite foods :)

I followed the recipe entirely except that I skipped adding eggs and peas and added potatoes by popular demand. I made a big batch and will have it for lunch today as well. Definitely a comfort food that I'll make again and again!
Thank you dear +Indrani Sen introducing me to something totally new and delicious !

Also I'm taking this opportunity to say goodbye to all of you as the community moderator from today. I thank all of you for your kind support and love to me throughout this past year but due to some personal reasons I won't be able to shoulder the responsibilities of being the moderator here anymore. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with you on all projects, specially the Flatbreads and Summer Drinks I did last year. Will try to stay connected as much as my hectic schedule will permit .
Thank you once again!

+foodies+ , moderators and dear members!

*Check out Indrani's original post for detailed recipe and ingredients here

My free Ebook 5 Pakistani Dishes Everyone Can Cook here

My YouTube Channel

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For the first time one of my blogger friend and a very charming and eminent personality +Lisa Watson has tried my lemony mint grilled prawns and I am really happy to share
Foodies Lab - Lemony Mint Grilled Prawns from +Indrani Sen

We fired up the bbq in the weekend.  I had some great-looking prawns that I wanted to cook and remembered that Indrani had just posted a recipe to use them. I actually had all the ingredients, so that was an excellent start!

The marinade was super-easy to make.  I didn't end up putting the prawns on skewers with the peppers because we have a plancha on the bbq, so I just threw them directly on it.  It worked wonderfully!  We had roasted red peppers on the side (but I forgot to take a photo of them.

I'll be making this often during the Summer.  It was delicious!  Thanks +Indrani Sen !

You can find Indrani's original recipe here:

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