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Simple things that can (or already can't) make you so happy.
With my family I live for a while in a new place, in a new country as well. Everything is different, and there are so many things to notice. So does my older son. He has thousand questions every minute and I can't answer many of them. Near to our house ther...

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Ice slides
The winter is coming here, so it’s a good time to tell about our traditional fun thing that we have during winters. In my place, we don’t have lack of snow, on contrary, we have as much
of it that we like to utilize the excessive amount of it for anything....

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Once I wrote about Russian banya. it’s the most popular type of saunas in my place but it’s not the only one. Other popular types are Finish sauna and Hammam. Hammam origin is Turkish or Arabic. I never visited a hammam in those
countries so it might be th...

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Russian climate isn’t good enough for gardening. We have a few warm
zones, but in general we are pretty Northern Country.  Many regions are
not suitable for agriculture at
all, the rest we call “risky for agricultural”. Risky means you can’t
predict the...

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Hidden threat
Happily, we don’t have too many menacing animals in our place. There are no poisonous scorpions, blood-thirsty crocodiles, no stealthy panthers — even the birds are peaceful. The only candidates to scare people are wolves, bears, and tigers. Most of them...

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Movie posters
We have a lot of cinemas in my town, and in Russia in general.
Сinematography used to be extremely popular art here since USSR. I’ve heard that all the old movies were really profitable because hundred million people went to cinemas to watch them. Now with ...

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Birch sap
Russia has a lot of forests, and the most common type of tree here is birch. Birches are very common all over the world but nevertheless, we call it
“our” tree. We even have a joke about it, usually, we say to anyone who
is going abroad “how would you sub...

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Managing ice bridges
Roads in Russia is the typical subject for jokes. Since the country
is big and the population is spread unequally there are many white
spaces between cities and villages, hundreds and thousands kilometers of
roads without anyone living around.  Add to th...

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Scuba diving lake
I live in industrial area and we have a lot of quarries here. When the mining is done usually they got flooded by water. Sometimes because of type of that mine those hand-made lakes are interesting. For instance: this one on the picture above is flooded nic...

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3D Printing Experience
Reading Facebook once, I ran into a funny contest. It was a “whistle contest”.  Contestants were trying to create a whistle, as loud as possible . Most of them were using 3D
printing for their models. It’s logical because it’s hard or
impossible to do the...
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