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Creating my own hvac analyzer to measure temp super heat and subcooling and pressure on residential ac units.

Concept is simple: Create your own digital tool and in the process learn the following concepts.

3D printing
Wifi integration using small chips
Micro controller programming
Temperature and Pressure Measuring digitally and wirelessly
Physics and concepts of Electronics
Competitor Analysis
Marketing Analysis
Patent Analysis
From Prototype to actual design

With mastering such concepts you can build pretty much anything you want that's out there in the field, meaning you can create your own tools save money and sell these tools to other industry consumers.

Understating such concepts is next to impossible without actually doing it. What Rome Wells does here is simply creating a tool that can help him repair his home residential central air conditioner.

Rome Wells is bridging HVAC industry with marketing, education and tutoring all in one.

Learn concepts of IoT Wifi and hvac with Rome Wells. Want to learn how to build your own devices or learn hvac field or both or perhaps how to automate your home?

Rome Wells can show your how to build your own electronic devices to help you master concepts of 3D printing, electronic chip programming, cloud, IoT, wifi and beyond.

Want a tutor to teach you how to build your own hvac devices or perhaps how to repair your own ac or automate your own home?

Someone who can visit you locally in CT or NY or NJ and tutor you directly at your home and work with you side by side?

If so visit one of the Rome Wells search engines to find local tutors in CT or online tutors, or study guides.

Rome Wells created multiple search engines to help students find relevant information about computer technology oriented skills, hvac, accounting, mathematics, cyber security, wifi, cloud, project management, law, nursing and many other professions.

This is just a short video of what Rome Wells demonstrates here. Visit to learn more and find your local hvac tutor and hire one to visit you directly at your home and teach you how to program electronic chips, create your own devices, or build your own hvac device, or even automate your home.

Rome Wells combines both technology math science,search engines and everything in between together by networking concepts and relaying these concepts to hungry students in Fairfield County CT,NY and NJ. Making these 3 states the most innovative in education and technology and most advanced states in entire USA.

Cities that Rome Wells predict will get huge visibility and great for people to move into are Norwalk CT And Stamford CT. With Stamford CT already establishing its own Harbor Silicon Valley, bringing together the greatest minds in one spot and advancing furthest in education and technology and science.

Stay tune for more videos, also if u r a company and would like to have some devices created or designed for you feel free to contact us on Binary Fusion and get a quote.

We are the only company in the world to combine concepts of technology and education in one.

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Rome Wells show how he diagnoses ac home air conditioning compressor. ohming out compressor.
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Many HVAC professionals and students and home owners ask Rome Wells how is it possible that you can do so many things, provide advice for HVAC professionals, home owners and HVAC students.... how is that even possible?

That is indeed a valid question, and the answer is it's only possible when entire business concept is tied together or what so called networked together to produce what so called synergy.

Many people do not know what synergy is and I took a stab at entire educational industry before with an attempt to explain what synergy is using real world examples... however it didn't seem that anyone really cared... or at least attempted to replicate synergy in the educational industry world so I figured I'd turn my self towards another industry HVAC industry and see how HVAC industry responds to my process of teaching and hopefully HVAC industry cares more and embrace my level of teaching more then the world of educational industry.

In short words, my primary business model is marketing and to attract different audience I use concept of synergy. That means that I get to create positive functions within an entire industry set, functions that are relevant to one another that produce greater good.

The way I do that is I combine different audiences together by giving them something that they truly want and need. Whether it is help to prepare for exam, help to hire someone to prepare for HVAC exam or help to identify which tools to get to get the ac repair job done.

Home owners for example may simply prefer to actually ask a question in real time and get real time answer in relationship to their house project for replacing their ac split system for example with r410 refrigerant, while HVAC business owner may want help in marketing their business and needs advice and also prefers real time chat response.

Real time chat response from Rome Wells can be received by navigating to

Note Rome Wells does not always sit near computer hence leave a message if you do not get to see me respond on time.

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Many HVAC techs and students and retirees within HVAC industries asked Rome Wells what type of service do you exactly provide?

The answer is the type that that matters to you. For example if you are HVAC student or attempting to study on your own then you maybe interested in study guides, courses or even HVAC tutors who can help you prepare for your HVAC exam or any other relevant to HVAC profession type of exam, maximizing your chances of passing your test.

Or perhaps you are an HVAC home owner who would like to minimize your expenses on ac repair and maintenance and finally decided to allocate some time to your self in hiring a local or online tutor who can teach you one on one air conditioning concepts. Or perhaps you are home owner who wants to view which tools are available on the market and maybe even ask Rome Wells which tool he would recommend based on your particular ac repair or replace project.

Or perhaps you are a retired HVAC tech who is trying to sell your business and simply need help in getting the most money for your business.

Or perhaps you are current HVAC business owner and realized HVAC industry is not for you and wanted to get rid of your business and sell it to someone else... well if that's the case then boosting number of client to maximize your business value before selling it is the key and there simply no better person then Rome Wells in this sector of knowledge. Hence getting consulting advice and assistance with your HVAC business sale can most certainly be very beneficial to you.

Unless of course you want to learn concepts of digital science marketing yourself... if that is the case Rome Wells also provides one on one coaching and training, similarly as he provides coaching and training for educational industry example

Either or no matter what your circumstance is Rome Wells can assist with either career advancement in HVAC field, sale of your your HVAC business or even help you flip your HVAC business.

Have you ever seen the show where people flip houses? Well sure you have... this is no different... what Rome Wells can do is help existing HVAC business owners sell their business of help new HVAC business owners flip their recently established business.... or Rome Wells can assist with creating HVAC local business for the purpose of flipping it.

Hence if you want to flip your HVAC business think of Rome Wells as the guy who hooks your business up from marketing stand point training and consulting..... sort of like these contractor guys who house flippers invite to repair the home before listing them for sale for higher value.

Of course if you want to also learn how to flip HVAC businesses then you can most certainly hire Rome Wells to teach you how to do that. Coaching is available.

If you want Rome Wells to actually help you sell your HVAC business or flip it then it's more then just coaching it's actually doing and when it comes to doing there is a commission factor involved. (In case if you are wondering what it means to be doing take a look at what by Rome Wells means by doing.... where he shows how to use concepts of education to boost number of clients... except in this example clients are students in the local geographical reason and except the fact that in this example we are referring to educational agencies and not really HVAC companies.... but guess what concept of doing is very similar just as it is the case for educational companies take a look to see what it means by doing.)

Where yes Rome Wells will charge commission when business is sold.... but it will be definitely worth then attempting to selling it your self or any other broker.

Why? Well because technically Rome Wells is not just a broker, he is the broker and HVAC enthusiast plus a digital marketing expert and a business analyst all in one.

In many cases students refer to Rome Wells as the 21st century educational advocate.

To sell any type of business it requires lots and lots of knowledge of being able to convince others and not just convince others using influential digital marketing, but generate proof to help you get more money for your HVAC business.

Rome Wells can help you generate proof and use digital marketing science to increase value of your HVAC business.

No typical broker would ever do that, but Rome Wells will.... why?

Because Rome Wells likes commission and when it comes to combining passion with commission the life becomes a lot happier.
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Often people asked me how on earth do you make money providing free advice and giving free advice to thousand of People? You see to answer that question.... you must have love... love for the field... love for the knowledge and love for others.

In Rome Wells world passion is the priority, money is 2nd and last item on the priority. Money is measured in energy that you lay out towards others sort of like heat absorbing a cold temperature and energizing the cold environment with hotter temperature resulting in converting cold to hot... this is very well equivalent to passion and money relationship....

If you have passion you can energize that passion toward money. In my case I am helping people with study advice, career advice and their HVAC professional journey whether it's in the middle of the journey the end or the beginning.

How do I help people in the beginning? Well I advise them whether or not they should even bother going into HVAC field... how do I know that? Well because I am navigating my passion across multiple fields not just HVAC and have more out of the box level of thinking. The level of thinking that can either prevent students from doing a mistake or gain success in the field or profession they are trying to get into.

How do I help people in the middle of HVAC field?

Got fed up with your Job? Want to reclassify your profession? Jump out of the field ? Or perhaps enhance your professional skill set and improve your HVAC business? If yes Rome Wells helps with marketing concept using 21st century digital science.

How do I help HVAC techs who are about to retire?

Want to sell your business? Let Rome Wells be your broker helping you make more money from the the sale of your business by super charging your client leads in addition to your existing clients helping you raise value of your HVAC business by 30 to 40 percent if not more.

Rome Wells would use tactics from his other DBA Binary Fusion company to infuse digital science marketing tactics into your HVAC business helping you get super charged with clients and properly present you to the buyer of your business.

Perfect opportunity to leave towards your retirement in better shape by letting Rome Wells help you get paid more money for your HVAC business.

What I just described is only fragment of services that Rome Wells offers. Other services include marketing posts in sections where other clients will find you, optimization of your website, google search engine tricks and many other tactics that Rome Wells has personally tested and knows for fact that it works.

Plus Rome Wells provides actual coaching for HVAC professional business owners who are interested in actually learning about how they can dominate their local area.

To learn more visit
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Are you a current HVAC business owner? What is preventing you from growing your business further? Well let's think.... knowledge.... tools..... specialization... certification.....or hmmm clients?

The chances are if you are HVAC business owner is that you already have specialization in HVAC and most likely doing the HVAC work yourself. Now that is not always the case.... but in many instances indeed that is the case....

If you happen to be lucky enough to know HVAC field ins and outs then the good news is you can increase your client leads and even beat your local competitors. Of course price factor will involve and other key factors.. when landing clients.... and it also depends on what type of clients....

That part I am sure you already know and there is nothing new here.... but... what you most likely do not know is how to actually get clients to call you... by leveraging 21st century digital science.

Now of course how would you possibly know that unless of course you majored in computer science or math related field, spend 10 years creating digital content across different industries built couple of businesses and analyzed customers psychology to the level of insanity... that is in summary technically what digital science marketing is.. extracted knowledge from multiple angles designed to produce traffic. What kind of traffic? Well in his case residential and commercial clients.

Which is why it's a good idea to jump out of the HVAC bubble and embrace the 21st century digital age, because if you do.... and your competitor don't turn you will be in the winning sit.

In the digital graphic below, see how it shows.... 3 business owners hunting for Projects? See how the one in the middle has the shortest arrow to the projects? Well the one with the shortest arrow chose the shortest path in obtaining HVAC project vs other owners who chose longer path... that is equivalent to other HVAC owners who did not consider using Rome Wells innovative digital marketing services vs the one business owner who did.

The one that did is the one who got to their goal of getting project quicker in shorter amount of time and the one who managed to beat the competition.

Want to be the HVAC business owner in the middle and not the one on the side? Then visit to learn how you can increase your client leads residential or commercial and crush the competition and be the one in the middle and not on the side.

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Are you an HVAC business owner? Looking to super charge your current business or perhaps get rid of it?

If so you came to the right place. Or perhaps you are here to see which latest HVAC tools available on the market in relationship to your current project.

Or perhaps you are here because you are looking for someone to tutor or teach you more about HVAC or get recommendation or ask for advice for how to go about switching careers and what career to jump into.

Or perhaps you are here because you simply need more clients and not sure how to get them or perhaps you are sure how to get them, but lacking time to do so.

Whatever your circumstance is, Rome Wells is here to provide advice, marketing help or even assistance with helping you sell your HVAC business.

You see, there are many things that typical HVAC business owner goes through on daily basis, yet no one really took the time to sit down and summarize entire HVAC business ownership concept from the perspective of whether or not it's all worth it. Until now....

No one precisely gave concrete reasons why HVAC profession often tend to be difficult. Sure some HVAC techs attempted to explain this in their blogs and online, but to me it seems that majority of the HVAC business owners who are struggling in the field simply struggling in the field because of not enough resources to help them do better and because many home owners often wants to get ac repair cheap.

Whatever these resources may be, whether it's actual labor resources, or project management resources or marketing resources. There is an actual reason behind why some HVAC business owners are very frustrated.

That reason is not obviously seen. Rome Wells helps HVAC business owners realize that reason. Simply because when you do realize it, you can make progress in addressing that reason. Now of course you may say what a bunch of general non sense.... tell me more....

Want to learn more?

Visit and learn how to super charge your HVAC business discover the truth about your weak links and either chose to get help in increasing your HVAC clients or be left behind and be eaten by your local competitors vs discovering tactics for how to actually crush them using extremely amazing 21st century digital marketing tactics described by Rome Wells

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Discover what HVAC profession is all about and find out how to get into the field and how to progress further within your field.

Rome Wells shows what the profession is all about by expressing his thoughts and combines together many thoughts from other HVAC techs on the field and business owners, helping students make up their mind whether or not it's a good idea for them to jump in the field or not.

Rome Wells also shares other key points for HVAC techs who are already in the field of HVAC and simply looking for help to jump beyond their limits and expanding their HVAC business.

Rome Wells provides marketing advice to HVAC tech helping them super charge their earning during both seasons winter and summer as well as helping HVAC business owners crush their local competition.

Rome Wells uses the same digital marketing principals that he leveraged for many other fields to relay these principles to HVAC business owners.

Additionally Rome Wells assist HVAC companies with sale of their company. Meaning if you have ac company Rome Wells can increase the amount of money you can sell your company for. In some cases as much as 30 to 40 percent more then if you tried to sell your ac company on your own if not more.

This is a perfect opportunity for HVAC business owners who are about to retire to get Rome Wells consulting services for how to increase value of their company.

Rome Wells does this in a unique way by supercharging your local ac company with incredible digital marketing power, in a way that just makes your local competitors cringe, while simultaneously increasing the number of potential client leads and maximizing the value of your company.

Hence if you are about to retire and thinking of getting out of HVAC trade contact Rome Wells to help you get more money for your hard and honest work, great service for baby boomers.

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Learn everything you can about HVAC trade.

If you are a student learn how to prepare for your HVAC exam and see which study methods work best for your. Get advice from Rome Wells by reading reviews or asking direct question in real time from the chat icon on our website.

If you are a home owner learn more about HVAC trade from the stand point of understanding how to maintain your ac system, reduce yearly maintenance costs or even do basic fix on your pc.

Discover HVAC tools you may want to consider getting to replace your air conditioning unit and find out how to identify what size unit you truly need.

Find out more
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Discover how to prepare for your HVAC exams with tips from Rome Wells and with tools that can help you get the job done. Also if you are a home owner discover tips for home owners for how to repair and maintain your ac and minimize yearly repair costs and save on energy bills.
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