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A story-telling collaboration with writer +Peter Quinton.

Index to Stories:

The New Adventures of Vampire Girl

Twilight of the Gods

Preface: Cronus a
Read by +Bob ORourke :

Part 1a: Poseidon

Part 1c: Poseidon
Read by +Peter Quinton

Part 2a: Demeter
read by +Monique Helfrich

Part 2b: Demeter
read by Claudia:
Video by +Bob ORourke

Part 2c: Demeter
Read by +Firdaus Idros :

Part 3a: Hades

Part 3b: Hades

Part 3c: Hades

Part 4a: Artemis

Part 4b: Artemis

Part 4c: Artemis
Read by +ravishankar swaminathan

Part 5a: Apollo

Part 5b: Apollo

Part 5c: Apollo

Part 6a: Hestia
Read by +MicheleElys MER

Part 6b: Hestia

Part 7a: Hermes

Part 8: Hephaestus

Part 9a: Ares

Part 9b: Ares

Part 10a: Aphrodite

Part 11b: Cronus
Read by +Bob ORourke
Video by +Peter Quinton

Part 12a: Athena
Read by +MicheleElys MER

Rehearsal 3: Pirene

Sweet Love

Dream Chocolate Two

Recipes for Love

Faded snapshot

Dream One

Dream Three

Bone Girl

Take Two
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Hi dear Umbertalers!

Here's our latest guest reader, +Randy Resnick enjoy!

What do you think, Red or Brown boots?
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A great, big round of applause please!
Thank you +Monique Helfrich and +ren
for gracing our Amateur Theater with your PROformances!

Ladies and gentlemen, (insert drumroll) Here they are:
and Ren:
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The New Adventures of Vampire Girl

Hi friends! Vampire Girl is creating a playlist, link songs here for it:
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Hi Umbertales Friends!

Record your reading of this chapter and link to the comments,
+Peter Quinton is making another one of his fun videos!

Come one, come all! Let your voice be heard!!
Join us in Vampire Girl's crazy adventures :)
We Want You!

+CR Bravo and I are looking for people to read the following piece, for inclusion in an animation (in the form of a video with a sound track) of the New Adventures of Vampire Girl.

How to play: Simply record yourself on a smart phone app, and send us the result (instructions on how to do this will appear in comments to this post in a day or so). There are lots of different voices in this piece - have fun with them. The font may give you a feel for the type of voice in play.

If you have not done this sort of thing before but you have questions about how to do it, just ask here. Feel free to seek a translation and/or to read in your own language.

The story is about a young woman living in Brooklyn. This part of the story takes place in a ruined cathedral off 7th Avenue (it is a part of the story we have not published here yet). The early parts of this story can be found at +CR Bravo's Umbertales Collection:

We will add each sound track to the animation and post them here and on You Tube - examples of some of our early videos with you for Twilight of the Gods are:
from +Monique Helfrich:
from +MicheleElys MER:
from +Bob ORourke :
from +ravishankar swaminathan:
from +Firdaus Idros:

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The New Adventures of Vampire Girl

.. Candy & Soda exclaimed, in her loud strangulated, scratchy voice, “So are you a real vampire?”

The barista looked down at the coffee, scrunching his face and knocking over a salt shaker.

Vampire Girl turned blood red and murmured, “No need to tell everyone.” She turned to the barista in alarm and gave him a twisted smile. She thought about saying something but wasn’t sure what would work.

Candy & Soda continued, loudly “Yes, I know you bite people, and you have the teeth, and the people don’t get up and.. But are you really a vampire?”

The barista called out, “One almond-milk Colombian and a Sulawesi with two dollops of cream.”

Vampire Girl dashed to get the coffee, smiling sweetly to the barista by way of explanation, “Amateur Theater.” She gave him another smile, this time without the teeth, and turned back to Candy & Soda.

She whispered urgently, “If it has the teeth and bites, what more do you want?”

Awesome GIF, courtesy of the fabulous +Peter Quinton Also, one of his favorite trees :)

Animated Photo
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Hi Umbertales Friends,

Vampire Girl wanted to share her favorite magnolia tree with you.
Do you have a favorite tree? Can you share it?
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"I am sorry for all the suffering caused by my country."

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What is Vampire Girl reading?

She's turned into a prune reading +Peter Quinton's latest release Ancora Tu

..The world is changing. The traditional guardians of the world are being displaced by smart phones and eBooks. In the final days of the great libraries, two very different librarians confront the future..

You can read it too, here:

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