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Chapter 6. from the book 'Wings of a raven, 2028AD'
Interlude "Words & Breakfast'

Another day begins
- yup.

You know, this place, I love it. The silent morning, the sleep and the tranquil way it greets you with visuals from Earth, gorgeous, lush Scandinavian birch trees and lush burning auburn colors that intermingle with our A.I garden and throughout the ship, it´s like walking inside a contemporary Scandinavian minimalist designers dream world.

- I love this place too man.

To wake up greeted by that slowly rising sunlight as it grows across the walls in height, size, and lumen, and each morning, when the doors open up, it is like you are standing back home, in the living room with Spotify already playing, a cup of freshly made black coffee, ground on Brazilian beans and aroma that grows across the entirety of your world as you slide the white, rustic glass doors open and rushing up against your nostrils together with the coffee is the scent of summers dew and moist grass that tickles your senses right in the morning breeze. Rustic board floors against your bare naked feet, Machine Head crushing the acoustics and there you are. My god, that is the perfect morning routine before you head out for a morning run 30 minutes later.

And this room is that sensation of a good old Earthborn sunrise.
I fucking love it. A flawless start to the day.

This ship, the complete world and mixed ecosystem it actually is, it gets me every day. The water that flows across the hull, the algae and plankton, fish and the butterflies and bumblebees, the shellfish and jellyfish, and the way they have taken to this place, damn, I love the way our garden takes care of this place for us, and the way it makes this box of metal feel like a real Earthborn place, a real garden meadows, full of lush life down by the creek, with a real sunrise. Rain, moon, mist and a sunset. A complete 24-hour cycle of natural life mixed up with a state of the art A.I and all the technological marvels to blow your mind. Forming this amazing ecosystem.

The sounds, the freshness of the air, the life you can feel in it, it´s not like the rest of the artificial air of old Earthbound systems. This one is alive. It lives and changes with each day.

I do not know how to describe it properly, but it is tranquil and joyful, relaxing and all. And it just makes me god damn happy man. This ship and what we have created, it is fucking amazing.

But fuck man, yesterday, peering inside their shared dream of that place of theirs.
Ouch. That was death by a thousand cuts, fuck me, that got me hard. I mean, I can't even tell if it is just a mutual dream that they are somehow living and creating together. Or if it a memory shared by people that actually lived it together down on Earth. Or if it is a strange kind of hybrid reality, part dreams, part real-life memories and part AI gone way overboard. Fact or fiction, it does not matter. It got to me, hard man.

- hell yes, I hear you. What a trip, I swear I could feel the scent of coffee, and for a moment, I could taste that apple pie and custard in my mouth, not just in my thoughts, I could fucking taste it physically speaking, the taste buds, the weight against my tongue and the moist in my mouth, the scent through air while the rain kept falling down outside the windows, it was so real. Fuck me!. I could taste it. I swear I could.

Fuck yeah, it was amazing. I have never even thought about Earth like that in a very long time. If I ever did. It sure did bring back some vivid memories, as real as yesterday. To the point, it was as if I was actually standing back on Earth again.

- It was like a flood I tell you, bringing me back to another life. You know, those crazy Chinese, how they started out teleporting real stuff between a station up in space and a state-funded laboratory back down on Earth. That's how this one felt.

Just like that quantum entangled thing, it was not like the way we stream stuff or even actual physical teleportation, it was as if I actually existed in two places at once. I was right here, on this fucked up ship, and yet, I was right there. Wet pavement, coffee, Earth coffee. Blueberry pie, and the scent of sunlight burning away the rain.

The sounds. They lingered, unheard, yet present. I was present and alive, coherent, yet completely there as well.

Melting ice cream, and the chatter of the world.
- As she served another cup of coffee. Her perfume, did you feel that too?

OMG, I sure did.
And I heard the birds outside. The atmosphere, the pressure of it. It curved the hair on my arms.

- Sounds and conversations from complete strangers. Real stuff.

But I sure as hell do not miss waiting in line.
- Haha, yeah, no need for that up here with the day crew.

Nope, it´s all ours. Plain and simple.

- But I still crave apple pie.

And the scent of people, mm Earth coffee. And the feel of morning rain.

- Wet pavement.

Oh, fuck you, a warm apple pie and a beautiful random girl in a short skirt walking by.

- Timeout, Fuck me. That´s fucking, time out you are fricking killing me. Fuck you for going there. At breakfast too, what the fucking fuck.

And that radio, who the fuck is "Big Chief" Mason.

- Yeah lol, that is such a weird one. And quite a work of wordsmithing too, it cracked me up tho.

Strange is the way of wyrd. But it's a proper mind trip. I tell you that.

- Hell yes. And that's why we are here. Floating through the nothingness, peering inside the life and dreams of an entire ship of sleeping human beings, an entire future planetary colony, and somehow their thoughts and dreams. It's the best thing since the dinosaurs.

Haha, fucking right you are. Best shit since our good old T-rex ruled the world.

Yeah, its strange is it not?. Sometimes I feel so disconnected from it all. Earth I mean, the people. Sometimes I even wonder if we are even the same species that left Earth. I mean, you get it right?. Have we changed in a real, and evolutionary way, the way some lizard evolve in a mere decade or two if they have to adapt to their island world getting submerged or completely cut off.

Is that the thing, or have we just forgotten how it is to be a human being that´s a healthy, non-destructive part of the world, the wolf pack that physically has to hang out with the rest of the fucked up world without tearing each other to bits and pieces? You get it right?

- I do man. I had to watch one of the last few streams we received last night just to remind myself.

What did you see?

- It was just a random heat wave, one of a million heatwaves. 73c that hit southern Europe for two hours. 45 000 dead people in a fairly local region of Spain and Portugal, parts of France and Italy and some Balkan southern states. They named it Lucifer IV, and the next piece of random news was some fucked up earnings call for a new West Virginia Trump mine that had seen its shares soar to unprecedented levels just two months later, a major new coal discovery in the Appalachian mountains, and the worlds entire problem sounds as if they are completely forgotten. They glossed right over the air pollution, the tides outside Florida and New York, Lucifer and all its siblings.

50 dead miners in one week. Zero livable wages. Drought and food shortages. Millions of people fleeing their dead lands, billions of unemployed people. But nope, they just burned more coal and the stock kept rising.

Right there. In two short streams, all the reminder I needed.
What a worthless bubble we all lived in.
Fuck me, that old world was a crazy place.

- No, Earth was a great place. It was the hominid species that was fucked up, beyond ape shit crazy. Well, not the apes, but we, the human species. Fucked up worthless.

Yeah. The human race. What a disgrace, and what a fucking mess we made.

And here we are now. Drifting at sea like some fucking old Viking boat. A world wrapped in mist and no one else in sight.

- Let's watch some news tonight.
Connect to the human soul you mean.

- Beam me up, Scotty. Right back to 2028. And perhaps that will put us in touch with a happy raven.

haha, wise guy, you fucking tool. Sure thing man. Let's connect to our human soul back in 2028, give me April and a summer shower while we are still on Earth. Who knows, perhaps we´ll receive some new bits of news soon, positive news from back home.

- It's been years man.

And years more will go by, but eventually, we´ll hear something. Old shit, but news to us. Eventually, we´ll get that quantum thing going again. Things will catch right back up with us.

- It is what it is. Chinese and all.

Yup, at least we got that worldwide, one child per adult female law right.
- You know it man, there is a silver lining in everything. And we did turn Wonder Woman into a franchise too.

There´s that too. There is hope for humanity.

music of the day
Sail into the black by Machine head

#whatiamreading and writing
#SciFiAugust +Jacob Dix

read the complete book over at my own library 'a Norse View'.

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The Scandinavian.Fitness Kitchen.
New fitness & health book, due out this summer. Choke full of tasty writing and healthy facts from the world of fitness, health, and nutrition. And there will obviously be plenty of beautiful photography to enjoy as well :).

One of the themes in this book, besides scientifically sound and proper, train hard as fuck advice :), will be healthy vegetarian proofed food recipes, the way we fit and healthy Vikings do it here in Scandinavia.

But, why Vegetarian recipes?

Well, for instance, just the other day I published another fitness science article in Swedish comparing the impact on the health of our heart depending on you getting your proteins from meat or vegetarian sources.

You can read the article right here ( in Swedish )

But the sum of it all?.
People that get the majority of their proteins from meat will increase the chance of cardiovascular issues with 60% all while fitness people that consume the majority of their proteins from vegetarian food sources will lower their risk of cardiovascular health issues with 40%. And that is one simple, yet major reason why going vegetarian is not just good for the planet, but damn good for you.

So outside of healthy vegetarian food recipes and workout routines, thoughts and ideas on how to do a life of health and fitness there will be plenty of up to date health and fitness facts like this short post, laid out in an easy to understand way, making your lifelong fitness journey a healthier and better adventure.

The Scandinavian.Fitness Kitchen will be published in both English & Swedish.

Gym diaries, day 9196 (I am publishing tomorrows gym diary this time around since today was nothing but cardio)
Morning walk
+ back, abs, farmers walk
+ HIIT MMA for 5 minutes

Midday sprint interval
low impact fitness activities for the evening.
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what came before the sound of silence
where I walk, the sound
and light of ancient old
filters slow

down the swaying pines of
autumn air
and winters grasp,

Ingested slow
like a wave
strings of

formed into
chains and choker
the mirrored shapes and cosmic chasms
a cutting gasp
filled with blood and fluid colors
these words speak
in native tounges of old and new
organic matter
unseen felt
just passing through

the fluctuation
slow becomes
a set
of present days
and dying worlds
growing beauty
yet to see
the ugliness
of man-made minds and polluted dwellings

But, here is now and in this moment
I catch
the worm of ice
and hold it
for a while, standing by
the roadsides manor
until soon

seconds came
pass us by
they slow
back in-to,
something small but completely new
a moment stretched,
lapsed to hold
while sounds cascading
with eons clash, a billion sets
of ruptured wings
from moments of

long before
this day soon,
once more
with gaping jaws
the burning sun
and so
the snake, it burrows

caves of ice, and worlds of snow
leaving tunnels, for me
to follow forth
the universe

like we both
became, evolved
straight into the changing
seed and cells
like a river
flowing wild
beneath your skin

we swim and run, chase and climb

florals found
across the creek
like a bed
muddy wet

we turn our backs
close it off
the dying sounds
of all things man

man-made human
this world die, while
we walk, straight into
tomorrows wild,
through snow and ice

our progression
now becomes
a reborn

of wolves and wild
that guides us through
the sound of silence

music of the day
the heirs to mankind's atrocities by ingested
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Gym diaries, day 9177
Morning walk
+ Back workout 
+ 7 minutes MMA interval workout

low impact fitness activities for the evening.
New PB. Sitting row 136kg ( 300 lbs ) x 12 reps for a total of 1632 kg ( 3598 lbs ) per set.

about the photo
Just another walk through the frozen world of Scandinavias arctic region.
Probably the best place in the world to live by far :)
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[ from the trenches in the year 2018.]

And in that spirit, let us point out that Earth hour is happening right now.
And yes, I get it, Earth Hour might seem like a superficial hour, a worthless speck in an infinite ocean of unhealthy choices and people and entities that just do not see or understand how they are suffocating you and the entire planet, every living breathing human being, and all the other animals too with which we share this singular planet with.
And in some ways, you could absolutely be apologized for thinking so.

But hey, wake up, reality is this.
You have one singular life to live. And no matter how worthless and blind you live it, you still have to live it, so when you think about it when you truly think about it.
What is the point in wasting life away not accepting reality and not enjoying life to its fullest, in the happiest and most wonderfully healthy way there is.
Yes, there, now you get it. not living your own life in a way that you are enjoying is meaningless. As is trying to prevent life from being the brightest and most deliciously healthy it can be for everybody else too. So start making better choices, because nobody ever loses when we do life like that.

And that is what Earth Hour is truly about, making life better.
So yes, in comparison to that gigantic yarn of lingering issues and oblivious disregard for common sense Earth hour might seem like a meaningless act of futility without any real-life impact whatsoever.

But Earth Hour is also infinitely more valuable than its singular moment of 60 minutes stringed together into one global hour of awareness.
Because beneath the surface, Earth Hour represents a real-life water mill, a global water mill which dips deep down into our connected worlds every single cell, and it powers a real shift in knowledge and capacity and will.
For you see, Earth Hour is just the real-life manifestation that we have already changed course.
Humanity that is. We are in many ways uneducated infants, still learning the ropes of progress, science, and evolution in this vast Universe that we happen to inhabit.
We are also a near-sighted species made up of selfish and flawed beings.
Blind and reckless and self-destructive even.

But we are also adapting, evolving, and learning.
We are compassionate and intelligent. And while the human race at times takes an awfully long time to see the errors of its ways, and while plenty of folks spend unhealthy amounts of time doing bad choices and believing in fairy tales while they refuse to see life for what it is.
Truth is that more and more people, governments and corporations do see, and we do understand the urgent need to transform our way of life on this entire planet.

So, Earth Hour will only ever be a superficial and meaningless and empty gesture inside the luminous space of your own mind if you think it is.
And even then it will never lack real meaning, except in the flawed way that you see the world.
Because for all its fault and for all the dire needs and the incredibly challenging position we have put ourselves, and the entire planet in we are moving towards a healthier Planet Earth and a healthier and more caring way of being homo sapiens.

And as such, the only meaningless thought and gesture is to refuse to see the good that Earth Hour does and to refuse to do better and be better in the way that you do life.
A few numbers for you to take with you. As you pick up better habits, eat less meat, pollute less, work out more in the gym and contribute more towards a truly better planet.

70% of all the water that we humans consume every single year is used up by our agriculture ( Our farmers are using it to grow the wrong kind of food in very insufficient ways that is ).
The very same farmers and food producers also end up being the ones that pollute that precious and far too rare drinking water together with our lakes and oceans for everybody else in ways and a destructive amount that no other industry even comes close to.

All while we all contribute towards the plastic pollution which is now a permanent and plentiful addition to the air we breathe, the water we drink, the water we swim in, the fish we eat and the salt we use.
We have plastic islands in our global waterways, which outdo the entire US Texas state in sheer size.
And sadly, those ludicrous islands of man-made garbage are picking up the pace, growing their destructive net of plastic pollution even quicker.

All while homeless people are increasing in sheer numbers by hundreds of %.
Homeless people which die on average 30 years quicker than other Europeans.

Our planet now provides for more obese people than malnourished.
Yet, most eat like shit. Picking resource hungry food like meat despite the fact that our planet can not cope with this many people eating this much meat.
Ignoring not just the environmental impact and the destruction of our entire planet that eating too much meat and other resource hungry food products causes, but they are also ignoring the negative health impact on their own and others health.
There is the increase in diabetes and cancer that indulging in too much meat and unhealthy food, in general, give cause too.
But there is also the unsustainable and incredibly destructive way that our meat and farm industry is harming our entire planet.

In Europe agriculture now lay claim to 45% of Europe's entire land mass.
And the massive resources and land mass which is being used to fuel our addiction to crappy food and unsustainable farm production is a direct cause to insurmountable loss of wildlife across all of Europe, such as a 55% decline of farmland birds, as well as water shortages across the entire world and massive amounts of pollution in land, air and water.
Farm pesticide usage is linked to a 70% decline in flying insects last few decades and is now, in turn, linked to this catastrophic decline in European birds.
One scientist described this as the beginning of a second silent spring.

As for the first one?.
Ecologist Rachel Carson once described the slump in birds in the 1960s as a silent spring, and that too was caused by pesticides. And would you guess it?. Pesticide usage is not declining around the world, it´s actually increasing because farmers love it and the way it harms our planet and your health, well they do not seem to care about that.
Almost like if people just can not connect the dotted line between cause and consequence.

And while we pollute our world to hell and back, and while we all can see and read about it, and while plenty of reports talk about water shortages around our world, and while we continue to eat more meat and our farmers continue to make use of 70% of our entire water usage, people are making the situation even worse by buying bottled water like there is no tomorrow. Why?
Why I ask, because the water is not free from plastic particle pollution, it is not healthier or more affordable. It´s plain shit and utterly unsustainable. And in fact, that bottled water, its made from the same water resources that people should get from their own tap water.

And that "great pacific garbage island" made of litter and pollution we dump in the seas. Just one of those floating garbage islands is now measured to be made up of 79,000 tons of plastic.
Measuring about 620,000 miles² in size. Which makes it twice as big as the entire state of Texas over in USA.

And in case you are wondering why you should care about any of this?.
Well, according to UN water shortages will most likely affect 5 billion people by 2050.
Around the same time as we are predicting that we will have more plastic mass in our seas than actual fish.
Other facts are.
Around two-thirds of forests and wetlands have been lost or severely degraded since the early 20th century. All while the essential land soil we need for our own farm production and the entire planet need for maintaining this global ecosystem which we all depend on is eroding and deteriorating in quality.

And in Europe the remaining biodiverse and rich ancient forests are under ongoing threat from profit-hungry corporations that prefer cutting them down instead of preserving what little wildlife and precious natural biodiversity we have left. And in the last 30 years, water pollution has worsened in virtually all rivers in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

And yet, I am sure you will continue to eat steak and hamburgers tomorrow, even tho it does not provide any nutritious benefits over plant-based protein.
Nor does it provide your health with any advantages, unless you consider an increase in diabetes and cancer risk a nice benefit.
Granted, we do get creatine and B12 and iron from meat. But creatine is cheap to buy as a supplement and B12 and Iron is not hard to get if you pay attention to your food.
And perhaps, if you do not care about your own health, knowing that your meat burger will need 2000L more water for its production than a proper vegan burger without providing any nutritious advantage can help tip the scale towards a healthier food choice come tomorrow.
Or something else will.

If not, that is okay too, because more and more people are tuning into the one reality we are all sharing, and those that do, we are changing this entire world, making it into something far more healthy.
And if you are not onboard that train, you will just have to live with the fact that you are absolutely making life on this planet hell of a lot worse than it should be, for yourself and everybody else too.
Quote “In the face of accelerated consumption, increasing environmental degradation and the multi-faceted impacts of climate change, we clearly need new ways to manage competing demands on our freshwater resources."
UN, Gilbert Houngbo, the chair of UN Water from the 2018, World Water Development Report.

And that is why Earth Hour not only matters every second of every day, but it is also our brand new everyday reality for all of us.
And unlike the well-ingrained fairy tales society like to tell each other, this is one reality you can not put your head in the sand and hide from. All you can do is to either help out by actually living a healthier and more fit life, because doing so is not just good for your own health and well-being, it will also make you much less of a polluting resource hog, which is not a personal opinion or an emotionally loaded phrase, it´s just a simple fact.

A simple fact which you can either accept or refuse to acknowledge while you continue making things worse for everybody else by ignoring the simple reality we are all sharing, the same way Donald Trump and his cohorts are doing across the world. Either way, at the end of it all, we are still changing the world for the better no matter how bumpy the road ahead will be.

the complete website article

music of the day
wolves on the throne by kalmah

about the photo
Just me enjoying a tranquil walk down the frozen gardens of my arctic home.
Yes, life as a Viking with the wolves and bears and eagles in Scandinavia is a fairy tale looking life in the winter :)
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Fitness and dementia
A 44-year longitudinal population study in women.
A healthier you is just an active, daily choice away, and the choice is all yours, every single morning.

This simple truth can be seen in a recent 2018 study that concluded a 40-year long Swedish health and fitness study on dementia.
The female participants got to measure their cardiovascular fitness capacity and were followed over 40 years.

The conclusion?.
Females in their 50´s with very good to excellent fitness capacity reduce their risk of developing dementia with 90% compared to people with lower levels of fitness capacity.
And in the case when the very fit females did develop dementia they did so on average 11 years after the point when less fit females developed dementia.

website version, with links to the relevant studies in question

music of the day
Old Nothing by rivers of Nihil
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At the crossroads of the Anthropocene
On one hand, we are living in the day and age of butterflies and endangered white rhinos being multiplied and preserved through soon to be commercial cloning facilities, one day making sure we will never have to lose another species to extinction.

And that road is walking hand in hand with this growing worldwide awareness that eating healthy, and being healthy is not just good for that one person, but transformative and good for everybody else too. Be it from a financial perspective or healthwise speaking.

That very road is also why we have things such as our own fitness, planet, and health friendly 'Vegetarian Paleo' food recipes and nutritional advice being put to good use day in and day out by ourselves and our clients. And it is why the WWF just decided to launch another wonderful food direction called 'One Planet Plate' where each person and municipality will end up eating nutritious food that also happens to be sustainable enough that one single planet can actually feed us all. ( And as it happens, our Scandinavian.Fitness Vegetarian Paleo recipes are all within the One Planet Plate sustainable recommendations, just tailored to provide all the nutrition healthy fit living people need in order to stay or become even more fit and healthy ).

That road ahead is also why we are seeing the world move from fossil fuel powered vehicles to more sustainable options, such as electric vehicles. It is why we are seeing green and clean energy slaying fossil fuel dragons on an endless battlefield, day in and day out.

And all of this is nothing but good things, happening for the same wonderful and beneficial reasons.

But we also have people still walking down the wrong road ahead.
We have administrations opening up elephant trophy hunting imports again ( while China just closed all its domestic trade and import ), we have stubborn folks refusing to see the harm in fossil fuels and modern-day pollutions, we have the same folks refusing to see the economic benefit of a healthier and more sustainable world and people.

And the same folks just do not want to see the individual tragedy of all the folks that suffer in a world that does not cater to health and sustainability, they do not see or want to hear about the 9 million people that die each year due to modern day pollutions, and they do not want to see the connection between diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's and other serious health issues and modern day pollution and bad food and sedentary choices.

But that does not change that more and more people are picking the road that leads us towards a healthier and more sustainable world.

So for today, help a few more people pick the healthier road ahead by getting one of Hong Kongs biggest shark fin offenders to change course, because that is something we all need, to influence more people and commercial entities to make better choices. We need it for the planet and for our very own health and wellbeing.

music of the day
Crown of horns by Necrophobic

And my article about the butterfly and pale white rhino ( and cloning for the sake of making the world a better and more sustainable place )

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Fitness School, Do you know the right answer?. Question 26, Black coffee, is it a natural diuretic that causes dehydration or a health improving rehydrating drink?

Black coffee, the mere words are capable of sending hundreds of millions of people into a state of Nirvana filled with transcending bliss and harmony :).
But black coffee is also a cup of rejuvenating health for our entire system. It calms the mind with its slowly rising aroma, helps us keep cancer and diabetes at bay, harnesses our creative focus like an arrow in flight, and in enough quantities, it can even boost peoples gym going efforts.
But is there all there is to it?. Well, here is my question:
Is the old saying true that your daily coffee drives so much fluid out of your body that you need to supplement your coffee intake with equal measures water too in order to stay hydrated?.

your options

Hell no. While coffee does have a mild diuretic effect it is not enough to dehydrate you at all, not to mention that each cup of black coffee contains a lot of water in itself too.
Yes, coffee is a diuretic drink so you need to compensate the fluid you will lose by drinking equal measures of water.

check the correct answer over on 'anorseview'

music of the day
mark of the necrogram by necrophobic

about the photo
walking through the Arctic winter far up in the land of Vikings in Northern Europes Scandinavian region sometimes make down look up and vice versa.
And this winter was no exception with the entire world dressed in the thickness of snowy white as day turned to night and night swirled with vivid colors.

And standing deep in the wilderness, you might at times, even ask yourself if that is the setting of the sun or in truth, just the birth of a brand new day.

buy this fine art print
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dreams from daytime
You are Standing
Upon the bluff
Of daytimes dampened

and within
this garden
there now lies

something so enthralling
wrapped in marble
& fertile ground, you will
wholly soon
call this place
the void

my home,
where I wait, like a specter
standing guard
with owls
and five small ravens,
the road, and wayward tavern
that lies beyond
the towering
of merging ships
and waves that ripple

slow and light

The morning trail
Of hearts and minds that flail
they are
a congregation of skybound wings
To a world
Of bumblebees

I heard, once, one day plunged
The antiquated past
the whispers
The universe
Natures own decipher
and Soon I found
Myself becoming

The night
And light
Seeking, playing

Between the cracks
Of what you see
And ravenously
lucid feel

the song
whispered slow
from within
the falling of the snow,
so light and soft, warming cold
Against your senses, there
is now
ice and water
which play like drums
against the windows
Of your skin and channeled cells
where voices
Wait to whisper

of words
And truths hard to see
But locked inside
The life And Death
Of cycled streams
both fluid
Rigid, explained by science

from thoughts
And light of matter

endless old but always new
Every world is progressing
from growing plants
And changing forms
Deep beneath
The night and daylights rise

And so I write
a note

towards the start
And end
it could become
The new beginning
Of this chapter, caught between
the end

of yesterday
and Monday morning

Momentary points
Of juxtaposing moments

thoughts and words
are born
by Sundays
supper, and now
these lines will
forever more

Of days to come
And wayward dreams
still slipping through

From what
once came
this day
where nothing
ever stayed the frozen same

the corners of the walls
the ones that hold
our changing box
Of colors blue
And shades of black

with strings
still, carve

the things
we once had made
from moonlights serenade

we live and die
And rise
again inside the falling of the stars
This branching field
change forever,
yet remain
Our endless light
our winters day
And in fact,
all these worlds and branching paths

was once born
a changing pyre of colliding
Worlds and lights
The darkest matter
Living deep
natures loop

of death and life
and woodens day

with howls of wolves
and chirping birds
These old worlds
sol and måne
forever slow
still becomes
something new

and ever more

music of the day
requiem for a dying sun by Necrophobic

about the photo.
Just another good morning spent in the savage land and mystery of Scandinavia where ancient whispers rise each morning from the deep to greet farewell to måne.

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Question number 25 in our School of Fitness.
Outside of our legs and ass, there is no other muscle group that comes close to sheer size, strength, health impact and lean muscle mass potential than our back. So as exhausting as a proper back workout is, this is one big and essential muscle group you should never skimp out on, no matter if your own goals are all in on health and wellness, sports or just sheer looks, or all of the above.
Here is my question:
Tell me the major muscles that make up our back. Straight and simple folks.

your options
Lats ( Latissimus Dorsi) and the lower traps ( trapezius ), Quadratus Lumborum.
Lats ( Latissimus Dorsi ) and the lower traps ( trapezius ), Quadratus Lumborum, Levator Scapulae and erector spinae.
Lats ( Latissimus Dorsi ) and traps ( lower, middle and upper part of trapezius ), erector spinae, Rhomboideus. Infraspinatus, Quadratus Lumborum and Levator Scapulae.

the right answer can as always be found on

music of the day
step back in line by bleeding through
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