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This is gonna be awesome. It's also kinda crazy that a developer update video for a game would have 330k views on a single day.

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" And if you’re willing to read up on the metagame, turn on your mic, and coordinate with your teammates, there’s a lot of depth here as well."... What am I missing? When I played the beta on both PC and PS4, nobody would speak anything. The game seemed very un-strategic. Should I pre-arrange parties to play? The game is so smooth that I'm willing to give it another try.

I'm playing the Overwatch Beta. Not sure how I feel about the game. It's very slick and well done, so it may be worth a lot of hours, but it's probably not going to be my go-to game. (Currently it's Rainbow 6: Siege)

Overwatch is a team fortress type game. I really loved the classic TF based on quake, but this one plays quite differently. In general I prefer slow-paced FPS games, like R6:Siege or Counter-Strike. Overwatch is like a mix of Resistance (fast-faced) and TF2 (player classes). It tries to be more strategic but I don't think it succeeded. Nobody appears to be using their mics, for example. Maybe at higher levels?

If any of you are playing, my id Nictuku#2123. 

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I'm sure you gamers heard of Stardew Valley by now, if not, check it out. It's like a SNES farming simulator done for PC, and done right. And done by a single developer. It's a sweet game with lots to do. It's also a bit addictive.

I learned about it on Twitch. That in itself is also interesting. A lot of my game purchases are because of Twitch. It seems like the game publisher know this, too. Very smart of them.

Can someone explain to me how am I supposed to enjoy Destiny? It's a beautiful game, but the single player is just awful. I heard people don't like the story.. but I ask..what story?

Anyway, since the game is so well loved, what's the big deal about it? How exactly do I get to enjoy it? Multiplayer? Or keep trying the single player "story"?

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There are 122,000 people watching experts play games very quickly. It's fantastic.

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I'm telling you, this game is awesome. 

I'm going to start playing Elite Dangerous Horizons. Anyone playing it and wants to party up sometime?

Little Big Planet 3 is the buggiest game I've played in many years.
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