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Last week on Pearl's Twitter

Apr 18:
Finally refreshed my 🍏 Terminal colour theme. Not perfect but much better.

Note: If you're on Lion+, you can just save the raw file from here as a .terminal file and just run it:

I'm just going to leave this link here... #cats #weinerdog #hamster #hamburger #sushi #taco

Apr 19:
I'm feeling all computer sciencey right now because I solved (what was) a messy logic problem with recursion. What what!

Apr 20:
Github project created for my Intel-ligent Clock! Just polishing up the tutorial right now. #IntelMaker

Apr 21:

Bluetooth Low Energy on your nails! #need #want
RT @rxmxa
For all those teeny tiny nail drawings.@PearlChen//

Working on a blog post called Money Money Money Money! What are things you wish you knew? Or that others should know?

Apr 22:

.@klab_ca fans get 20% off  hackathon tickets when you use code: HNTCOMMUNITY #wearables #toronto May 1-3

Early bird tickets just went on sale for the Big Android BBQ! Yes, it's an Android conference. And yes, there's BBQ. 

Curious as to how an existing Node app can be ported to the Intel Edison via Intel XDK? I made a video: #IntelMaker

1 down, 4 more events to go. Ha!

Apr 23:

RT @klab_ca:This talented team of creative technologists will be mentoring at @RUFashionZone's !

RT @ThisTechGirl
After $70K base-salary promise @GravityPymts:
-3,500 apps for 2 jobs
-dozens of new clients 

RT @aashnisshah
Here's my post of the @FITC#FITCWMM event that happened last weekend.  - such an awesome event!

Apr 24:

Toronto was honoured to have you visit,@SophiKravitz!
Sophi's recap →

DYK @STEAM_Labs is on Kickstarter? With a makerspace at Queen & Spadina, you could laser cut something during lunch!

ICYMI, maybe add "build a JavaScript-powered smart clock" to your weekend projects list?

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Last week on Pearl's Twitter

Apr 13:

One of the worst things a company can do is hire talented and passionate employees but block them from reaching their full potential.

On the flip side, one of the worst things an employee can do (who's not feeling fulfilled) is to stay.

I have a theory that I'm doing ok as a woman in tech since I've mostly been a free agent (eg. contract) since 2008.
"Women are leaving your tech company because you don’t deserve to keep us around." - 2015: year of the table flip - 

ICYMI, many #womenintech don't leave b/c of "family". They leave b/c they get passed over for promotions. See:

Make a little * dance across your Grove LCD screen using JavaScript: #IntelMaker  

Scroll text across your Grove LCD screen using JavaScript: #IntelMaker  

Apr 14

Grunt! Gulp! NPM scripts! More task runner demos than you can shake a computer mouse at!
We're teaming with @torontojs to bring you our next meetup event: Task Runners & Build Process Automation   #YeomanTO

Apr 15

At my 1st job out of school, I learned I was getting paid $10K less than someone doing similar work. #neveragain
.@ThisTechGirl told a dude how much $ she was making. It changed her life. #equalpay  

Downside of writing JS for hardware is a LOT of setTimeouts + callbacks as you wait for hardware to do its thing. No simple: delay(100);

Internal dialogue: 
"Hmmm.... that seems buggy"
"Let's add in another setTimeout()!"
"Yep, fixed it"

Always has to be that one condescending guy at a meetup, doesn't there. Thanks, jerk, right when I was leaving. Otherwise, perfect night.

Apr 16

Excited to announce @klab_ca is sponsoring @RUFashionZone's wearables hackathon, Hack'N'Talk!  

Toronto: where racoons have been making news headlines for the past month.

You Don't Have Impostor Syndrome

Updated my Intel Edison + Grove LCD sample!! Now supports 2 rows of flawless scrolling text.

Apr 17

To any new web devs struggling with learning JavaScript: find solace in knowing it's not you, it's JavaScript.

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My poor little G+ stream hasn't been getting much love lately. So I'm going to try posting "my week on Twitter" summaries each week and see how that goes.

From previous week:

Apr 6:
If you use Gmail filters+labels+categories, this query is so useful: in:inbox category:primary -label:"label to hide" -label:"hide this too"

Apr 6: 
Not being snarky but you know what would go well on a @ThePhysicalWeb beacon? A NFC sticker. Both technologies (BLE, NFC) have questionable device support so just combine both of them as fallback for each other. Seems silly that 2 complimentary technologies have been put in opposition of each other by some technologists and media.

Apr 7:
Going to call it now: the hot hot tech for 2015 is going to be the "smart desk clock".

Apr 8:
I just published "What’s inside a (Google)@ThePhysicalWeb BLE beacon?".

Apr 11: 
Happy #fitcwmm day! To my dear followers, you may see a lot of RTs from me of women saying and doing awesome things. #SorryNotSorry

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