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A Quick Rundown On How To Earn Bitcoin
Short guide on earning Bitcoin.
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Trade Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin on Cryptopia!
I've been using Cryptopia lately to trade between the hundreds of different cryptocurrency pairs!
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US Bill Will Allow Bitcoin Transactions Under 600$ Tax Exemption
In an unprecedented move, some politicians are trying to prevent taxes on Bitcoin. This is a small step but a step nonetheless I'm the right direction. Bitcoin enthusiasts still want Bitcoin to be totally untaxed and we may be inching towards that.

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If you're looking for a Bitcoin exchange you can try Cryptopia!

Cryptopia offers a very impressive list of cryptocurrencies to trade with. Some include: DOT, DOGE, BCH, BTC, LTC

Trades follow a .20% trading fee which is a standard throughout many Bitcoin exchanges online. They also offer a reward system, a referral system (using DOT as payment) and there is a lotto which is paid out daily for those who are interested!
#Dogecoin #bitcoin #litecoin #bch

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In 2015, Only 802 People Paid Taxes On Bitcoin
The US government is doing everything it can to control Bitcoin and "illicit" practices, which can only mean one thing... The total destruction of what Bitcoin was meant to be. Bitcoin was never meant to be controlled or regulated by the government, yet the US is pushing heavily against it. Conducting seizures of individual accounts and even public currency exchanges that are way out of US jurisdiction (BTER in China, BTC-e in Cyprus, etc.). The US has a score to settle with Bitcoin, as Bitcoin is not a centralized currency that can be easily manipulated by loan rates and "printing money". Central governments like the US, Russia, and China are leading the charge in controlling Bitcoin just so they can make a profit on a currency that isn't theirs to manipulate. If we allow these governments to regulate Bitcoin then that would mean more unjust data breaches by the government into our personal lives, which isn't right...
#Bitcoin #Security #Taxes

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First Block Capital Inc. the first Bitcoin Investment Fund Approved in Canada
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