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Where do you Project Yourself on The Line of Trends?
Audit Your Specific Interest

Five Ultimate Relevant Bits
Conversation distillation
Review ( 5 min read) of the article

Poll first started on personal resolutions related to 2017 trends
Check by hashtag #Polls_Trend2017

Relevant Topic: Business&Entrepreneurship
Edited with introduction of Topics April 27,2017
Where do you Project Yourself on The Line of Trends?
For Your Specific Interest

I have started this week with my weekly intention to be aware of trends. Here is my post:

It was interesting while I finished the article 5min Ultimate Relevant Bits with 5 tips:,
what we are going to see within the next five years was published #IBM5in5 +IBM In South East Europe and
+David Amerland started by revisiting #5LittleThings ( a lot more exciting news, visit his profile)
So Five in Five is trending this week, especially on the 5th working day of the year. Which is your answer?
I may tell you the story of this image later on
See you with #EyeForLight #TheCloudWhisperers next week! Interesting?!

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With Trends
Catching up With Trends
Ahead of Trends
With Trends
Catching up With Trends

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Innovate Fashion
Global Change Award 2018

Are you our planet’s next big game changer? Apply for the Global Change Award 2018 between September 13 – October 31. For more info, head to

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Shape Tomorrow

While all seem to agree that the Internet should place us humans in the center, the values of connectivity, security and digital rights are threatened from interests of many different natures, grounded in human character, what we all have.

This Tweet is part of the global event and conversation on the occasion of celebrating 25 years Internet with +Internet Society

#Trend2017 #shapetomorrow

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Mentors and Start-Up
+Google Developers glimpse into Budapest event and experience.

#collaboration #inclusivedesign

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InterCommunity: On The Internet For The Internet
Celebrating 25 years Internet, Hall of Fame Ceremony from LA, US

25 000 people, 56 chapters on five continents are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of The Internet, said Kathy Brown, CEO, and President of The Internet Society.

The celebration started with the launch of the Global Internet Report with a discussion panel streamed live online and conversations going around the 56 chapters across the globe for 24 hours.

The center in Brussels is keeping the communication channels open and there is a group of visual translators who are going to report about the celebration. On a special roundtable back in LA The Internet Society will make a summary from all what has been going on during the Celebration of The Internet.

I've downloaded the Global report to check the advantages and concerns users share for the preceding 12 months of research internationally.
Download the free Global Internet Report
Replay of its launch:

It was 3 am in my time zone when the Hall of Frame broadcast started.

The Historic Celebration took place in Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, known to have been the place to send the first message to the appnet, before the internet existed.

Many of the current issues of The Internet have been addressed during the events, to mention the speed and price of bandwidth, digital skills, digital divide, online support and new occupations. Check the stream on Twitter with #ShapeTomorrow hashtag.

This event gathered great thinkers and achievers and it's amazing that thanks to +Internet Society organizers we can attend online either watch the replay. From engineers to connectors, each awarded Speaker is a legend and extraordinary example for us to follow!

#Intercommunity #ShapeTomorrow

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Live now! Global Internet Report
+Internet Society

"In 2016, the Internet Society launched a project to take stock of the key forces of change that could impact the future of the Internet. We have engaged with the broad Internet community via multiple surveys, interviews, and roundtables. The full report 'Paths to our Digital Future' will be released on September 18 2017"

#TheNext25 #TheInternetSociety

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Preparing for Self-Driving Future
with +Ford Europe

One standard to be elaborated. It sounds a wise solution for the industry.

#Trend2017 #SelfDrivingCars
Going Undercover 👉 👈

What's the best way for self driving cars to interact with pedestrians?

To gather data to help answer questions like that +Ford Motor Company and the +Virginia Tech Transportation Institute have been going undercover: literally!

Read more 👉

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Live stream now: Tips For Measuring Online Success
+Google Small Business Stasia Kudrez

#GoogleMyBusiness #Online

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European Junior Olympiad in Informatics (eJOI)
Council of Europe member states

+Telerik Academy had proven proficiency and leadership at the Olympics held in Sofia this week. Bulgarian kids won 8 medals and six of them, including a golden one, are awarded to students from Telerik Academy.

This event is held for the first time and the organizers claim to acknowledge best young IT talents and engage public attention with the importance of science and technology for future IT industry.

#Trend2017 #YoungIT
Българските състезатели завоюваха общо 8 медала!

Радостта ни е двойно по-голяма, защото Мартин Копчев, възпитаник на Детската Телерик Академия в Габрово, спечели златен медал. Българските участници си тръгнаха с едно златно, пет сребърни и две бронзови отличия, като шестима от осемте медалисти са стартирали своята подготовка в Телерик Академия.

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Live Stream from Watson See Summit 2017
Opatija, Croatia, Cognitive technologiees

The panel "Cognitive technologies as an industry game changer in the era of digital transformation" is moderated by Jozef Gemela, Vice President, Consulting, IDC CEMA. Panelists are discussing strategies, data management, user cases.

This is the live stream IBM SEEL Summit 2017 in Opatija, Croatia about turning the digital journey into a cognitive business across SEE. It is IBM’s largest conference for clients (CEO, CIO, COO, CFO, CMO, CxO), influencers and industry innovators from across South East Europe, including Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria.



#Trend2017 #CognitiveTechnologies
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