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A little closer.
White walls out... ;-)
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Bearing recess ready, threads good.
Now 3 more to go and pillow block machining and I'll drive Peter's design.

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Here are the parts for the OpneCNC V2 by +Peter van der Walt​that I have on hand, still lots of stuff that needs to be ordered.

In the picture below aside from the OpenCNC V2 parts from +Clockwerk Mech​, I have the following;

3x - Teknic M2348 brushless servo motors with nema 23 mounts, 100 oz-inch continuous 300 oz-inch peek with 500 line encoders. Will be used to drive the dual y axis and the x axis
3x - Teknic SST-1500 Servo drives
Applied Motion Systems 4023-828D Nema 23 stepper motor with 500 line encoder rated at 141 oz-inch. Will use for driving the Z axis
Copley Stepnet STP-075-07 stepper driver
6x - THK SSR-25XW1SS linear caged ball bearing block and rail (only two shown for effect)
Toridal Transformer, to be used for building a linear power supply
Touchscreen lcd monitor that I pulled out of some broken lab equipment with raspberry pi

With the brushless servos I should get a resolution of 0.002 mm per step with the 1204 ball screws, I am unsure if that will be the case in practice but it's a great place to start.

The Teknic SST-1500's are a really really nice drive, so many configuration options and good documentation.

I haven't decided what to do on the Z axis yet, I am leaning toward buying a ball screw linear actuator like the THK KR40 actuator so I can be ball screw the whole way around. I may still go with a C-Beam actuator to save money and upgrade later.

The Copley Stepnet drivers are really nice in that they support driving a stepper motor in three different ways, traditional with microstepping, using the encoder for verification and error correction, and my favorite as a high pole count servo motor using the encoder for commutation. In the servo mode only the current need to hold the position is supplied so your motor stays cooler and you waste less power.

I am planning on running the drives off of the planned linear power supply built using the toridal transformer, I am currently planning on 4 secondary windings 2x 50VAC at 10A, 1x 18VAC at 2A and 1x 5VAC at 4A.
Rectified I should get about 70VDC unregulated out of the 50VAC windings for use with the drives. The 18VAC winding will be for regulated 24VDC to be used for any controls componets and the 5VAC winding will be regulated to 5VDC for the other electonics used.

Currently I am planning on running this on TinyG2 using Chillipeper on the touchscreen for control.

I still need to order;
Ball Screws for the dual Y and X axis and supporting parts
Spindle Motor, thinking 1.5KW ones you see everywhere on eaby and elsewhere
Z Axis as mentioned above
All the parts for building the linear power supply
All the hardware needed to assemble it
All the electronics needed for controling it
All the other things I am forgetting about

I also need to modify the steel parts to support mounting of the linear rail and I need to cut down the linear rail to size.

In case you are wondering why I am going a little bit on the extreme side with this build is because I have a bunch of this stuff on hand already and it hopefully will help me save some money on the build, also because I can ;)

This thing should be a beast, the frame is already stiff and it's only going to get stiffer with the linear rail bolted on. I can wait to get it all assembled and start making parts.

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It's Christmas in MAY!!!! K40 and Opencnc v2 frame showing up in the same week :) 

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Yay! Thanks +Brandon Satterfield​ for inspiring, +Clockwerk Mech​ for manufacturing them! First prototypes (; of the new

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Friends - I need some design help (:

OpenCNC-SMW3D is missing a Z-Axis!

I've been going back and forth, adding and deleting. But nothing I try, looks perfect to me :(

Open to suggestions (or even better, grab the Sketchup from and draw in your ideas)

Preferably use the same 1204 ballscrews (you can copy paste the nut, holder and screw from the X axis (just flip 90 deg up)


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Newest Collaboration Project. +Peter van der Walt​​ working with +SMW3D​​

Worked together with +Brandon Satterfield​​, cranked out this new baby in around 17 hours (:

It all started a few weeks ago when I gave away my old retired designs for the the original OpenCNC-ZA machine ( In no time at all it captured the imaginations of among others +Samer Najia​​ and +Clockwerk Mech​​ and a group manufacturing round got underway.

Last night, +Brandon Satterfield​​ jumped on board. Those of you who know Brandon, knows he has a keen sense for business while being a brilliant engineer at the same time. We spent a few hours in Hangout, discussing the idea, before i sat down and cranked it out! ... an OpenCNC that stayed with the times, evoled from its forefathers...

Introducing: OpenCNC-SMW3D

Sticking to it's OpenCNC-ZA roots, but now with super smooth V-Slot linear motion systems (the best linear system we have, designed by +Mark Carew)
- 80x20mm V-Slot rails for the Y Axis
- Steel U-Channel reinforced, 100mm spaced, X Rails
- 12mm Ballscrew drive X and Y Axis
- Machined aluminum ballnut mounts far surpass the rigidity and ease of building, over the plate based ballnut mountings of its father, OpenCNC-ZA
- C-Beam Z Axis
- larger work area at +- 300x400mm
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