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Here it is: #AnkorWat at the sunrise! We woke up at 4h15 am, jumped on our bicycled armed with a headlamp and brave the darkness before all the chinese buses arrived on the site! 5 minutes after we were on position next to a small pond.
The show really started after 5:30. A long time exposure lights up the temple and reveals many stars. It's hard to get a good shot but after 50 pictures I'm quite satisfied. Around 7am we started to visit Ankor wat by ourselves and we left just after 9:30 am when it started getting really crowded.
Ankor Wat didn't impressed me as much as Ta Prohm or Preah Khan but the sunrise over the temple was really magical and wondeful. I'm glad I woke up that early!
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#AnkorThom and its most famous temple: #Bayon . It was a pleasure to walk in and around this temple. This massive structure is a realy labyrinth decorated with 54 buddha's head. Because it's really crowded, we didn't stay too long here. A couple of hours are enough to do Bayon, the Elephant terrace and some other temples around.

Then we went back to Ta Prohm. Our visit the day before was too short to really enjoy the scenery.
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Most of the people traveling trough #Cambodia start by #SiemReap and ankorian temples such as #ankorwat or #taprohm .
I'm glad I finished my trip in Cambodia by Siem Reap otherwise I'm not sure I would have enjoyed so much Mondulkiri and Ratakiri provinces (Northeastern Cambodia).

Those temples deserve a particular attention. People who try to do all of them in one day are really brave. I'm not sure they want to hear the word "temple" anymore!
With Stephanie we rented 2 bicycles and we took the three days Pass for $40 in order to spread our visit on 4 days (the 3 days pass can be used anytime for a week from the first day). We played smart too: the first day we skipped Ankor Wat and Bayon to start further from Preah Kan and the following temples part of the big circuit.

Only a few people where here and Bunly took us on a tour. He explained us the Buddhist Philosophy and what kind of documentary he was doing about Ankor Wat and its carving present on the wall all around the temple.

The next temples were okay but after 5 of them our motivation started decreasing. When you see one, you see them all! However Ta Prohm (famous since Angelina Jolie played in Tomb Raider) left us gobsmacked. It was our favourite one because nature and trees are completely growing over it. It was the best way to end the day.
Tomorrow, we will continue or Ankorian temples journey!
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#SenMonorom is the Capital of #Mondulkiri province in Eastern #Cambodia . From Banlung there is a direct road in construction but it will still take you two and a half hours to reach your destination.

The scenary looks like the same as Banlung except the plateau is 700m above sea level instead of 300m.
Sen Monorom isn't as developped as Banlung and is even poorer. Sights and waterfalls are spread out all around and it's quite a long journey tif you intend to discover everything in one day.

Locals are here really looking after you as a human being, not as a wallet. That way it's easier to share a moment with some locals.

We stayed three days here but 1 extra one because of me. Indeed during the night I spread one of my toe ligament and I could barely walk. Fortunately some locals asked me what was going wrong with my foot and one of them told me to go to the market to get a root (bea lay in their language). Then I must mix it with rice alcohol and place the mixture on my foot.
It wasn't easy to get understood so one of the stallholders sent his daughter to find the different ingredients and took care of me without asking anything in exchange. I was stunned. I gave him enough to pay back the imgredients and left him the change which he gave to his daughter.

Less than 10 minutes after my toe felt way better. I couldn't walk perfectly but I wasn't feeling the pain. 3 days later, everything was back to normal. I had no first thought about this remedy but this time alternative medecine worked well. Thanks Cambodia!
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#Banlung is located in NorthEastern Cambodia and it is the capital of Raitanakiri Province. This place is not as touristy as Phnom Penh or Siem Reap and it was a good idea starting my trip in Cambodia from there.
People are really nice and Kind, food is rather excellent compared to Lao and everybody is looking at you wondering "what the hell are you doing here?".

With Stephanie, a fellow traveller I met at the bus station in Thakhek, we rented a scooter to explore the area. There are many things to do, see and taste, therefore a motorbike is an excellent option. We drove to several waterfalls and went visiting some remote villages to escape the beaten tracks. It's how we found a lady serving delicious soup at a local price for lunch!

Even if Cambodian people are extremely poor, they are happy to see you, they smile and sometimes they will ask you to join them to try some food or "brew" mostly made from  rice alcohol.

Kids are fantastic and happy to see you and will be even happier if you play with them!

Cambodia you made my first 48h in your country memorable ( except the scammers at the immigration office), I hope I will have the same feeling everywhere I go!
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