I am up to 2800 words now. Working on the equipment section. I started with S&W Complete for an equipment list and consulted various ultimate equipment lists just for the heck of it.

If I can spare the word count, I need to provide a walk-through of generating a character.

Separately, still culling the spells. For some reason, I forgot to include the standard ones from The Black Hack. Maybe I should leave it that way...

Wrote 600 words last night bringing the percentage complete up to 23%.

In keeping with The Black Hack, they are brief, but helpful. Despite my attempts to make something that is traditional RPG fantasy, races are a bit different. The inclusion of Shobolan (ratmen) isn't the same as Skaven.

The force of magic is seen as a universal energy that permeates everything. Magic is defined by two sources and five reagents. The two sources are earth and water. Earth is raw magic, water is life.

The five reagents are Stone, Metal, Wood, Air, and Fire.

Stone is seen as a gatherer, collecting or concentrating magic.
Metal is seen as a nullifier or a leech. It serves to dispel or dampen magic.
Wood is a diffuser of magic. Plants and wood allow magic to flow into and through all things.
Air is a transformational agent of magic. Air is not seen, so it is the least understood.
Fire is a purifier of magic.

Hopefully more written tonight and tomorrow!

No writing yesterday, offline busyness. Should be writing tonight.

Hopefully today will bring dwarf/elf/gnome/human/shobolan descriptions.

Shobolan, you ask? Ratmen, of course. I felt like I needed to add in a Shobolan Pinchpenny background. Writing that lead to three more backgrounds.

Thus, a fifth race was added.

Wrote another 800 words so far today. This finished up the backgrounds, including a non-standard fantasy race. This update also defined four classes.

If you are familiar with The Black Hack, it's the standard four classes. I plan to add a Summoner and possibly one more.

This puts me sound 17% complete for my first draft.

Wrote 524 more words of The Red Concordant. This makes the project 9% complete. I have written backgrounds for the standard fantasy races except humans.

In the game, stats are rolled first, then a background is chosen, and then finally a class. The backgrounds provide a choice of +1 to one of two stats, an ability, and many times a weapon proficiency in a weapon.

Here is two example backgrounds:

Gnome Miner
+1 STR or INT
Weapon Proficiency: Handaxe
Burrowfriend: Once a day can talk to a burrowing animal for one minute. This is usually to ask them to dig out nearby gemstones.

Elven Courtier
+1 INT or CHA
Weapon Proficiency: One-handed sword
Vigilant: Immune to magical sleep or charm effects.

In the final draft, there will be brief descriptions of each background.

I have written 400 out of 10,000 words for my current project. The working title for this project is The Red Concordant.

What is the Red Concordant?
The Red Concordant is a game that provides classic fantasy adventures. The rules are broadly based on role-playing games of the 70s and early 80s. Specifically, the rules are based on The Black Hack to give it a simpler, streamlined flavor. The goal of this game is to have fun in a series of adventures, not to get bogged down over the twists and turns of the rules.

This project is going to far down the rabbit hole, so I am going to take the positives and attempt something crunchier.

I hope to stat up the unique dragons for the Black Hack and make them available soon.

November 2016 Project: Arethusa Atticus, Emissary of Nethunus

Not an entry, but a note.

Arethusa is not human. The entry I'm working on that describes him is too long to post as it will cover 1.5 pages of US Letter Paper (12 point font, single spaced).

He is basically an uplited dolphin. I didn't read the books and this particular creature was actually invented by my son. Here's my best attempt to briefly describe what Emissaries are:

Emissaries are intelligent dolphins that live in large groups. They worship Nethunus, a god of the oceans. Their society has evolved to produce devices that allow them to survive on land. They see their exploration of "the world above" as a part of honored service to their god.

They are psionically aware, but few have any powers beyond telepathy with other dolphins.

Some are gifted with the ability to telekinetically manipulate objects. They are called crafters as Nethunus calls them to create the devices emissaries need to interact with the world above.

Some are gifted with telepathy with non-dolphins. They are called to be defenders and hunters of dolphin cities.

A few share both gifts and much more. These select few are called by Nethunus to be Emissaries. They are equipped to go to the world above to help those in the world above that also worship Nethunus.

Walkers, those that live in the land above, treat Emissaries with reverence in deference to the gods. Emissaries, though, do not consider themselves more or less equal with any land-dweller.

Emissaries learn to use walker weapons and employ an array of weird powers to do the will of Nethunus. They are curious, carefree, and strongly bonded to their friends above and below.

November 2016 Project: Pontus Dragon

Memory of the Pontus Dragon (see also Sea Dragon)

as dictated by Arethusa Atticus, Emissary of Nethunus

In my time with walkers, I have learned that what they call fire is very different from my memories. Nethunus gifted us with fire to light our homes and aid with hunting for food. Through us, he generously shared it with walkers. In their darkest times, the flames of Nethunus continue to shine.

I never conceived that a fire existed that consumes everything it covers.

My favorite memory of fire belongs to my father's father. He was traveling with the pod to gather fish. He had not yet been called to serve, so he hunted for his own food as well as food for my relatives. I remember that we happened upon a school of fish and tried to push them close together. They were not thinking of us, but were swimming quickly to escape. Through my father's father's eyes, I saw nothing chasing them. He gathered the others to investigate further.

Some time later we smelled the sweetness that only comes from fire, the fire that I know. Sensing ahead, we could make out the unfamiliar shape of a great creature. It was the size of a small whale, its head triangular in shape. There were two great eyes facing forward, a small mouth, and gills to either side of its neck. It had wide fins that spread three lengths and a span[thirty-five feet] with a coiling body. It had not sensed us, yet.

My father's father remembers that this great beast soon spewed fire over a coral reef, filling the sea with a great light. Fish hiding amongst the anemones and the crevasses darted out, each one shining brightly. Disoriented by the light, the fish could not see the sharks swimming towards them. Copying our techniques, the sharks swirled around the fish drawing them into a tighter and tighter formation. The light from the fish shimmered throughout the water in mesmerizing patterns. As they drew close to each other, a ball of light shone from the center, brighter than the fullest moon.

At exactly the right time, sharks dove through the light, feasting on the hapless fish. They closed their eyes as they swam through, thus immune to the blinding light around them as they ate.

We had the numbers to match the sharks, but the addition of the great beast was more than enough to give us pause. Upon returning to the city, a great circle was formed to share memories. As the thoughts swirled together, an ancient herald (an emissary that returned home after his time with the walkers) shared a memory of the Draco Pontus.

The Draco Pontus swam with Nethunus, but it did not have the form it wears now. Was it a brother? Nethunus would not say. All that was shared was that there came a great conflict. While they fought, Nethunus transformed his foe into the Draco Pontus. From that day to this, the Draco Pontus consorts with our mortal enemies.

Questions rushed in. Is there only one? Is this the same ancient creature that swam with our ocean-father eons ago?

At that time, my father's father's city did not know the answers. Since that time, I have my own memories to share. At the right time, I will share them.

November 2016 Project: Dragon Pearls

Dragon Pearls

overheard from Raffin Fane

Dragon pearls is what lets them monsters fly. Only a handful of them around. Hard to get because it's the first thing to rot when a dragon dies.

The good ones don't like to think about it, but they know a [dragon] pearl is cut out while it's still alive. Sure, they like to say "The egg will break but the shell remains". Sure they hate against the evil ones something fierce. But they squirm like a child when they see one of them pearls.

A dragon's got a notch between the skull and backbone. A good spike or dirk there won't kill it, but it won't be able to move none either.

Don't know if they can feel anything. Don't really care.

Happened on one of the little fire-breathers once. Cut out a pearl about the size of my thumbnail. It's purple. Had it made into an earring.

Handy thing to have around. Can't fly with it, but I can go where I please without leaving no footprints.
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