Couldn't get pics, but my son's Lego creations made me think up three quick monsters while he was working on a science exam.

The first was a scorpion that had hammers for pinchers, but still had two claws that could deliver a bite or a grab attack. The tail had a giant spear power by four magic items.

So, I thought of a low-level monster that could bite for 1d6, on a 20, it would grab and deliver 1d8 from the two hammer blows with no bonus for AC. The tail had four shots of magic missile (roll to hit for 1d6 damage), each shot causes one of the gems to disappear. AC would be as plate.

The greater version bites for 1d8, 19 and 20 is a critical hit with a grab and 2d6 damage. The tail has unlimited magic missile (roll to hit and 1d6 damage) or one magic blast attack per encounter that acts as a fireball, doing 2d6 damage. AC would be as plate + 1.

The second was a pac-man creature with a prehensile tail. More on that tomorrow.

The third was a living statue, all black with a blank face wielding a great hammer. (2-handed weapon doing 1d10 damage). According to him, there are three versions, all tied with the elemental force of earth:

One is all metal, the second is obsidian. The third is ebon wood and obsidian glass. Each one has different powers. There is apparently no way to tell which version you are fighting until it uses a special power.

My favorite is the ebon wood and obsidian glass.
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Work resumes on the football project tonight. I have the player name and mascot generators done. I researched names and mascots from Professional, College (From FBS through division 3 and NAIA teams), the USFL, XFL, NFL Europe, the Spring League, and Canadian Football (past and present).

Normally, I'd just use Census data, but the generated names were off somehow. There's too much Census data work with names from all over the US in a short amount of time. Many in a future revision, I'll set that up.

Anyway, I hope to generate the stats I need to generate Statis-Pro cards tonight.

That will cross off one project and then I can move on to the podcast project.
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Took the weekend off from the football project. I left my thumb drives somewhere and I won't get them back until tomorrow.

Still, found a game group in town and played Scythe. What a fun setting.
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Here are the 2017 Standings with the new Conference and Division names. This is the last season generated with +John Stater's P&P Football. Next season will be generated by tXtFL to provide individual player statistics that will be used to create Statis-Pro Football cards. Below is the news for the United States Football Association, headquartered in Latrobe, PA.

Buffalo and Dallas continue to crush everyone. Dallas clinched the division by week 9, while Buffalo battles Detroit until week 15.

Roanoke had a great off-season drafting some defensive talent and acquiring a superstar wide-out. This cash-poor franchise will no doubt steal bandwagon fans from Charlotte, a team traveling warp speed in the wrong direction.

Freedom South drew Liberty North this season and it shows. Miami's even record takes the division. Between blows out at the hands of Buffalo and Detroit, the equally terrible teams in Freedom South pounded on each other in what many fans call "unwatchable television".

Some wanks are calling for the USFA to contract to 28 teams. Charlotte with 4 wins in two seasons and the entire Freedom South are offered up on the chopping block. The Players Union and USFA Chairman are in rare agreement that there should be no reduction in teams. The Players Union is looking for a team to move to Toronto to be a rival to Buffalo, but the USFA Board of Directors are cool to the idea of moving teams since the most recent realignment three seasons ago.

Sacramento is patiently building talent. It seems that new coach Antonio Kezar, formally the defensive coordinator in Buffalo, has awakened a defense that was rated worst in the league in almost every category a year ago.
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So I have finished two seasons of my fictional league using +John Stater's Pen & Paper Football. I've attached the standings following the 2016 season. I haven't changed the conference or division names yet, I used the 2016 NFL schedule to make a schedule for 32 teams.

You'd probably never believe that Atlanta at 6-10 has the worst rated QB in the league. On a scale from 3 to 18, he has a 4. His Wide Receivers have a 7 and the running backs are a 6. You'd think that they would be much worse, but the talented QB in San Francisco, with better receivers, plays on a 4 and 12 team.

Buffalo, at 14 and 2 has only one weak spot, their defensive backs. Aside from them, their lowest score is 14! (They also have the most money at $120 million to develop the team for 2017). They are looking to exploit the Canadian market with a big marketing push in Toronto, possibly signing a TV deal to show home games on Canadian TV.

I also enjoy the stories that fill my imagination looking at the game-by-game boxscores. One of Buffalo's losses was against their division rival, Detroit. Detroit shut down their explosive offense with the league's best defense, limiting them to a field goal. That is the only game all year that Buffalo did not score a touchdown. Their other loss was at home against Cincinnati. This was Cincinnati's only road victory in a poor 5 and 11 season.

Speaking of Cincy, they went on to win their next game at home against Philly only to close out the season with five straight losses.

I'll post the 2017 standings later and then start the conversion to tXtFL to generate individual stats for the 2018 season.
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This is filed under projects, with an assist from +John Stater's amazing Pen and Paper Football. The short version is that I have combined two games I love to make progress on an experiment I've wanted to do since 2009. Yes, it is a Rube Goldberg process, but it is my Rube Goldberg process. :)

Note: I have a beta copy of P&P and did some playtesting online.

My love of Amercian football simulations came from playing 30 - 40 seasons of Electric Football, Statis-Pro Football, and NFL Strategy. (NFL Strategy video here:

A few years ago, I found a group of folks playing Statis-Pro Football primarily in the UK. I enjoyed playing again, but couldn't devote the time to stay in the league. My time there inspired me to connect with additional devotees that continue to generate player cards and use them to play a type of pen and paper fantasy football. The issue with using the rules to play fantasy football is that you can't make player cards for NFL rookies - the cards are based on NFL stats. The result is a league is usually two years behind. Because players are based in the past, drafting "new" players is not a surprise at all - an owner can go to an NFL stat site and know exactly who to draft. There's no risk.

I've wanted to make a completely fictitious professional league complete with college players available for the draft. The guideline would be that drafted players, though based on college stats, may have random adjustments to introduce risk. For example, a blockbuster 1st round pick that never amounts to much or a later-round pick that becomes a solid player.

Enter P&P Football in 2018.

I created 32 teams, each with their own markets and a brief history. Each team has a certain feel. For example, Buffalo is one of the best teams in football due to a monster linebacker. Roanoke's devoted fans persist through mediocre seasons while the team struggles to increase market share against a surging Charlotte franchise. Dallas can beat everyone, except Buffalo. The Las Vegas Golden Aces are tops in a division with an even record (8 wins, 8 losses).

I enjoy the histories as much as calculating the outcomes of the games. P&P has an off-season component that is missing from many other American football games. This adds the backstory that makes these teams feel less like a bunch of numbers on a page to an actual team.

So with P&P Football, I have a professional league and two years of game results. To make Statis-Pro cards, though, I need individual statistics. For this, I use TXTFL. (They have a community on G+). tXtfl will generate entire seasons with boxscores, play-by-play data, and individual player statistics.

tXtFL is a fabulous game by itself. The playbook is rich and diverse and gameplay feels great. I love playing this game on my computer at home. I don't want to sell it short as a game in its own right. I will, however, use one of its great features to help me realize an old project.

After two seasons of P&P Football and entering those teams into tXtFL, I finally have the individual stats I need to make Statis-Pro cards. Even better, tXtFL can simulate FBS, FCS, Division 2, and Division 3 games. I even have a season of Canadian Football (it can run that accurately) and an eight-team Spring League.

Do you want choices for drafting? You got all kinds of choices. Maybe you can find that one Division 2 player that becomes a superstar. Need some experienced help? Get a couple journeymen players from the Spring League.

Now to make the actual Statis-Pro cards. :)

Pen & Paper Football
Pen & Paper Football
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I long time ago, (about a year) I mentioned a system for chart based spellcasting. The idea was that you rolled some custom dice to consulted the chart to see if it was successful. No two charts are the same, etc.

The issue was that it used dice that you can't really buy anymore, dice from a game called Paydirt.

While working on my FASERIP Hack it occurred to me that I could use 3d6 instead of three custom dice. I also made the charts similar to Vedic Squares.

Looking at the Pic, 1 through 7 represents the spell level. The left column has the values 3 through 18. Roll 3d6, look at the result and match it with the spell level of the spell you want to cast. If the square is black, the spell fails.

Hope to have more soon.
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A cosmology idea that I wanted to jot down. Feel free to use it.

The void of the multiverse is rife with necrotic or negative energy. We might call that entropy, heat death, friction, etc. The point is that a living creature at any point in the universe will slowly die due to exposure to necrotic energy.

Planets and asteroids are exceptions. These points of life are direct connections to the life force of the universe. In a traditional D&D sense, this may be the Positive Energy plane, but it could be any form of energy that gives life, renews, or otherwise cancels out necrotic energy.

Life evolves on planets due to the connection to this life force. Outside of the relative shelter of a planet or asteroid, the universe really is trying to kill you, but not deliberately.

I felt like thinking of cosmology this way might allow for an alternate spelljammer where ships are powered by a Spring of Life or some other gem or device that is a fist-sized planet. The small device provides air to the ship, but also propels itself by canceling the necrotic energy around it. (This would be why planets move.)

Just an idea. I may develop it more later.
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I'm sharing this because I like the idea of using adjacent instead of close.
I think the words used for abstract distances in the v2 beta could be clarified. Close and Nearby have similar connotations, and Nearby and Far-Away are both unnecessary variations on simpler words.

For example, the categories could be: Adjacent, Near, Far, Distant.

I also think the example distances could be phrased more clearly. (If Far-Away is up to 60 ft and Distant is beyond 90 ft, what’s in between?)
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If I work on my 4C/Black Hack mashup, I need a special material that I call Entropium. A substance that dramatically increases the entropy in any energy or objects it comes in contact with.

All the energy will be there, it will just not be able to do any work.
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