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Every time I see the news about superfoods, I cringe. Not because I don’t believe in them and their healing properties but because in most of the cases it will become a trend, people will use it for a while and then move on to the next fad. If only they would learn to respect their bodies and not chase what they think is a quick fix for their poor health choices.

I don’t judge but I wish people would look into these supplements. I can’t talk about them all but I can talk about the one I tried and still use today. One that is known to boost your immune system and, no, it’s not a hoax.

I’m talking about the wild Chaga mushroom tea.

When it first came out most people treated it like the new fad and, obviously, two weeks later switched to the next big thing. They probably felt better but didn’t notice it, because their focus is always on the next novelty. Well, I’m a bit more patient. And the truth is that in just the first week of drinking organic Chaga tea on a regular basis, I felt a huge improvement.

I don’t like to use the term but if you really are going to call these supplements superfoods than Chaga mushroom is it. This is the real superfood. What makes it so great and effective? The high concentration of very powerful nutrients and antioxidants.

As you probably know or at least have heard about, most of the vitamin supplements you take don’t do much good. That’s due to the body’s incapacity to absorb a certain number of vitamins and nutrients. With Chaga, you’re only ingesting the optimal amount your body can absorb and process because it’s all organic. The positive impact on your immune system is obvious.

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Thanks to Chaga Earth I Finally Managed to Control My Cholesterol
For someone who loves to eat and doesn’t always make the healthiest choices, like me, hearing from the doctor that you have to control your cholesterol or else, feels like your world is about to end. Well, it was about to end. How was I supposed to live without my favorite things? What’s fun in that?

So, like a little kid, I ignored the doctor’s advice for a while and kept eating whatever I liked, whenever I wanted. Well, without getting into much detail, the story didn’t end well. My body had given out the signs and I had ignored them, so it decided to retaliate and I fell really ill.

I was forced into a strict diet and into taking medication to control my cholesterol as quick as possible. But this weird thing would happen. The minute my doctors tried to reduce my medication and to have me switch to a less restrictive diet, the cholesterol levels went up again. I can assure you I wasn’t skipping any steps.

After endless blood tests and adjustments to my medication and diet, the doctors advised me to try something different. It seemed that my body’s reaction to medication was short-lived so maybe we should try a more natural approach. That’s when I started drinking organic Chaga tea every morning with breakfast.
Apparently, the high concentrations of botulinic acid found in the wild Chaga mushroom tea could break down the bad cholesterol in the bloodstream (the one the doctors call LDL cholesterol). I know this sounds a bit sci-fi but I was willing to test out these organic Chaga benefits since nothing else was working anyway.

I don’t think the doctors are as surprised as I am because I have to say I feel better than ever! So, this is how it feels to be healthy! I still watch what I eat, of course, but I ditched all medication and we agreed I should take a less restrictive diet.

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Skip the detox. Drink Chaga Tea Instead.
Raise your hand if you thought of going through one of those harsh week-long detoxes the minute spring began. For the sake of solidarity, I’m raising mine. It happens every year, doesn’t it? You kick off the new year with a long list of resolutions that usually include losing weight and/or being healthier, but you don’t really do anything about it. Then spring comes, the weather is getting warmer and you panic. You don’t feel thinner or healthier than before and you decide to go on a detoxing rage against your own body.

Yes, I meant it. Detoxing like crazy is the worst thing you can do to your body. If you start losing weight too fast, your body kicks into survival mode and proceeds to shut down all functions that may drain the little energy it thinks it has left. There is no way you can stop this process because this is how your cells have been programmed.

So how do you do it? You work with it, not against it. Instead of just juicing, switch to a cup of organic Chaga tea every morning at breakfast, go for a walk (or the gym) in the morning before work, and eat healthily. Once a week you can indulge in something like your favorite dessert, or a glass of wine, or popcorn and a movie. You have to train your body into labeling the indulgences like a treat, not a rule.

This happened to me last year when I ditched all the detox diets and started having a cup of wild Chaga mushroom tea every morning and did all those other changes. It takes a while to get used to your new routine. Once the new routine settles in, your own body starts to crave the healthy things, including that cup of organic Chaga tea every morning.

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The day I started drinking organic Chaga tea and noticed the overall improvement in my health and immune system, I started to wonder if I could give it to my dogs as well. Since the wild Chaga mushroom tea was made with all-natural ingredients, I figured it would be good for my pets too. A thorough search online confirmed it, the organic Chaga benefits were safe for dogs as well, to detox and to boost their immune system.

In the beginning, I couldn’t find products that completely satisfied me when it comes to quality standards. And to be honest the dogs didn’t like whatever I brought home for them to try, either. My only choice at the time was to resort to some homemade recipes with organic Chaga tea and organic Chaga tincture. There were times they would love it and there were times when they wouldn’t even come near it! I was having a very hard time adjusting measurements and amount of Chaga per treat.

I was so frustrated and close to throwing the towel when Chaga Earth launched Chaga Pet. It’s like they heard my whining about it and decided to give me a gift! I was a bit apprehensive, not knowing if the dogs would like it, but they loved it. For them, it felt as natural as any other treat, except these, are a lot better for their overall health and immune system.

So long struggling with different online recipes! Now all I have to do is order a bag of treats when I order my organic Chaga tea.

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Probably no one else will understand this as well as pet owners, but I do think that our furry family members are an extension of our personalities. That’s why we see them as family members and not as some sort of pedigreed accessory.

My dog knows us all four of us very well and he reacts to each one of us according to the things we like and don’t like. He also has his favorite, although the theories around the house may vary on who that person is!

We have always described him as a very happy dog; so happy that it appears he was always smiling. But one day, suddenly, he wouldn’t get up from his bed. Even interacting with us seemed too difficult for him to do. My husband and I immediately called the vet.

Our beloved dog was acting so strange that I we worried that we had to prepare the kids for the worse.

Fortunately, the news wasn’t as bad as we thought. Yes, he was not his old self and this had to be dealt with but it wasn’t so serious that a couple of changes in his habits wouldn’t make him feel better. The vet said his immune system seemed to be a little unbalanced, which was causing his seeming disinterest in everything.

We knew how he hated to take medicine or vitamins so we asked if there was an alternative that the doctor could recommend. I was a bit skeptic when the vet started praising your product, mentioning the wild Chaga benefits to our dogs’ immune systems. I had never heard of Chaga at the time and was afraid our dog would like it.

Our veterinarian assuaged my fears, however. I was relieved when he mentioned that Chaga Earth sold dog treats made with the organic Chaga tincture, and all of his clients’ pets loved the taste.

And you know what? The vet was right. Our dog didn’t notice anything strange about them and ate them with relish (begging for more of course!)

I actually think he likes these better than the old ones.

Better still, he is now back to his old self again thanks to his Chaga treats.

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Suffering from psoriasis is not a big deal, except you must stay put for long lengths of time to be available for your weekly phototherapy sessions. The day I decided to travel for my gap year, I knew that would be complicated to manage. Taking all my medication would help but it wouldn’t be enough.
I knew I would potentially face stressful situations and my psoriasis would flare up then. I also knew that I would probably not find the same quick fixes as I would back home on an emergency. Before leaving, I had to find something that I could travel with, use it with confidence and not worry about my skin condition getting out of control.
Knowing this would probably take me some time, I never thought the research would be so difficult! I wanted to find an effective natural skin treatment, not a cure. Psoriasis is not something you cure but something you learn to live with by minimizing symptoms and anticipating any outbreaks, but here were all these sites promising to cure it. Immediately I felt unease browsing through their product section and left.
When the next day I found the FaceDoctor website I thought I had been living under a rock for the past year! Why hadn’t I heard about this before and why hadn’t I found the website earlier that week when I was trying to find a natural psoriasis treatment? There is nothing worse than trying to find something useful when your mind is not fresh, believe me.
What immediately caught my attention was the active ingredient sea buckthorn oil, the holy grail of someone with psoriasis. And then when I saw how affordable this sea buckthorn oil soap was I celebrated like it was Christmas! I could travel without worries and I had found a product that was so close to a miracle I was having trouble believing it!

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It’s funny how when grown up life gets in the way you find all sorts of excuses to prolong bad habits. As a kid, I was extremely active. Always climbing trees, hiking in the woods, camping out on weekends. When I started working, I reduced my daily activity to three days a week at the gym, at first. Then two days, then one and then, finally, one hike in the woods behind my house on long weekends when I had time to waste. Look at this. I actually felt like going for hikes in the woods was a waste of time!

After a while, I would be so tired from work that on weekends I would binge watch television instead of doing something productive with my time. This “just this once” mentality – the kind of thought that occurs to you on a rainy Sunday, well, because it’s raining – quickly turns into the worst possible habit that will be harder to break in the long haul.

How did I make the change? All it took was a pain in my chest and a long look in the mirror. The pain in the chest was just a mild warning from my heart telling me I needed to move my butt off the couch more often. The guy in the mirror looking back at me? I didn’t recognize him at all. How had things gotten this far?

Determined to get back on my feet, I took up on my neighbor’s recommendation of drinking one cup of organic Chaga tea every morning before some meditation. In the beginning, I didn’t really know if it was the tea, or the meditation, or the combination of both, but I felt something changing almost immediately.

I would drink my wild Chaga mushroom tea in the morning and go for long walks in the woods. Quickly this became a habit. The walks became hikes and the next thing I knew I was considering climbing mountains. What were the organic Chaga benefits? In a nutshell, it gave my body the ability to restore faster and an immense amount of energy with every cup.

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I know that detox is trending right now and that everyone does it before summer begins, but consider doing it for the sake of your health. We hardly realize, but the amount of unhealthy stuff we eat and the pressures we put our bodies through will take a toll on our health sooner or later. Our body is supposed to work as a well-oiled machine and we’re constantly stretching its limits beyond its capacity.

I’ll give you a small example that happened to me a couple of months ago. I was working on a project with a very tight deadline, which forced me to work very long hours for two weeks straight. This meant sleeping less than 5 hours a night (if I ever got any sleep at all), drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee to keep me up, and eating whatever I could that didn’t need cooking (so this meant a lot of fatty take-out food). The good news is that the project went well and it was a success. The bad news is that I collapsed. For the lack of a better word, I collapsed. For a couple of days, I was so incoherent that my husband actually feared I was having a stroke. Fortunately, it wasn’t that serious but it did teach me a valuable lesson. The need to take breaks and relax between strenuous tasks is fundamental to keep going. There’s a reason why your body shuts down for 8 hours to sleep.

The amount of unhealthy food I had eaten gave me painful digestive problems. For a while, I was afraid to eat anything although, strangely, my body craved for sugary and fat foods. I resorted to all-natural supplements to detox, like I had in past situations, but this time I wanted something a bit more effective than a quick fix. That’s how I found the Chaga Earth’s organic Chaga powder capsules and I haven’t stopped using them ever since. (Although I sometimes switch to the organic Chaga tea.)

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For a long time, I thought panic attacks was something people made up so they could call in sick. Yes, true story. I have since then apologized to everyone I knew who have suffered from severe anxiety crisis and panic attacks. I just couldn’t grasp the idea that your body would fight against you and force you to shut down in the presence of a, perceived, danger. To be brutally honest with you, I thought it sounded too science fiction and I dismissed as a real cause for distress for a long time.

If there is one thing I learned is that we really don’t have everything under control. And that realization hit me in the worst possible way, in the middle of a particularly stressful business meeting. At that time, not only was I taking the blame for something it wasn’t my fault, and simply because I was a senior manager, but I was suddenly unable to answer the board’s questions. My head was spinning and I felt like the floor had just caved from under me. The next thing I knew, I was lying on a hospital bed with an IV.

Fast forward a couple of months to this moment and I no longer suffer from panic attacks. Changing careers was just a small part of that transformation, and not necessarily the most impactful one. The real game changer was the organic Chaga tea cup I started having every morning. When the doctor mentioned the wild Chaga benefits that day at the hospital after having my first (and last, by the way) panic attack, I didn’t think he was serious. But what harm could it make to give it a shot?

The wild Chaga mushroom tea makes me feel like everything in my body is balanced, which is half of what you need to tackle everything else in life.

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I hate being sick as much as the next person but every time I saw a doctor about it, I would come home with a bag full of prescribed pills that I was supposed to take every day but forgot to continue three weeks later. Obviously, I would fall sick again, sooner than expected, and the whole cycle resumed. This included vitamins, cough syrup, ear drops, aspirin, anti-inflammatory, painkillers, you name it. My immune system was so fragile, I could almost recite theses pills’ composition by heart. That’s how much I depended on them and that’s how much medication I took throughout the year.

If you told me then that medication was not the way to go and that I was looking at it from the wrong perspective, I would have told you to take a hike, as I blew my nose loudly. What else cures a cold if not for some hot lemon tea with honey and a handful of very effective, and very chemical, prescribed pills?

Here is why I was getting this wrong the whole time. I was focusing on curing and not on preventing. The more medicine I took to quickly repair the damage, the harder it was for my body to bounce back and be ready for the next round of cold. And this went on for years, until I found Chaga Earth’s organic Chaga tea, by accident, on my sister in law’s kitchen counter. Curious, I asked what this strange tea was and what she used it for. The minute she said “it boosts the immune system” it was like making a dream coming true. I could not believe it that the answer to my problems had been on her countertop all this time without me noticing it!

Better late than sorry, isn’t that what they say? I’ve been drinking wild Chaga mushroom tea for two months now and, knock on wood, haven’t been sick yet.
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