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Gene edits to eliminate genetic disease deemed ethical.
The cost-benefit of treating a genetic disease is straightforward; that's not the case for presumed enhancement.

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Life without lungs
Two machines, a Novalung and Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), bridged six days between lung failure and lung transplant.

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Retinal prosthetic research.
I ran across this in a search rather than the online news cycle. Shades of Geordi's VISOR in Star Trek.

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VR as a therapeutic tool.
Training the brain with virtual legs can assist with recovery.

Quote: the system tapped into the patients’ own brain activity to simulate full control of their legs, causing the injured parts of their spinal cord to re-engage.

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A race is on for human CRISPR-Cas9 trials.
While CRISPR-Cas9 is currently the most promising tool, I predict it won't be the only tool in the future.

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Exo-hand in development.
Although the intent is to create a standalone glove that amplifies strength and extends endurance while maintaining dexterity, it stands to reason that exo-suits could benefit from integration with this technology..

Quote: Bioservo will initially develop a new grasp assist device for industrial use that could increase human operator efficiency while reducing fatigue in hand muscles.

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Earthquake sense.
Once upon a time, being able to sense earthquakes around the world would have been considered a superpower. Now it's art.

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Genetic cosmetic age treatments in the future?
Tucked away in this article is apparent interest by a company in the genetics of looking younger.

Quote: David Gunn, a scientist at Unilever, said that understanding why some people look young for their age could help the company develop products to keep people “younger looking for longer.” But Unilever is not a drugs company, and any product that intervened with the ageing process on the genetic level would likely be classed as a drug, and require clinical trials and approval from national regulators before it would be allowed on the market.

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Experimental brain-computer interface.
No open brain surgery required. The interface may enable control of an exoskeleton.

Quote: The results published today in Nature Biotechnology show the device is capable of recording high-quality signals emitted from the brain's motor cortex, without the need for open brain surgery.

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The next version of the eye is planned to look human.
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